The Ergonomic and Flexible Microwave Drawer

Microwave Drawer in a Kitchen Island
Nicolette Patton, CKD

When the microwave drawer was released, kitchen industry professionals were overjoyed with its potential. 

What Is a Microwave Drawer?

Unlike a traditional microwave, which is a box shape that opens and closes via a door, a microwave drawer is a drawer that slides in and out. Microwave drawers are a great option for people looking to save some space on their countertops.

What makes the microwave drawer so exceptional is its flexibility and ergonomics. The drawer pulls out, and you access the heating cavity from the top (versus front), reducing bending. 

There are several brands that offer microwave drawers with almost exact features:

  • 1.0 - 1.2 cubic feet capacity
  • Fits a 7" tall cup or 20oz. cup / 9"x13" pan
  • 950-1000 watts
  • 10 - 11 settings with sensor cooking
  • Digital LCD screen with Open and Close buttons and Child Safety Lock
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    Under Counter Microwaves

    Kitchen with Under Counter Built-In Microwave
    Too Much Bending Down with Under Counter Built-In Microwaves Astro-0 / Caiaimage / Getty Images

    Placing the microwave under the countertop has big potential for your kitchen design. This means you save wall and counter space. A microwave under the counter can be placed anywhere - an island, near a range, you name it!

    Sure, you can place a countertop or built-in microwave under a counter, but you have to bend down to access the cavity and controls - not ideal! 

    However, the microwave drawer is an excellent way to get design flexibility and ergonomic features.  

    Let's take a look at the brands and specifics.

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    Sharp Microwave Drawer

    Sharp Microwave Drawer
    Sharp Microwave Drawer is Offered in 2 Sizes in Stainless Steel and Black or White Courtesy of Sharp

    Sharp is first on my list because they make all of the microwave drawers.  

    There are several brands who have a microwave drawer, but they are all made by Sharp. Sharp holds several patents on its design, so there are only slight differences in the appearance of the front panel and features in other brands.  

    Unique to Sharp is the use of a handle and the offering of a white front.


    • 24" Model #KB-6524PS (black) or KB-6524PW (white). 1.2 cubic feet
    • 30" Model #KB-6525PS (black) or KB-6525PW (white). 1.2 cubic feet
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    Jenn-Air Microwave Drawer

    Jenn-Air Microwave Drawer 24"
    Stainless Steel and Black Glass - Jenn-Air Microwave Drawer JMD2124WS Courtesy of Jenn-Air

    Jenn-Air was one of the first followers to deliver a microwave drawer with its own unique front panel. Only available in a 24", it features a square and sleek panel without a handle. It has a push-button open feature as opposed to Sharp's push-button and pull-handle.

    This microwave drawer is a beautiful compliment to a full Jenn-Air appliance package.


    • 24" Model #JMD2124WS. 1.0 cubic feet

    Notice we are ascending in price.

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    Bosch Microwave Drawer

    Bosch Microwave Drawer
    Bosch 24" Microwave Drawer - Stainless and Black Glass - HMD8451UC Courtesy of Bosch

    Yes, even European brands like Bosch see the value in the microwave drawer.  Another sleek and low profile design for contemporary kitchens.

    Like Jenn-Air, it is only available in a 24".  


    • 24" Model #HMD8451UC. 1.2 cubic feet
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    Dacor Microwave Drawer

    Dacor Microwave Drawer
    The Dacor Microwave Drawer Comes in 3 Styles - Stainless, Black Glass and Stainless with Black Glass Courtesy of Dacor

    Dacor is the only brand that offers three different fronts to choose from.  Two of them are unique to the other brands with a solid stainless steel front (no window to see food) and an all-black glass front. The other is stainless and black glass combo, similar to all brands.  

    Remember that all of the features and cavity sizes are almost identical, so all you need to determine is the appearance you want.  


    • 24" Models #MMD24 in Stainless Steel or Black Glass. 1.0 cubic feet
    • 30" Models #MMD30 in Stainless Steel or Black Glass and #MMDV30 in Stainless Steel and Black Glass combo. 1.0 cubic feet
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    Viking Microwave Drawer

    Viking Microwave Drawer
    The Viking Microwave Drawer has a Cool Retro Front Courtesy of Viking

    I love the front on the Viking microwave drawer because it's curved inside corners on the stainless steel frame.  It gives this micro drawer a retro feel to use in a retro-style kitchen or to match your other Viking appliances.


    • 24" Model #VMOD241. 1.0 cubic feet
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    Thermador Microwave Drawer

    Thermador Microwave Drawer
    The Thermador Microwave Drawer Will Complement Thermador Appliances Courtesy of Thermador

    If you have been looking at the slides carefully, you will start to notice that all of the microwave drawers look very similar.  The ​Thermador microwave drawer looks exactly like the Bosch with a simple, thin stainless steel frame and a low profile.  Again, same features, same interior, but with the Thermador label on the front.


    • 24" Model #MD24JS. 1.2 cubic feet
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    Wolf Microwave Drawer

    Wolf Microwave Drawer
    Wolf Has Two Styles; Professional and Transitional for a Slightly Different Look Courtesy of Wolf

    If you have a Sub-Zero Wolf appliance package, this microwave drawer from Wolf is an excellent addition.  With sleek lines, it offers two different styles; Professional and Transitional.

    The Transitional style, which is clearly intended for a Transitional Style Kitchen, is offered in a 24" and a 30", where the Professional front is only offered in the 30".  


    • 24" Model - Transitional #MD24TE/S. 1.2 cubic feet
    • 30" Models - Transitional #MD30TE/S and Professional #MD30PE/S. 1.2 cubic feet
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    Gaggenau Microwave Drawer

    Gaggenau Microwave Drawer
    The Gaggenau Microwave Drawer is the Ultimate Compliment to a High End Kitchen Courtesy of Gaggenau

    High-end, Luxury brand Gaggenau have also adopted a microwave drawer of their own.  The front has the character and lines of Gaggenau's other wall ovens to create a perfect marriage.  Most luxury kitchen shoppers will stick with the same brand suite throughout the kitchen, which makes the Gaggenau microwave drawer the perfect under-counter solution.  

    This microwave drawer is last on the list with the highest price tag, only offered in a 24".


    • 24" Model #MW420. 1.2 cubic feet