The Holland Grill Apex Model# BH421SS5

The Pros and Cons

The Holland Grill Apex Model# BH421SS5
The Holland Grill Apex Model# BH421SS5. The Holland Grill Co.

The Bottom Line

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The Holland Grill is a truly unique gas grill. This model, the Apex, is the top line product from Holland. It has 330 square inches of cooking space, a single 13,000 BTU burner, a completely isolated cooking chamber, and a pair of smoke stacks on top. This is a very well-built gas grill.


  • Can not flare-up
  • Solid construction
  • Versatile cooking abilities
  • Works ​as a good smoker


    • No direct flame
    • Unique cooking system takes time to learn
    • No temperature control


    • Single 13,000 BTU cast iron burner guaranteed for the life of the grill
    • 330 square inches of grilling area
    • Stainless steel, diamond pattern cooking grate
    • Single "on-off" control valve
    • Piezoelectric rotary ignition
    • Built-in smoker tray
    • Double walled stainless steel cooking chamber with powder coated steel cabinet
    • Hood-mounted temperature gauge
    • Propane tank, side burner, and cover sold separately
    • Made in the United States by The Holland Grill Co.

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    Guide Review - The Holland Grill Apex Model# BH421SS5

    The best way to describe how this grill works is to tell you how it's built. First of all, you have a single circular cast iron burner, controlled by a two-position valve: on and off. The control valve is factory set to the correct BTU output and you cannot adjust it. Above the burner is a stainless steel plate that distributes the heat.

    Above that is a single piece of aluminum sheet metal that completely separates the burner from the cooking chamber. Hence, no grease can get to an open flame to cause a flare-up. The cooking chamber is heated by radiant heat. The cooking grate is a stainless steel, diamond pattern, single piece screen.

    On top of the grill are two smoke stacks that allow air into the isolated cooking chamber creating a convection heating pattern. The Holland Grill needs no rotisserie system and doesn't tend to dry out meats like regular gas grills.

    Since this grill is preset to a specific temperature (around 400 degrees F) you don't get the same high-temperature grilling that you would on other grills. Cooking times on this grill are longer as are preheat and recovery (the time it takes to return to cooking temperature after opening the lid) times. If you are one of those people who want super high temperatures to "sear" steaks then this might not be the grill for you. For lower cooking temperatures you need to close the grease drain inside the grill and fill the bottom of the cooking chamber with water (or beer, juice, wine or whatever you want to steam with). This will lower the cooking temperature to around 300 degrees F. This means that low and slow smoking cannot be done at lower temperatures.

    Sounds like this grill has a lot of limitations? If you are comparing the Holland Grill to more conventional grills it might seem like it. On the other hand, this grill cooks by convection in a mostly sealed environment.

    Food does not dry out in this grill like it does in other grills. And since you can add moisture to the cooking chamber you can get moist and tender meats with very little effort. In fact, since this grill has a controlled temperature and virtually no possibility of flare-ups, this grill requires a lot less attention than other grills. You can literally put a whole chicken, a big roast, or hamburgers on this grill and leave it until they are done. Foods actually cook all around, though you will need to flip things over to get even cooking. Yes, it takes 20 minutes to grill some steaks, but other than flipping them over halfway through you don't need to even watch the grill. Also, since the Holland Grill uses a lot less fuel than other grills you can run it longer (as you probably will need to) and still end up filling your tank less often.

    If you want a grill for just steaks and burgers this might not be the one for you, but if you want to be able to grill a lot more than this, you really should consider a Holland.

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