10 of the Most Stunning Throw Pillows You Can Buy Right Now

Add a Little Flair to Your Favorite Sofa or Chair

Trinette Reed for Stocksy United

When you don't want to completely redecorate a room but you feel like a change or a freshening up is in order, switching up your throw pillows—on chairs and couches, in breakfast nooks and on beds—is an easy fix.

Whether a seasonal transition is in order or you want to totally revive the mood of a room, throw pillows in a new texture, pattern or shape will make a bigger difference than you think. Transitioning from linen to velvet in the winter, for example, or a faux fur even, can make your living room or bed much more cozy. Or trading out a floral pattern for an animal print or French toile might add unexpected sophistication to your favorite accent chair.

Ahead, we found 10 of the most stunning and beautiful throw pillows that will bring new life and energy to any spot in your home.

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    Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow

    Courtesy of The Citizenry

    Every piece of furniture and home accessory from The Citizenry was handmade by artisans from around the globe. These limited edition pillows were sewn from traditional Moroccan wedding blankets and we think they'd add elegant texture to a leather couch or an all-white bedding look.

    Adara square pillow, $215, The Citizenry

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    Tufted Ayla Pillow

    Courtesy of Anthropologie

    Festive, colorful and bright, these textured tufted pillows will add some serious character to any room. Mix them in with a few solid color pillows or use as a counter to a low-key, neutral room.

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    Animal Motif Pillow

    Courtesy of Zara Home

    A perfect example of a temporary switch up, these affordable animal-print pillow covers are an easy way yo give your couch or chairs a totally new feel. They have a regal, almost medieval look to them, which feels unique.

    Animal motif cushion cover, $30, Zara Home

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    Masuleh Pillow

    Courtesy of ABC Home

    If you have a flair for designer names and iconic prints, consider indulging in a few Missoni Home throw pillows that have the same classic zig-zag pattern as the fashion house's most recognized apparel. We'd mix these in with an exotic animal print or some bold solid colors.

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    Electric Velvet Pillow

    Courtesy of ABC Home

    Looking at these Aviva Stanoff pillows feels like looking into the depths of the ocean, doesn't it? These incredibly lush and unusual velvet pillows are a home decor splurge—one that will give your sofa or accent chairs an incredibly upscale look and feel.

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    All White Throw Pillow Cover

    Courtesy of Serena & Lily

    Stunning doesn't always have to mean colorful or complicated. These beautiful all-white throw covers from Serena & Lily are simple and elegant with just enough texture to stand out.

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    Silk Velvet Pillow

    Courtesy of One Kings Lane

    Royal blue velvet with embroidered gold rhinos? It doesn't get more luxuriously exotic than this. We love the oblong shape of these pillows, and would play up their whimsical design by mixing one or two of these in with other printed pillows and a throw blanket.

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    Rich Jewel Velvet Pillow Set

    Courtesy of Article

    If all your room could use is a little splash of color, our vote is for a rich jewel tone in a luxurious fabric like velvet. These pillows from one of our favorite furniture stores—Article—come in a variety of sumptuous colors that will add depth and style to your sofa or armchairs.

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    French Toile Pillow

    Courtesy of One Kings Lane

    Prepsters and classics alike will love these French toile pillows from One Kings Lane. This traditional print in blue and white plays well with bold stripes and anything and everything monogrammed. Style a couple of these with a blue-themed room, or with a complementary color like orange.

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    Fern Embroidered Pillow

    Courtesy of Pottery Barn

    Subtle, soft and feminine—this fern embroidered pillow from Pottery Barn is a stand out addition for beach houses, the summer season and any home with a cool and nautical feel. Place this lumbar-shape pillow on your bed with a few more well-chosen throw pillows that echo that same calming vibe.