Home Lighting Ideas for Any Room

Green tiled bathroom

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We all think about the natural light in our homes, but how often do we really sit back and think about the artificial lighting we use every day? The right lighting can make you feel more relaxed, focused and overall happier. Plus, bad lighting can really ruin a great room—so it's important to get it right.

Here are lighting ideas for every room in the house.

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    The Perfect Sconces

    Bedroom with orange bedding

    behinddoorsdecor / Instagram

    Soft, flattering lighting is ideal in the bedroom. It's a good idea to have a few lighting options such as overhead, on the nightstand, and maybe even a floor lamp. This lovely bedroom from behinddoorsdecor features industrial-style wall sconces that are perfect for reading at night. An Edison bulb lets off a lovely warm glow that's perfect for the bedroom. 

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    Make a Big Impact

    Vaulted ceiling in living room

    prettydomesticated / Instagram

    One of the most important rooms of your home (in terms of attention to lighting) is the living room. A layered lighting look that allows for multiple intensities and levels of lighting is perfect for this space so you can adjust the mood as needed.

    This stunning vaulted living room from prettydomesticated features a statement-making chandelier, but also has recessed lighting and table lamps to offer the best illumination.

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    Focused Lighting

    Reading chair with lamp

    cj.apartmentliving / Instagram

    This little reading nook from cj.apartmentliving proves that even simple lighting can transform a space. The directed floor light behind the wicker chair is perfect for settling in with a great book. The right lamp will offer the perfect mix of form and function, elevating your decor while providing adequate lighting for your space. 

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    Industrial Lighting

    Kitchen with industrial decor

    my_grey_place / Instagram

    For adequate kitchen illumination, you'll want to focus on various types of lighting. This lovely kitchen from my_grey_place has recessed lighting and an industrial-style hanging pendant lamp over the breakfast bar for the perfect task lighting.

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    Dining Room Lighting

    Dining room with lots of greenery

    modernly_you / Instagram

    Your dining room should have soft, ambient light that sets the stage for entertaining. If a traditional chandelier is too stuffy for your tastes, you'll love the casual lampshade in this space from modernly_you. Opt for a bulb that provides enough light for socializing, but isn't too harsh or bright.

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    Playroom Lighting

    playroom with string lighting

    behinddoorsdecor / Instagram

    A nursery or a playroom deserves lighting that is a little fun and upbeat. We love this little space from behinddoorsdecor, which features a string of soft lights to set a playful atmosphere. Of course, overhead lighting to brighten the room is still necessary, but try experimenting with the fun accessory lamps and lighting used in this room.

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    Opt for Statement Lighting

    living room with modern lighting

    home_ec_op / Instagram

    If you want your lighting to take center stage, this modern ceiling light from home_ec_op is the perfect choice. Not only does it provide adequate lighting throughout the space, but it's a unique piece that draws the eye up and makes the room appear even bigger.

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    Don't Forget the Bathroom

    Bathroom with deep soaking tub

    Design: kiplinghouseinteriors, Photo: b2photographymn

    Ever considered a chandelier in the bathroom? This space from kiplinghouseinteriors features a glam overhead chandelier that not only makes an impact but also softens the lighting in the bathroom. A bathroom should have both overhead lighting and wall sconces around the vanity to provide ample light that's not overly harsh.

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    The Perfect Nightstand Lamp

    Bedroom with palm wallpaper

    awkward_peach / Instagram

    The bedroom is all about layering lighting, and picking the right nightstand lamp can be one of the keys to creating a tranquil space. This bedroom from awkward_peach features a task lamp with a warm Edison bulb for reading. If you're a fan of reading in bed, look for a lamp that directs the light downward to where you need it most.

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    Entryway Lighting

    entryway with southwestern style

    neonindian8 / Instagram

    Don't forget your entryway when it comes to lighting. As the first place guests usually see in your home, you'll want to opt for a fixture that sets off a fairly large amount of light. We love this modern fixture from neonindian8 that not only provides bright, multi-directional lighting in the entryway but also makes a statement as soon as guests enter your home.

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    Office Lighting

    office desk with gold lamp

    featherhillinteriors / Instagram

    Your home office should have multiple types of lighting, including overhead and directional task lighting for conducting work. We love this home office from featherhillinteriors—not only does it offer lots of natural light, but the antique desk lamp is perfect for burning the midnight oil on the job.