How to Use Crystal Balls in Feng Shui

feng shui faceted crystal ball on a red string with a plant

Holistic Spaces

When you hear the word crystal, you might be imagining a natural crystal or stone, like quartz. While these can certainly be used as feng shui tools, feng shui crystal ball generally refers to a faceted glass ball. Typically, it is suggested that these are at least 40mm in diameter and hung from the ceiling by a red string. (Red is the most auspicious and protective color in feng shui.) The red string is most often cut to a length that is a multiple of nine, like 18, 27, or 36 inches.

There are many reasons that a feng shui practitioner might recommend hanging a feng shui crystal ball in your home. The best place to hang one in your home will depend on your unique floor plan and situation. That said, here are a few general recommendations for working with feng shui crystal balls.

feng shui crystal ball on a red string

Holistic Spaces

Activate a Bagua Area

The feng shui bagua is one of the tools that practitioners use to evaluate and adjust a space when working with clients. In case you’re not familiar with the bagua, you can imagine a three-by-three grid that is overlaid on a floor plan, with different areas corresponding to different aspects of life.

If there’s a specific area of your life that you would like to focus on and activate, for example your romantic relationship, you can hang a feng shui crystal ball in the corresponding part of your home to brighten and uplift the qi (or energy) in that area.

If you do use a feng shui crystal in this way, be sure to just choose the one bagua area that feels the most important right now, rather than trying to adjust everything all at once. 

Adjust a Bed in Line With the Door

In feng shui, one of the first things we often look at in a space (in the bedroom, specifically) is whether your bed is in the commanding position. This means that you are able to see the door from bed, without being directly in line with the door. Sometimes it’s not possible to place the bed in this position, especially if you have a small or unusually shaped bedroom.

If your bed must be in line with the door, it’s a good idea to adjust the flow of qi so that it is not rushing towards you while you are in bed. One way to do this is by hanging a feng shui crystal ball from the ceiling between your bed and your bedroom door. This helps to disperse and slow down any qi entering the room. 

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Brighten Your Entry

The main entrance to your home is called the mouth of qi because it is the main way that energy and opportunities flow into your home and life. This means that it is worth the extra effort to make your home’s entry bright and inviting! One way to do this is to hang a feng shui crystal ball in your entry. This can brighten and expand this area of your home and help to invite more opportunities, especially if your entry feels dark or cramped.

Your home’s entrance also represents how you present yourself to the world, so a feng shui crystal ball here can also bring brightness and clarity to how you show up in the world. 

Activate the Center of Your Home

The center of the feng shui bagua, called the Tai qi, is connected to your overall wellbeing. Because it’s in the center, it also touches all of the bagua areas around it. A strong and healthy center can create a solid foundation for all aspects of your life, so this is a good place to start if you’re not sure where to focus. Hanging a feng shui crystal ball in the center of your home brings energy and brightness to this area, which affects all parts of your home and life. 

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Uplift Your Meditation Space

Another way to use a feng shui crystal ball is to hang it above your meditation cushion or seat, or in a location so that you can see it in front of you while you are meditating. A crystal ball in this area will bring clarity, harmony, and expansion to your meditation practice. 

Focus Your Workspace

You can also hang a feng shui crystal ball in your home office for focus. It should be directly above your head while you are sitting at your desk, and don’t forget to make sure that it is fastened securely! Your desk and home office represent your work and career, so hanging a feng shui crystal ball here can be helpful when it comes to cultivating more clarity and focus in this area of your life. 

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Adjust a Long Hallway

In feng shui, long hallways can present challenges because qi rushes through them quickly. Ideally, you want the qi to meander more slowly and collect in a home so that it can benefit the people living there. If you do have a long hallway in your home, it can be helpful to hang a feng shui crystal from the ceiling. This disperses the qi so that it doesn’t rush straight through.

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