The Best Playhouse Kits to Buy

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    Playhouses to Buy and Build on Your Own

    little girl with playhouse
    Your child will enjoy helping build her own little house. Johner Images/Getty Images

    You're still building a playhouse on your own—except the pieces are already cut and finished. Playhouse kits usually offer more options and extras, just like miniature model homes. It's a great introduction to DIY outdoor structures. Read the instructions and assemble. Piece of cake, right? You still need to be mindful of a few basics, like:

    • Make sure all pieces are included
    • If something seems unclear, consult the manufacturer's website
    • Gather all tools and supplies
    • Enlist help (like...MORE those kids who'll be using the playhouse)
    • Lightly sand rough edges of wood pieces
    • Don't rush through the project: Haste makes waste
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    Little Alexandra's Cottage

    alexandra playhouse
    Little Alexandra's Cottage, Canadian Playhouse Factory. Home Depot

    What: Little Alexandra's Cottage Deluxe Playhouse Kit with Covered Front Porch

    Brand: Canadian Playhouse Factory

    Materials: Cedar and exterior-grade plywood.

    This easy-to-assemble playhouse features a covered front porch and a fun Dutch door. It can be painted or left natural. 


    • Pre-assembled walls and pre-shingled roof for easy assembly
    • 72 x 72 x 72 inches
    • 450 pounds
    • Features three cedar windows with shutters
    • Full Dutch door with shelf
    • Two flower boxes
    • Clear cedar deck with railing
    • Finished...MORE interior with rounded studs for splinter free touch

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    Wooden Emma Playhouse

    emma playhouse
    Wooden Emma playhouse.

    What: Emma Playhouse on Poles

    Brand: Axi

    Materials: Asian cedar wood, Cunninghemia lanceolata. This wood is sourced from carefully managed, sustainable plantation forests.


    • Parts are sanded to a smooth finish for extra safety
    • Slanted window frame is constructed to keep small fingers from getting trapped
    • Magnetic catches on doors an windows are child friendly
    • Panels are made of cedar planks (15 mm), slotted into an extra-thick framework (38 mm)
    • Materials are strong and durable
    • Low maintenance and...MORE resistant to insects, rot, and fungi
    • Panels are waterproof and finished with a protective water-based stain

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    Backyard Discovery Aspen All Cedar Wood Playhouse

    aspen playhouse
    Aspen playhouse.

    What: Aspen All-Cedar Wood Playhouse

    Brand: Backyard Discovery

    Materials: Cedar 


    • Oval set door window with working door knob and latch
    • Side serving station with bench
    • Comes with play burner
    • Fruit and vegetables basket
    • Play sink and faucet

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    Victorian Playhouse Kit by Little Cottage

    sara's mansion playhouse
    Sara's Mansion playhouse by Little Cottage.

    What: A Victorian-style playhouse kit

    Brand: Little Cottage

    This Victorian mini-mansion boasts many amenities with plenty of space to decorate and furnish. And for many young "homeowners," decorating, redecorating, and moving around furniture is half the fun of playing house.

    All parts are precut and ready to assemble.


    • Hardwood flooring
    • Two working windows (12 x 18 inches) with safety glass, grids, and screens
    • Shutters and flower boxes
    • One painted heart-shaped plexiglass window
    • Child-size...MOREd Dutch door (35 inches h x 16 inches w)
    • Adult Dutch door on side (47 inches h x 24 inches w)

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    Daniels Wood Land Original Outdoor Wood Tree Playhouse

    daniels wood land playhouse
    Daniels Wood Land Playhouse. Photo courtesy of Hayneedle

    What: Imaginative treehouses and playsets

    Brand: Daniel's Wood Land

    OK. So, if they ask you to have a forklift ready for when the playhouse arrives, it isn't exactly a sweat-equity, get down and get dirty DIY project.

    But Daniels Wood Land playhouses are really cool, featuring highly imaginative designs. And they aren't inexpensive.


    The Original, pictured, is one of the more modest models. Among its attributes:

    • An old, hollowed-out log to climb up
    • A trap door
    • Six crooked windows
    • Shing...MOREled roof
    • Log porch
    • Log door
    • Clubhouse floor measures 4 feet x 5 feet
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    Winchester Playhouse

    winchester playhouse
    Winchester wooden playhouse and swingset.

    What: Winchester playhouse with swingset

    Brand: Swing-N-Slide


    • Comes in three easy-to-assemble play decks totaling 32 square feet
    • Assembled dimensions: 9 feet w x 13 feet l x 10 feet h
    • All premium precut lumber and poly-coated uprights included
    • Bracket system designed to save time with assembly
    • Can be assembled in one day or less

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    Pennfield Cottage Playhouse

    pennfield playhouse
    Pennfield Playhouse by Little Cottage.

    What: A playhouse with with a Dutch door and a front porch.

    Brand: Little Cottage Co.

    This detailed playhouse by the Little Cottage Co. looks like one of those idyllic houses you'd see in a movie, only on a smaller scale. The standard kit includes a front porch with balustrade, railing and dormer windows. Panelized walls sections (not just precut) saves time in assembly. All other parts are precut and ready to assemble.


    • Wood wall framing.
    • Wood trusses.
    • 12 feet w x 11 feet d x 8 feet h
    • Two...MORE working windows (14 x 21 inches) with safety-glass grids and screens
    • Shutters and flower boxes
    • Child-sized Dutch door
    • Adult Dutch door on side
    • Hardware needed to assemble (screws, latches, handles, nails)
    • Outside corner trim (white aluminum)
    • Primed siding and trim
    • Floor kit included

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    Mini Mansion

    mansion playhouse
    Little Cottage mansion playhouse.

    What: A child-sized replica of a beautiful mansion

    Brand: Little Cottage


    • Safe, durable LP Smart Side construction
    • House dimensions: approximately 16 x 10 x 10  feet
    • Parts are pre-cut and panelized for easy assembly
    • Includes 22 working windows and 10 flowerboxes

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    Step2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse

    step 2 playhouse
    Step2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse.

    What: A toddler-sized playhouse

    Brand: Step2


    • Open design allows children to be visible while playing
    • Exterior features a pass-through mailbox, realistic doorbell and a molded-in flower box, which can be planted with real or faux flowers (not included)
    • Dutch door and window shutters
    • Interior includes kitchen seat, fireplace, wall clock, play phone, built-in shelves, kitchen table, faucet and built-in floor with drain holes

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