The Herb Companion Magazine

The Herbal Companion magazine

The Bottom Line

This is an excellent herb magazine that focuses on the gardening and use of herbs above all else. The photos are beautiful and they offer wonderful springboards to ideas for any level gardener to incorporate into their own garden area.

This magazine is a high-quality example of what anyone can grow in both large and small garden areas.


  • Offers a wide variety of herbal information.
  • Always lists what to do with the herbs that they recommend growing.
  • Great way to see how other herb gardeners grow their plants.
  • Stays abreast of the herbal industry and offers advice on what to grow.
  • Offers interesting interviews of herbalists around the country.


  • Sometimes lists herbs that are not easily available for a beginner.
  • Some of the gardening ideas are expensive to create.


  • Glossy, beautiful layout
  • Highly informative content
  • Useful information for large and small herb gardeners

Guide Review - The Herb Companion Magazine

The Herb Companion is a bimonthly magazine that packs a wealth of info into every issue. You will find in-depth articles about herbs that you actually grow and use.

Every issue comes packed with full-color photos and any project is accompanied by step-by-step pictures that clearly explain the technique listed. The projects that are featured are also useful with both small and large garden areas receiving equal attention.

A helpful feature is the herb showcase. This is where one specific herb is highlighted in each issue and you learn how to grow it, the history of the herb and most helpful, how to use it in everyday life. This really is the highpoint of the magazine for me. Even if I think I know a lot about an herb, The Herb Companion always finds out more to share with the readers and I learn something new.

Something else worth mentioning is that this magazine is a great resource for finding anything herb related that may or may not be on the internet. The ads are a benefit of and not a detractor to the content. For those of us who are comfortable using the internet for research, sometimes we forget that many people are not online. The ads in this magazine are worthy of a second look. There are many micro herb farms and supplier listed, who would love to offer the highest quality seedlings and seeds to other herb gardeners.

Truly a magazine for a gardener's bookshelf, The Herb Companion is a must have.