The First NERF Bow Blaster!

NERF Rebelle Arrow Revolution Bow
NERF / Hasbro

Lots of kids love to collect and launch NERF blasters and now, Nerf Bows! While some toys launch darts, others project discs. Many are manually fired, while others are launched rapidly with battery operated features that launch darts rapidly.

NERF blasters can be bought in all types of sizes and price ranges. While many might think that NERF blasters are "boy toys" they are well loved by almost anyone, no matter whether they are boys or girls, children or adults.

Aside from traditional NERF blasters, kids can expand their collections to include one of the many new NERF bows. Don't let these white, purple, pink and blue bows, crossbows, and mini-blasters fool you. While some would say they were designed to appeal to girls, most boys will not pass up the opportunity to launch these darts and arrows, too.

NERF Rebelle toy blasters, bows and slingshots can be accurately aimed at targets. They soar through the air at far distances, fashionably.

For players who like to engage in thought out secret spy missions, many blasters include "secret message" collectible darts and arrive with a separate, message decoder. 

The NERF Rebelle Arrow Revolution Bow provides players with the ability to quickly re-load darts using a high-tech, auto-feed, rotating quiver. This bow arrives with 6 whistling foam darts that can travel up to 90 feet. With a simple push of a trigger, the dart will release from the rotating quiver and land in place.

 Aim and pull back on the bow with your preferred hand before launching the arrow.

The NERF Rebelle Secret Shot blaster can quickly transform into what looks like a purse. After pushing a button, the "purse" is ready for stealth and spy action, launching darts up to 75 feet. 

The NERF Rebelle Diamondista crossbow is decorated in flashy sequins and glitter for a serious, fashionista spy.

NERF Rebelle has revolutionized the blaster category, allowing both girls and boys to get it on the action play with a variety of large bows and smaller crossbows. Whether it is a simple mission to ward off a family member who plans to steal freshly baked cookies from the kitchen counter, or a more complicated plan to work together to spy on their parents wrapping holiday gifts, Rebelle encourages kids to exercise their bodies and their minds.

For decades NERF has led the revolution in blaster toy play, which is popular with both children and adults of all ages. Aside from fun, engaging social play, NERF toys are not only great toys that help to promote active physical play.

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