The Best Way to Fold a Hoodie

Melanie Berliet and Neil Vogel on set folding a hoodie

 The Spruce

If you're an avid collector of hooded sweatshirts (hoodies), you know how frustrating it can be to keep them all organized. They cane be awkward and don't fit that easily into drawers. But hanging them doesn't exactly save space, either.

There's a simple but effective way to fold hoodies so that they stay neat and tidy inside a drawer, or within a suitcase. Watch the video below to learn our special, Spruce-approved folding method that will help you organize your hoodies, save you space, and, quite possibly, blow your mind.


Watch Now: The Space-Saving Way to Fold a Hoodie

Before You Fold

This folding technique is fairly simple and can be done on any surface, but we have a few pointers that we discovered while perfecting the method:

  • Fold your hoodie on a hard, flat surface: A hard, flat surface makes the process of folding quicker and easier, and generates neatest results.
  • Deliberate folds are critical: Speaking of folds, make sure that every single fold is as deliberate as possible.
  • Flatten the material as you go: Flatten out each section of the hoodie along the way to avoid unwanted creases.
  • Iron or steam out wrinkles before folding: To ensure that your hoodie doesn't look like a wrinkled mess when freed from its cute little hood cocoon, considering ironing or steaming the garment beforehand.

How to Fold a Hoodie

  1. Spread the Hoodie Out on a Table

    Flip the hoodie onto its belly so the back of it is showing, and spread the fabric out across the surface of a table.

  2. Fold the First Arm

    Fold one arm over, then tuck a few inches of sleeve downward toward the bottom of the hoodie so that the material fits neatly inside the hoodie's side hem.

    folding a hoodie step 2
     The Spruce / Candace Madonna
  3. Fold the Second Arm

    Fold the other arm over in an identical fashion, making sure to smooth out the folds as you go.

    folding a hoodie step 3
     The Spruce / Candace Madonna
  4. Fold One Outer Edge

    Fold one outer edge of the hoodie in towards the center.

    folding a hoodie part 4
     The Spruce / Candace Madonna
  5. Fold the Other Outer Edge

    Repeat with the opposite outer edge so that each side meets in the middle.

    folding a hoodie part 5
     The Spruce / Candace Madonna
  6. Fold the Body

    Fold the “body” of the hoodie in halfway towards the top of the hoodie, then fold a second time over the hood.

    folding a hoodie part 6
     The Spruce / Candace Madonna
  7. Tuck the Body Into the Hood

    Pull the hood (which is sitting under the body of the hoodie) around the body, and tuck the body neatly into the hood, making sure to smooth it out as you place it in.

    folding a hoodie part 7
     The Spruce / Candace Madonna
  8. Tighten the Drawstring

    Tighten the drawstring and tie a bow.

    folding a hoodie part 8
     The Spruce / Candace Madonna
folding a hoodie final

The Spruce / Candace Madonna

And there you have it! A perfectly folded hoodie. We especially like this method when traveling (by bus, plane, train, or car) because it saves space when tucked inside a carry-on, and it doubles as a perfectly portable pillow.