The Meaning of Feng Shui Cures

Question: Do feng shui cures really work? Can you please also tell me about the secret feng shui cures? Do the secret cures work better? Thank you.

Answer: Let's first look into the meaning of feng shui cures, as this is a widely misunderstood concept. "Feng shui cure" is a general term used for various ways to work with the Chi, or energy of your home to achieve a desired result.

For example, if your home needs more fire feng shui element energy, the a red color item in a specific room will be considered a feng shui cure; and so is a mirror added in a Bagua area that needs more water feng shui element. Many feng shui cures are easy to apply, and you can explore the use of a variety of feng shui cures, such as mirrors, colors, feng shui crystals, fountains, and more.

Usually, you would use a physical object as a feng shui cure, such as a Buddha statue, for example, or a fountain, a mirror, or a lucky bamboo plant. Almost any decor item can serve as a feng shui cure if it represents the feng shui elements you need in your home.

However, some feng shui schools, such as the BTB School of Feng Shui, have feng shui cures that are more like meditations, mudras and blessings; a more subtle, even secret way to work with the energy. These cures are sometimes called secret, or sacred feng shui cures.

It is not that the feng shui cures are sacred, feng shui cures are just tools to deal with energy. What empowers them, though, is often a type of energy - let's call it your intent - that is more powerful when not revealed, especially to parties that will not understand, honor or accept the information.

The secrecy required with some feng shui cures is not because one is doing something that other people would judge as not being good.

The secrecy is there as protection and foundation for growth, just like you would protect a fragile young tree by giving it support and protecting for a while against strong outside elements.

Some examples of secret feng shui cures (as taught by BTB practitioners) are the Three Secrets Reinforcement, the Sun Moon Meditation, and others. Usually, an offering of red envelopes with some money in them is required when these secret cures are given to a client by the feng shui consultant. You can also find some secret feng shui cures in books written by BTB feng shui school practitioners.

Classical, or traditional feng shui schools have some secret cures, too. For example, the salt water cure, which is a very popular traditional feng shui cure, is considered a secret cure, and so is the feng shui wealth vase.

In conclusion, the secret behind all feng shui cures, either they are called secret or not, is the fact that you know, or are taught, how to empower them with your intent.

As for the meaning of sacred as applied to feng shui cures, everything in life is sacred; no one cure is more sacred than the other!

Ideally one would live life with a sacred attitude towards everything, be it a Buddha statue, a sunset or the drops of water trickling from your roof after a heavy rain.

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