The Casual Wedding

Bride and groom surrounded by friends backyard wedding
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The elegant casual wedding is a thing of great beauty. No one has spent too much money, everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves, and no one worries if the kids are running around and making noise.

Casual Wedding Attire

Wear whatever you're comfortable in, including a white dress that’s not meant to be a wedding dress. Perhaps a sundress or a dress you already have in your closet. You might look at wearing a bridesmaid's dress in white, or go off the beaten track in a pantsuit. Grooms can wear jeans or khakis, a simple sports coat, and a casual shirt. A tie is optional. 

Casual Wedding Locations

You could hold your wedding in your parents’ backyard, a local park or community center. Think about atypical wedding locations such as an art gallery, a rooftop, a barn or other place that speaks to your personalities.


Handwrite your own invitations on handmade paper. Word it as if you were writing a note to a friend. Be sure to note casual attire. For example, you might say: "We're gettin' hitched! Come join us, Maggie and John, as we join hands and hearts and celebrate a lifetime of love, friendship, and happiness."


Instead of floral flower arrangements, have pots of simple bulbs such as tulips, or hyacinths. This is a great money saving tip. Another casual wedding centerpiece that I love is a flat container of wheatgrass (also called cat grass) with gerbera daisies inserted at random intervals.

Casual Menu Ideas

Throw a party a few months before the wedding where you ask everyone to bring a recipe as a favor. Practice the recipes, decide on your favorites, and then make them for your wedding food. Place a lovely label in front of each dish to say whose recipe it is. You may also want to have a barbecue or picnic fare.

Gift Registry

Register at inexpensive places such as Target or Amazon. Forgo the expensive china and silver (you‘re not that kind of pair anyway) and instead register for things that make you smile.

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