The Best Places to Buy Vintage Décor Online

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Jilbert Ebrahimi / Unsplash

When it comes to vintage shopping, there’s nothing like the thrill of the hunt. You’ve had that special item on your vintage wish list for quite some time, and then lo and behold, there it is, waiting to be snatched up by you and placed in your home.

Although flea markets, antique shops and salvage yards tend to really get the blood pumping among “junk” enthusiasts, more and more savvy shoppers are turning to online outlets to get their vintage fix. It’s a great way to discover those impossible-to-find items you’ve been questing after, and sometimes, the prices can be better, too, especially when items are purchased on auction sites.

But unsurprisingly, the Internet offers a dizzying amount of destinations to score vintage goods. That’s why we’ve narrowed them down for you, only sharing the best of the best online marketplaces out there, the ones where pro designers and decorators shop.

When you head to these digital vintage shops, be sure to keep a few things in mind. Always check ratings and reviews before purchasing (for example, you don’t want to end up with a broken treasure if the seller has a history of packaging items poorly). Don’t be afraid to reach out through a message or email and ask questions about the item, including its history and materials. Measure, measure, measure, particularly if it’s a piece of furniture. And like anything you buy online, compare prices before committing.

Here are the 10 best spots online to find remarkable vintage décor pieces.

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    Etsy website on a laptop

    Courtesy of Etsy 

    With thousands of items that change on a daily basis, Etsy sellers are making their vintage wares available to the masses. Head to the vintage side of this online marketplace when you want to peruse near-limitless options for midcentury furniture, chippy signs, well-loved books and a myriad of other décor possibilities. Just be prepared to pay some hefty shipping fees if you’ve purchased a piece of furniture. You can always search by sellers in your area to see if you can arrange a local pick-up.

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    Chairish website

    Courtesy of Chairish

    Picture your favorite antique store. It is likely highly-curated, with one-of-a-kind pieces and brimming with sellers who know their way around a vintage find. Think of Chairish as the online equivalent of that amazing antique store, filled with listings for impeccable, well-appointed décor finds. Independent sellers are pre-screened by Chairish’s team of curators, so you can be rest-assured that the goods are really that good. You can even save your fave finds so you can go back later to purchase them.

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    ebay homepage

    Courtesy of eBay 

    eBay is a long-trusted treasure trove of vintage items, from wooden furniture in beautiful condition to holiday décor and everything in between. If you’re willing to do some bidding (unless you find a “Buy It Now” item) and you’re in the market for hard-to-find items, eBay is for you. Who knows? That high-priced, sought-after item you’ve been wanting to buy might show up on eBay at a fraction of the price.

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    craigslist screenshot

    Courtesy of Craigslist 

    Homeowners in the know look to Craigslist time and time again for sometimes next-to-nothing finds. Craigslist is the place to discover those under-the-radar, “How did I score this for so little money?” pieces, like you’re shopping the world’s biggest garage sale from the comfort of your computer. Be sure to ask the seller questions about the item before buying (looks can be deceiving in those grainy photos), and always pick up your purchase in a public place.

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    One Kings Lane

    one kings lane screenshot

    Courtesy of One Kings Lane

    One Kings Lane may be the holy grail for vintage décor. Firms and sellers that specialize in vintage pieces sell on the site, and although items are a bit on the expensive side, these would be considered once-in-a-lifetime, probably-not-going-to-find-it-again antiques. One Kings Lane even provides themed collections of items for you to shop, anywhere from Vintage Palm Beach Style to Eclectic English Romance.

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    Jayson Home

    Jayson home screenshot

    Courtesy of Jayson Home 

    Jayson Home has gone from a brick-and-mortar marketplace to an impressive online showcase of vintage pieces. Again, these items tend to be pricy, but for good reason. They’ve been expertly curated and are in excellent condition—many of the pieces could be considered museum-worthy. Search the site for one-off, antique artwork and cruise their Curiosities department as well—that’s where you’ll find exquisite old suitcases, worn glass bottles and metal letters.

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    Courtesy of 1stdibs

    Courtesy of 1stdibs 

    If you’re in the mood for a little adrenaline rush, head to 1stdibs, an assemblage of elegant, rare and distinctive antiques where you can either purchase on the spot or make an offer, meaning you can buy that item you’ve been eyeing for way less. Get your vintage shopping high through choosing a time period and checking out furniture, artwork and décor objects from your favorite era.

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    Factory 20

    factory 20 screenshot

    Courtesy of Factory 20

    Looking for reclaimed, instant conversation pieces? Look no further than Factory 20, a straightforward vintage site. What it lacks in frills it makes up for in stunning pieces, like hard-to-come-by vintage lighting, work tables, apothecary display cases and much more. Prices are listed, but to purchase, you’ll need to send an email inquiry about the item to seal the deal.

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    Everything But the House

    everything but the house screenshot

    Courtesy of Everything But the House

    It’s always fun to shop estate sales, but some days, it can tough to get to one or even find a sale in the first place. Instead, shop Everything But the House (EBTH, as it’s called by devotees). Simply create an account, then take a look around at the myriad estate finds available on the site, all authenticated by experts and bidding starts at only $1. Think of it as a hyper-curated version of eBay.

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    Revival Rugs

    revival rugs screenshot

    Courtesy of Revival Rugs

    Antique rugs are a dime a dozen, but oftentimes, they’re ragged and overly-worn. If that’s the look you’re going for, stick with flea markets and resale shops for distressed rugs. But for rugs in immaculate condition, shop Revival Rugs, where you’ll find unique, vintage Turkish rugs at fairly reasonable prices.