The Girl Scout Cookies Oven

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For decades Girl Scouts have been collecting cookie orders by knocking on doors, asking every single one of their friends and family members to buy them. Parents bring their children's order forms into work and hope their daughter is featured as the troop's highest seller. Sometimes there are tables and tents set up outside events with troops doing community service who are also selling their famous Girl Scout Cookies.


For a long time, the only Girl Scout toys in the play aisles only included collectible dolls from Adora. While it was possible to find special sashes and uniforms for their baby doll on special websites with unique toys and gifts at, there were very few ways for girls to identify as a Girl Scout in their play. 

For kids who like to bake and want to try to make their own girl scout cookies, the  Girl Scout cookies oven allows them to easily bake their favorite Girl Scout-inspired cookies. The steps are easy, so kids can do it themselves, as long as they are supervised by a parent or grandparent nearby.  

After adding water to a mix, very small dollops or circles of the batter are placed onto a metal tray and slid into an oven. The timer is turned on, then kids watch through the small viewing window as their cookies bake. 

Wondering how the Girl Scout Cookie Oven compares to its competitor, the EZ Bake Oven?

The manufacturer says that the Girl Scout Cookies Oven takes less time to bake cookies.

Do not be fooled. While this does look like a "toy," it is a real working oven. While it is easy for children to use, parents should always monitor their children in the kitchen. It is still possible for them to be exposed to touching hot items.

The oven arrives with a Thin Mint mix and some cooking tools, which include as a spatula, baking pan and measuring tool. Additional flavors of cookies and refill mixes can also be bought separately. Deluxe refill packs include Thin Mints, PB Sandwich, Trefoils, chocolate shortbread, lemon flavored cookies, chocolate peanut butter, coconut caramel, chocolate chip, sugar and oatmeal cookies.

The cookies from the Girl Scout Cookie Oven are only girl-scout inspired. For example, the Thin Mints you make in this oven are not the crunchy cookie with chocolate covering and minty taste you buy in the box. The cookies are cake-like, with a  crunchy mint topping that is sprinkled over the cookie when it is finished baking. 

Should there be more than 1 child in the home, or if the family plans to use the oven during a party or with many children at once, each package only makes 6 very small, bite-size cookies. One batch of these cookies is enough for a small snack for 1 or 2 children.

There are many reasons why  a Girl Scout Cookie Oven could be a fun activity for kids, especially if they are part of a Girl Scout Troop.

With an activity like this, kids have an opportunity to learn about safety awareness when cooking, they are following multiple steps according to the directions, and they can express themselves creatively when they decorate their creations.


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Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the manufacturer.