The 7 Best Pillows to Buy in 2017

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It’s safe to say that finding a pillow that suits everyone’s needs is an impossible task. We all have our preferences when it comes to firmness, thickness, and even the type of material used it’s made of. While we’d love to say there’s a one-size-fits all solution, that just isn’t the case.

That said, there are several standouts in the field, including one that is a good choice for most people. Plus, if you already know what material you prefer or whether you’re a side or back sleeper, you can...MORE immediately narrow your shopping list. Here we’ve rouned up the best in several categories—from luxe ones filled with down to hypoallergenic ones that will keep those sneezes at bay, to inexpensive options that are perfect for filling decorative shams or stashing in the guest room. Here are the seven best pillows on the market right now.

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    Xtreme Comforts Hyperallergenic Bamboo Pillow With Shredded Memory Foam
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    As we mentioned above, everyone sleeps differently, so it’s hard to choose a pillow that works for everyone the same way, but this one comes as close as you can get. The shredded memory foam allows the pillow to shape to your head and neck, no matter what position you settle into in your sleep. It’s also hypoallergenic, so if you suffer from allergies or asthma, you can rest easier with this pillow on your bed. And if you get hot at night, its Kool-Flow bamboo cover allows for greater...MORE ventilation, to keep your temperature regulated.

    Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive for this pillow. One customer described it as “smooshy—but in a good way,” and said it’s neither too firm nor too soft—Goldilocks would approve. People have also praised its cooling effect on warm nights. Most of the negative comments had to do with personal preference, with some saying it was too flat or that it wasn’t as firm or soft as they’d like. But overall, the majority of people who purchased this pillow were satisfied. The pillow is available in queen and king sizes in addition to standard.

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    Royal Hotel’s Goose Down Pillow
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    Down pillows are a luxury that some people love and some people hate. If you invest in a quality one, it can last for years, and save you money in the long run on replacements. However, if you suffer from allergies, a down-filled pillow might not be the best option for you.

    Made from purified white goose down, this two-pillow set from Royal Hotel is a good choice if you’ve decided on down. It has a 500-thread-count Egyptian cotton cover that is soft and luxurious, which is a nice detail even...MORE though it will be covered by your pillowcase. One customer said it supports side sleeping well, but also feels great when sleeping on your back or stomach. Some have complained about the pillows not feeling plush enough, although one consumer said that once they fluffed them, it was a perfect pillow for them. 

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    Essence of Bamboo Pillow Platinum Edition
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    Down alternative pillows offer a luxurious and supportive feeling for a fraction of the price of an actual down pillow, they are also a better choice for anyone concerned about animal cruelty. The biggest differences are that they aren’t likely to last as long as a real down pillow and they won’t be quite as fluffy. Although that can be preferable for some sleepers. If you want the feeling of a down pillow, but suffer from allergies, a down-alternative version is definitely the right choice....MORE Plus, the majority of them are machine washable.

    This down alternative version satisfies all kinds of sleepers—back, side, and stomach. It also has the stay-cool bamboo cover and won’t go flat nearly as quickly as a down pillow. The majority of reviewers recommend this product, with many saying how soft it is—one likened it to a laying your head down on a cloud, which sounds ideal, unless of course you prefer a firm pillow.

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    Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by Coop Home Goods
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    Need more support when you sleep at night? A memory foam pillow could be the answer. They mold better to your head, neck, and back, which makes it easier to switch positions during the night because it adjusts its height depending on whether you’re on your back, side, or stomach.

    This particular memory foam pillow is also hypoallergenic and has dust-mite-resistant technology, and it allows for more airflow to keep you cool at night. And just like the pillow above, this one was also compared to a...MORE cloud by a reviewer, although a self-adjusting one. One side sleeper said it wasn’t quite supportive enough, but reiterated it wasn’t a bad pillow—it just wasn’t the right one for them.

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    Beautyrest Pillow, Extra Firm
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    Pillows can be expensive but sometimes you don’t want to spend a lot. Perhaps you’re buying one for a guest room or want something to simply look nice in the decorative shams on your bed. With this Beautyrest two-pillow set, you get the best of both worlds—an inexpensive pillow that is perfectly comfortable to sleep on too. (Believe us, your houseguests will thank you.)

    If you like a firm pillow, this one is a great choice. It’s perfect for side-sleepers because of its extra-firmness. Made with...MORE pima cotton, it has a 300-thread-count cover and hypoallergenic polyester fill. One reviewer said it the most support she’s ever got from any pillow, while another clarified that the pillow is firm, but not hard or uncomfortable. Some have complained that it flattens out quickly, but if you don’t mind a flat pillow or fluffing it back up occasionally, it’s a great deal.  

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    Ultimate Bamboo Pillow Hypoallergenic Down Alternative
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    Sneezing a lot at night? It might have to do with your pillow. Perhaps it’s the down feathers you’re resting your head on, or maybe your pillow has collected a ton of dust mites which can even increase the weight of your pillow over time—yuck! To prevent allergies from disrupting a good night’s sleep, look for a down-alternative, hypoallergenic pillow like this one.

    The Ultimate Bamboo Pillow also comes with advanced cooling technology so you don't have to consistently search for the cool...MORE side of the pillow during the night. Customers have been satisfied with this pillow, raving about its softness and the fact that it retains its shape over time. This one is quite thick, though. So, if you like overstuffed, springy pillows, this one is for you. If you want something firmer, it’s best to keep looking.

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    Natural latex pillows like this Malouf Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow use a more eco-friendly, sustainable manufacturing process, letting buyers keep their green lifestyles going even during sleep. This high-loft pillow has no synthetic additives, and latex is naturally resistant to mildew, dust mites and other allergens.

    Available in standard, queen and king sizes, the Malouf pillow also allows buyers to choose from two densities: plush or firm. The former is ideal for stomach and back sleepers,...MORE while the latter is a good pick for back and side sleepers. Designed with pressure zones that better support the neck and back, the pillow also has a removable cover made of a polyester and rayon blend. Customers say the pillow feels durable and comfortable. The main complaints are the initial smell (common with latex products) and the loft – some reviewers say there is just too much compression for it to be a true high-loft pillow. 

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