Review of The Needlepoint Book-Third Edition

Book Review of Jo Ippolito Christensen’s 3rd Edition Needlepoint Classic

needlepoint book 3rd edition
The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen. Simon and Schuster Publishing

Just like the previous two editions of The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen, the Third Edition is also a complete reference guide for practically everything there is to know about needlepoint. It has been updated to reflect the way needlepointers stitch today.

Whether you’re an old hand at needlepoint or a true beginner, all 560 pages--from cover to stitch index are full of practical advice that teaches not only the basics, but offers detailed clear instruction in advanced needlepoint techniques as well.

As an added incentive, the publisher, Simon & Schuster, has released a complementary, Needlepoint App for digital savvy needlepointers to access full color images of stitches and project ideas featured in the book. Simply purchase the book online or from your local needlepoint shop to get a free iOS or Android download code for accessing this needlework treasure.

Here’s a rundown of what you will find to be most helpful in the Third Edition.

New and Updated Needlepoint Content

The book is not structured like the previous editions; but you can still find the main sections with updated content displayed and organized for readers who want quick answers to their needlepoint questions. The content is fresh as well as comprehensive.

Needlepoint Basics

Even if you are new to needlepoint, you can easily pick up the skills you need from the basics section, which essentially remains the same as in the previous editions.

For example, you can still learn how to choose the right kind of needlepoint canvas, how to select materials and supplies required to make a project, the best way to thread a needle, and how to stitch needlepoint the proper way.

These topics have not changed much. They are still included in the beginning of the Third Edition with just a few minor yet informative content updates.

New Chapters on Needlepoint

There are four new chapters in the book as well as major updates to several existing sections. In many cases, information from the previous editions has been consolidated and updated to reflect current teaching and creative techniques used in needlepoint.

For example, an entire section has been revised to emphasize working with painted canvas, related materials, projects and techniques as well as a few short cuts, ways of creating texture, mixing colors and advice on finishing a project into a piece of stunning needlework.

There is also an extensive and detailed bibliography of updated needlepoint resources. Both a comprehensive general as well as an exhaustive stitch index are included for further reference.

Eye-Catching Full-Color Needlepoint Project Illustrations

The Third Edition boasts over 1680 illustrations with 225 new beautifully photographed full-color images of finished needlepoint items. These beautiful photos provide a constant source of inspiration for developing creative and exciting needlepoint designs, working with stitch combinations as well as clever finishing techniques to turn the completed needlepoint into decorative and useful items.

Halfway into the book there are around 32 pages of gorgeously photographed needlepoint projects that have been completed with imaginative professional finishing techniques.

And just for reference and extra measure, the appendix at the end of the book contains additional information about the stitches and threads used in working these full-color needlepoint projects.

Overall Rating

As a complete reference work, The Needlepoint Book-Third Edition by Jo Ippolito Christensen is definitely worthy of an overall rating of 5 out of 5. Why, because you can easily find anything you want to learn about needlepoint within its pages; and it is accurate and complete enough to be considered THE Needlepoint Bible.

If you haven’t gotten around to purchasing or reading The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen yet, what are you waiting for? Whatever your skill level, the best way to gain even more skill is to start with what you already know from the previous editions and build on it with the Third Edition!