The First Five Things To Do At Your New Home

Once the moving truck has pulled away, what comes next?

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You’ve done it. You’ve finally made your move into a new house. Now what? You may very well feel like collapsing in a heap, but there are some essential (but pretty easy and straightforward) things to do on day one.

Change The Locks

Now that the house is truly yours, you’ll want to secure it (and all the things you’ve just moved into it) by changing the locks on all outside doors, ensuring that you and your family are the only people who have access to keys. You’ll also want to be sure that all windows and doors can close securely.

Locate Fuse Boxes And Water Valves

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Odds are good you won’t have a major emergency the day you move in, but you do need to know where your circuit breaker box and main water valve are located in case you need to turn off the electricity or cut off the water supply. You should know which fuses or circuit breakers control which part of your new house and label them. If they’re already labeled, test each one out to be sure they are labeled correctly. You should also know how the main water stop valve works and see if it functions properly by checking for any running water after the valve has been turned off. If it’s not working correctly, put calling a plumber for a repair on top of your to-do list.

Be Sure Utilities Are Working And Connect Major Appliances 

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If you’ve already put accounts for major utilities – like electricity, gas and water – in your name before your move, be sure they’re working now. If you’ve chosen to move your fridge, freezer, washing machine or dishwasher or have bought new ones for your move, be sure they are connected properly. Note that you need to leave a refrigerator upright on its final kitchen spot for at least 3 full hours before you can plug it in and turn it on after moving. This allows the oil that may have flowed into the cooling lines to return to the heart of the cooling mechanism – the compressor. Also consider getting cable, phone and internet set up as soon as possible.

Take And Inventory And Unpack Essentials

Ideally, you’ll have created a detailed list of all you packed (perhaps numbering your boxes as well as labeling the contents and which room they belong in) and checked it off as the movers carried things in, overseeing the move to be sure your belongings were handled with care. This is not always possible. In any case, as soon as the movers leave, be sure to inspect furniture, appliances, boxes and other containers for visual damage or any other signs of obvious mistreatment. If you find any broken or damaged goods, write down the specific damage in your inventory list and contact the moving company. Then unpack the essentials: bedding and toiletries.

Relax And Enjoy!

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Perhaps no day feels as long and draining as moving day. So the first piece of furniture you need to assemble (if necessary) is your bed. It’s a great idea to label a few boxes “Unpack First” or as #1 and #2 and be sure they include your favorite sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, pajamas and robes. A toiletry bag is another must-have for day one. If possible, take these with you in your car or carry them along with you, separate from everything else you are moving, so you know where they are. Once you’ve taken a nice long shower and tucked in, your new house will feel a lot more like home.

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