The Best Spa and Pool Towels

After a Swim or Spa Session, There's Nothing Like a Big, Thirsty Towel

A nice, big bath sheet or towel is welcome any season of the year after swimming or a soak in the hot tub. If you know someone who owns a pool or spa, or likes to swim, a luxurious cotton towel makes a warm and lovely gift. I have a pool, and would love to have a secret stash of fluffy towels for guests. All of the previous pool towels have gotten mixed in with the other household ones--which end up being the ones to dry wet dogs after baths or mop up big spills. I confess: I've tracked down...MORE towels I'd love to own.

Note: the term GSM is short for grams per square meter. In towel-speak, the denser the better. High quality Turkish cotton towels are usually heavier and are more absorbent. A towel can vary  between 300 GSM and 900 GSM. The lower the number, the lighter and thinner the towel.

How to make your towels softer.

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    Frontgate Resort Spa Towels.
    Courtesy of Frontgate

    High and low piles and loops give Frontgate's Resort Spa Towels a  ribbon texture. This super-soft towel is made of the same premium-quality, 100 percent hydrocotton as Frontgate's Resort Towels.

    • Woven to a plush 700 GSM (see above) for superior absorbency.
    • Ideal for monogramming, with a 3-inch dobby (patterned weave) on hand towels and 4-inch dobby on bath towels and sheets.
    • Made in Turkey.
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    Linum towels
    Courtesy of Linum

    These authentic extra plush hotel and spa hand towels are made from high end Turkish cotton with a unique herringbone weave. The 750 gram hand towels are made for five-star luxury hotels and spas and become softer and more absorbent with every wash.  Authentic Herringbone Weave Hotel and Spa Turkish Cotton towel, in sets or separate.

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    fattowels towels
    Courtesy of FatTowels

    What: Fattowel

    Size: 36 x 72 inches (3 x 6 feet)

    As the name implies, Fattowel is a very thick towel made of 100 percent combed cotton terry. Great for lounging or laying out near the pool or at the beach. It's also big enough to use as a blanket, exercise mat, or bed for a dog crate or kennel.


    • Woven with over 2 pounds of 100 percent fine, ringspun combed cotton, for superior softness, absorbency, and durability (763 gsm)
    • Available in go-with-everything colors: white, tan or navy.
    • Holds...MORE shape even with repeated washing and drying.
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    turkish towel company set
    Turkish Towel Company Zenith set. Photo from Amazon

    What: Three Zenith Bath Sheets

    Size: 35 x 66 inches

    Made from 100 percent Turkish cotton and constructed for added strength and durability.


    • Price is for three bath sheets
    • Towel Weight: 2.42  pounds per towel
    • Metric Weight: 700 gsm
    • Ultra absorbent with a handsome ribbed bottom border
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    Hammacher Schlemmer Turkish towel.
    Courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer

    The experts at Hammacher Schlemmer reportedly tested these 100 percent Turkish cotton towels against other premium towels on the market and deemed them the heaviest, densest available. This particular towel breed survived nine rounds of washing and drying and have that above-mentioned gram weight of 900 GSM. Better yet, these towels' softness is enhanced with subsequent washings as the threads "bloom."

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    Sperry Top-Sider towel. Sperry

    If Sperry is his or her favorite brand of deck shoes, why not take it to the swimming pool or spa? In navy, this oversized towel sports the iconic Sperry logo and will make a fashion statement poolside, next to the hot tub, or wherever your towel gift recipient goes.

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    Soft Touch Linen Set of 4

    set of 4 bath and spa towels
    Set of four bath and spa towels in driftwood.

    Luxury hotel and spa bath towel, set of four

    Hotel & Spa Bath Towel 100 percent.:

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    Utopia Towel in Cabana Stripe.
    Photo from Amazon

    What: Cabana Stripe towel by Utopia Towel.


    • Available as a single towel or in a pack of four (4).
    • Colors: Orange, yellow, red, blue or green (with white stripe)
    • Made of 2-ply yarn,
    • Soft and comfortable to the touch. Made of 100% soft cotton.