The Complete Guide to Pandemic

Strategy tips and more for players of the board game Pandemic.

Pandemic, my pick as the best board game published in 2008, may be the best cooperative game ever published. These resources will help you become a better Pandemic player.

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    Pandemic - Game Profile

    Pandemic. Image courtesy of Z-Man Games

    Pandemic is an addictively fun board game in which all the players work together to eradicate four diseases from the world. This profile covers the game's basics.

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    As a cooperative game, Pandemic provides a refreshing change of pace from most board games. Rather than competing against each other, players all have to work together to try to defeat the game itself. This makes Pandemic a fantastic game for players who don't like overly competitive games, or players who normally might not enjoy a board game because other players always beat them. In Pandemic, everyone can share in the victory.

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    If you've misplaced the rules to Pandemic, or just need a quick refresher, contributing writer Seth Brown has put together this great summary.

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    Deadly diseases are quickly spreading all over the map in Pandemic, and you'll have your hands full just trying to stay alive, even working together with your fellow players. One of the keys is being able to avoid outbreaks, and contributing writer Seth Brown has put together these tips to help you do just that.