The Hottest Lighting Trends for Your Foyer and Beyond

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    The Latest Foyer Trends

    Fall's Hottest Lighting Trends | Image: ©Lamps Plus

    I was so fortunate to have a conversation with Michael Murphy, the Interior Design and Trends Producer for Lamps Plus. What began as a talk about lighting color and finish trends for foyers, became a fun and illuminating tell-all filled with hot decorating and lighting tips that you'll definitely want to use in your home.    

    Q. What are your favorite foyer lighting trends this fall? 

    Michael Murphy: "Chandeliers are an ongoing and timeless look, made new with the incorporation of multi-pendant lights. String-up swag pendant lights that you can adjust to the space, are also trending. String-up pendants can be styled straight down, or drape them on the ceiling for a small foyer.  Customization and personalization of lighting is a trend, people don’t want what their neighbors have. They want something more unique.

    The foyer is all about first impressions. It's the first space your guests will see, or the family sees in the morning, or evening as they're “welcomed home.” It's where we begin and end our day. We want that relaxation, that feeling of “ahhh... I’m home.” 

    Lamps Plus: Europa 8 Bulb Bronze Swag Multi-Light Pendant

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    The Hottest Colors and Finishes

    Fall's Hottest Lighting Trends | Image: ©Lamps Plus

    Q. What trends are you seeing for lighting colors and finishes this year?

    Michael Murphy: "I was just at the Las Vegas Market, and saw that traditional styles remain popular, but with a new take on finishes and color. Look for brass and gold but with a muted or matte finish. Traditional finishes are being expanded with updated looks, like antique brass. 

    Lamps Plus continues to offer lots of bronze in our fixtures. It’s a design staple. The new trend is antique bronze, which is a warmed up bronze. Also, we're bringing in a lot of copper finishes.

    The colors I saw at the Las Vegas market were chalky and organic in nature, with warmer tones. Look for Coral, mustard yellow, and green, but not as bright as recent seasons.  The trend will be the calming down of colors."

    Lamps Plus: Lyster Square Oil Rubbed Bronze Chandelier

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    The Foyer Trend that Will Never Go Away

    Fall's Hottest Lighting Trends | Image: ©Lamps Plus

    Q. What is the one foyer lighting trend that will never go away?

    Michael Murphy: "Chandeliers. When in doubt, go with a chandelier. Watch for scale and size problems, though. People often go too small with a chandelier. So, when in doubt go chandelier, and go large.  

    I suggest a simple formula to help choose the right size chandelier size for the space. Get the length + width of your room (in feet), and add them together. The chandelier width should be at least that number (as inches). A 10 + 10' room = 20’, which becomes your 20” chandelier minimum. Great tip when you’re out shopping,  but measure again once you’re home to be sure the size is right for the space.

    For a foyer, you want your chandelier to be dramatic, with a little “wow” factor, setting the stage for the rest of the house."

    Lamps Plus: Franklin Iron Works Chandelier

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    A Chandelier is Never out of Place

    Fall's Hottest Lighting Trends | Image: ©Lamps Plus

    Q. What is the best way to incorporate a chandelier in an otherwise casual home?  

    Michael Murphy: “A wonderful tip is to go opposite of your home's decorating style when choosing a chandelier, to create a design conflict.  For example in a Craftsman-style home, use a modern chandelier, but with mica shades, or a copper finish. Finishes and colors give a nod to the home's decorating style, but the design conflict creates the "wow" factor. Remain true to the finishes you used in your house and that style conflict will give the chandelier drama without looking out of place. 

    If your home is decorated in neutrals, you can keep furnishings calm, but go with a jolt of color for your foyer lighting. Go dramatic with that color, and add accents around the house to tie it in."

    Lamps Plus: Red Drum Brushed Nickel Multi-Light Pendant

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    What's New for Lamps Plus

    Fall's Hottest Lighting Trends | Color. Image: ©Lamps Plus

    Q. What exciting things should we watch for from Lamps Plus this season?

    Michael Murphy: "Watch for the ever-expanding the Color+Plus line. We've added mirrors, walls sconces, floor lamps. The Color+Plus line gives you endless possibilities to choose the product you want, with more than 150 color options. On the Plus side, we're always adding new furniture, home decor, and lighting. Lamps Plus is really more than just lighting, you can furnish your whole house with us."

    Lamps Plus: Rain Niko Swing Arm Wall Lamp

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    Secret Design Tips (that are now no longer secret.)

    Contemporary Gray Table Lamp | Lamps Plus
    Contemporary Gray Table Lamp | Lamps Plus. ©Lamps Plus

    Q. Do you have any secret tips to update your home with color?

    Michael Murphy: "I keep my furnishings neutral, and change things out seasonally. One way to make an easy and dramatic change is to add or rotate lampshades from one room to the other seasonally, it's a 5-minute makeover” to change them around. I move the living room lampshades into the master bedroom, move those lampshades to another room, and buy seasonally perfect shades for the living room. A great way to add a jolt of color for the holidays and keep things fresh and interesting is to focus on lampshades, a new throw or pillows. This is an easy and inexpensive style update for your home.” 

    Lamps Plus: Apothecary Gray Table Lamp