The Coolest Cutting Boards

Not just slabs of wood, these cutting boards all have something unique to offer

Cutting boards have come a long way from their beginnings as a flat slab of wood. You can find cutting boards in various shapes and sizes, and made of everything from plastic to bamboo to recycled cardboard. Plus, many today have interesting bells and whistles. If you're looking for a cutting board that can do a little more, take your pick of these interesting versions.
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    Epicurean Cutting Board
    Made from recycled cardboard and resin, these cutting boards are eco-friendly and surprisingly durable. They're thin and lightweight, which makes them easy to move and store; a damp paper towel can easily hold them in place if they slip.
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    Eva Solo Antibacterial Cutting Board Set
    Having different cutting boards to use for different foods helps cut down on cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria. This handsome plastic cutting board set by Eva Solo lets you play it safe with style; the white plastic boards each have an icon on the corner to indicate which food they're for (meats, vegetables or prepared foods) and they have their own little aluminum stand so that they're easy to grab.
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    Index Chopping Board

    Joseph Joseph Index Cutting Board
    Another stylish riff on the coded chopping boards, this color-coded set includes four boards, each with a tab indicating their purpose: seafood, cooked foods, raw meat or vegetables. The boards fit into a sleek plastic storage base, with their tabs easily visible so you can grab the one you need.
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    What can be handier than measuring ingredients right on the cutting board? This polypropylene cutting board from KitchenArt has a built-in adjustable measuring cup, so you can scrape the chopped food right into the cup and measure it in quantities ranging from 1/8 cup to 1 cup. The cup detaches from the bowl so you can transfer it to a pan or a bowl.
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    Made of sustainable bamboo, this handsome cutting board has a parquet end grain pattern. Three stainless steel prep bowls are inset right into the board, but are removable so you can transport ingredients to the pan or the bowl. Measuring 22 by 16.5 inches, and 1.5 inches thick, this board is generally sized for even the most prep-intensive recipe.
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    Chop & Scoop Cutting Board
    Sur La Table
    These colorful rimmed cutting boards make it easy to neatly transfer that onion you just chopped into the frying pan; the board has raised sides and an easy-grip handle so that you'll be able to move your ingredients to a pan or a bowl, mess-free.
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    Sure they're expensive, but professional chefs swear by Boos Boards, and for good reason: The boards are made of sugar maple end-grain wood, which is highly durable and dense enough to deter bacteria. This board is 18 inches square and has a removable metal tray for scraps; the board reverses for a cutting board with a juice groove for slicing meats.