The Half/Half House Makes Tiny Homeownership Even More Affordable

Monarch Tiny Homes

If you're in the market for a newly built tiny home, you typically have two choices. You can buy a professionally made one that will run around $200 to $400 per square foot, or you can construct it yourself for considerably less.

But what if neither solution works for you?

The Half/Half House by Monarch Tiny Homes splits the difference. The $22,000 dwelling comes with a complete exterior as shown here. All the heavy lifting that makes it a weather-tight and highly insulated home is taken care of by the builder.

What's the hitch? The interior is unfinished. But that's the enjoyable part. You get to customize the inside your tiny home on your own, for a lot less than what a professional builder would charge.

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    The Half/Half Tiny House Is a Highly Insulated Home

    The Half/Half House
    Monarch Tiny Homes

    Some of the Half/Half House's highlighted features include energy-efficient double-pane windows, a new trailer with dual 6,000-pound axles and trailer brakes, and maintenance-free siding made from recycled materials.

    Moreover, the gas, water, electric, and sewer lines are all pre-installed.

    We share how you could finish the interior on the following page.

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    You Can Customize This Tiny Home's Interior

    The Half/Half House interior
    Monarch Tiny Homes

    The Half/Half House could potentially pack up to 270 square feet of livable space. Shown here is a finished interior. The downstairs is 160 sq ft and the loft areas that are used for sleeping and storage measure 110 square feet.

    You can check out the sleeping loft on the following page.

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    Adding a Loft Creates More Livable Space

    The Half/Half House loft
    Monarch Tiny Homes

    Here's a quick peek of the sleeping loft in a Half/Half House with a finished interior. You can learn more about this tiny home here.