The Native Foods Wellington - Vegan Thanksgiving Option

Photo courtesy of Native Foods

As a native Californian, I've long been a fan of Native Foods restaurant. They were making great vegan food in Southern California long before it was popular - more than twenty years -  and thanks to their ambitious plans, amazing food and loyal following (including myself!), they've opened several new restaurants nationwide.

Unfortunately, it looks like this year, Native Foods is not offering nationwide delivery of their vegan turkey substitutes centerpiece, the Wellington, only in-store pick-up.


If you're in Oregon, Chicago, southern California, Colorado or near Washington DC, consider yourself very lucky! 

Find out where you can get a Wellington.

What is the Native Foods Wellington? The Wellington, created by Native Foods restaurant, is a meatless Thanksgiving main dish option made from thinly sliced homemade seitan (yum!) as a meat substitute alongside a caramelized onion and fresh herb stuffing with a few sweet potatoes and some kale, all wrapped up in puff pastry to form a sliceable loaf.

It comes frozen, then you bake it according to the instructions at home. The Native Foods Wellington feeds 6-8 people and also comes with homemade mushroom and shallot gravy. Native Foods also offers pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake for in-store pickup - all vegan, of course! 

  • Pros: With gravy, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and stuffing, the Native Foods Wellington is more like an entire wrapped up meal than just a centerpiece or a vegan turkey substitute. 
  • Cons: I'm not sure I want kale in my Thanksgiving centerpiece. Not really a meat substitute  per se, since it includes sweet potatoes, stuffing, and kale, but this could also be a pro - depending on your personal taste - for people who aren't big on fake meats. Not available nationwide.

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