The Most Dangerous & Often Recalled Toys

Nearly every week brings a new toy recall. The CPSC is cracking down on toy manufacturers who ignore federal toy safety standards or unknowingly produce dangerous or poisonous toys. Next time you consider purchasing toys like these, pay close attention to the warning labels, small parts and dangerous pieces. If you encounter a safety problem with a toy, immediately take it away from the child and report the problem to the CPSC.

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    Cheap Toys - They Have to Cut Corners Somewhere!

    Bike Bell Recall - Toy Recalls - Recall Toys
    Bike Bell Recall. Photo © CPSC

    Many toys from one-dollar stores, doctors'-office treasure chests, fast-food meals and birthday-party favors have been recalled this year. In order to design, manufacture, package, ship, market and sell a toy for under a dollar, toy manufacturers have to cut corners somewhere. Often those toys are manufactured overseas and the importers have no control over whether they use lead paint, put poisonous chemicals into the toys or put them together so they will stay together.

    "You get what you...MORE pay for" is a good rule of thumb for toy buyers. Wouldn't you rather have one $10 toy than ten $1 toys anyway? This is a great opportunity to teach children to save their money and shop for value.

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    Magnetic Toys - Kids Have Died from Ingesting Magnets

    Magtastik and Magnetix Jr. Recalled Magnetic Toys - Recalled Magnetic Toys from Mega Brands
    Magtastik and Magnetix Jr. Recalled Toys. Photo © CPSC

    Many magnetic toys have been recalled because if the small magnets come apart, kids can swallow them. Tiny magnets, when swallowed or inhaled, can connect inside a child's body and require surgery to remove them. Several children have died from ingesting small magnets.

    If your child has magnetic toys, try to get the magnets out. If even one magnet comes loose, remove the toy from the child's reach and immediately report it to the CPSC.

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    Children's Jewelry Toys - Some of the Worst Lead Offenders

    Jewelry Recall: TinkerBell Jewelry Necklaces Recalled
    TinkerBell Jewelry Recalled. Photo © CPSC

    Let's be honest. Kids put jewelry in their mouths. For that matter, even adults put their jewelry in their mouths sometimes!

    Some manufacturers of cheap jewelry for kids use lead or cadmium, two poisonous elements that can cause serious health consequences if children ingest them, to make cheap jewelry seem heavier and more substantial. This year we've seen numerous recalls of cheap, children's jewelry. It's very dangerous.

    Be aware that, just because a toy bears a familiar...MORE character's face, parents cannot rest assured that the toy is safe. Cheap jewelry manufacturers simply pay to put TinkerBell on their jewelry. Her familiar face does not mean that the toy was manufactured by a trusted, American company with high standards for quality.

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    Baby Toys - Small Parts Can Be Deadly

    Tiny Love Wind Chime Baby Toys Recalled - Recalled Baby Toys
    Recall Toy: Tiny Love Wind Chimes. Photo © Tiny Love

    Baby toys are almost always designed with no small parts, but if pieces break off babies could be playing with a deadly choking hazard. The 600,000 recalled Tiny Love Wind Chime toys are a great example of a toy that was designed for babies but they broke, causing puncture and laceration hazards. This is also an example of an exception to the "you get what you pay for" rule. Tiny Love is generally a respected toy manufacturer and the toys sold for $8 to $70 depending on the set...MORE purchased.

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    Rechargeable Toys - Batteries Can Overheat

    toy helicopter recalled - recall toy helicopter
    Recall Toy: Knight Hawk Helicopter. Photo © Danbar

    For some reason, some rechargeable batteries (including those in laptops) tend to overheat. Several toys with rechargeable batteries have been recalled for fire danger and burn hazards.

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    Projectiles, Weapons and Guns Aren't Always Played With Correctly

    Toy Recall: Auto Fire Toy Dart Gun Playsets from Family Dollar Stores - New Toy Recall
    Toy Recall: Auto Fire Toy Dart Gun Playsets from Family Dollar Stores. Photo © CPSC

    Many parents have chimed in to debate who should be held responsible when children play with toys differently than the manufacturers intended. Sadly, two boys (8 and 10) died when they choked on rubbery toy darts. They didn't shoot the darts into their throats. Rather they were sucking on them and the suction cups on the ends caused them to suffocate and die.

    Now, children suck on checkers all the time and we don't recall all the checkers in the world. Parents even encourage creativity...MORE and want their kids to make up new games with old toys. It is worth saying, however that toy dart guns, rockets and missiles are dangerous if kids are too young or immature to play with them safely.

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    Kids' Bikes and Ride-On Toys Can Cause Fall Hazards

    Step2 Buggy Toy Recall - Toy Recall of Step2 Buggy Toys
    Step2 Buggy Toy Recall. Photo © CPSC

    Ride-on toys like Step2's 2.8 million recalled buggy toys are frequently recalled because they pose a fall hazard. Bike forks can break and kids can be injured. If brakes or steering fail, a child could crash. Be aware of what ride-on toys your child owns and check the toy recall lists to ensure that they haven't been recalled.

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    Second-hand or Hand-me-Down Toys

    Thomas and Friends Recall Sept 2007 - Recalled Thomas the Tank Engine Toys
    Thomas and Friends Recall Sept 2007. RC2 Corp

    The Thomas the Tank Engine Train recall made headlines for months...back in 2007! Now one can scarcely set foot in a garage sale without encountering laundry baskets full of Thomas trains. Though it is illegal to sell recalled toys, it's up to parents to know what they're buying. Check our lists of recalled toys or visit the CPSC's website to ensure that you really got a bargain on that solid-but-old toy.