The Outdoor Greatroom Company Legacy 20i/e Electric Grill

The Outdoor Greatroom Company Legacy Electric Grill Stainless Steel
The Outdoor Greatroom Company Legacy Electric Grill Stainless Steel. The Outdoor Greatroom Company

The Bottom Line

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For those people who live in a place where gas or charcoal grill are not allowed, there have been few options when it came to grill that would give you an authentic grilling experience. The Outdoor Greatroom Company has managed to produce an electric grill that can successfully sear a steak and grill virtually any food you would want in a small, portable electric grill.

This unit has two cooking areas that let you grill or sear in a system that is virtually foolproof. If you have the money and need an electric grill that will give you everything from burgers to vegetables then this is a grill you should be looking at.


  • Electric grill that operates like a gas grill
  • Simple operation
  • Multifunction grill
  • Excellent construction


  • Split cooking area gives a small grilling space


  • 350 square inches of grilling space
  • Weighs 36 pounds
  • Dual cooking surface with one cast aluminum sear plate and a stainless steel rod grilling area
  • Built in meat thermometer with "Cook Number" control system
  • Built in hood thermometer
  • High quality 304 stainless steel construction

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Guide Review - The Outdoor Greatroom Company Legacy 20i/e Electric Grill

This is a very unique grill for many reasons. Let me try to explain.

First of all, The Outdoor Greatroom Company grills all run on what is call the "Cook Number" System.

Basically you place a piece of meat on the grill and turn a dial to the desired doneness and insert the meat thermometer probe. The grill will then tell you when the food you are cooking is done.

Secondly this grill uses a heated sear plate to maximize searing power. You would place a steak on this searing plate for about a minute per side then finish it off on the grilling section of the grill after putting in the temperature probe.

This is designed to give you something similar to a restaurant steak.

Hopefully you get the picture now. This small, portable version of the Fire Stone cook number grill is designed for people who don't have the option of gas or charcoal. Fire Stone does make a gas version of this grill, but if you are one of those people who live in a place where other grills are not allowed this is a good grill for you to consider.

Probably the most impressive thing that Fire Stone has done with this grill is to get good cooking power out of an electric grill. For those of us living in the 120-volt world, electric has never been a very good option because the grills simply couldn't generate enough heat. This grill can put a sear on a steak with the unique searing system and still manage to grill virtually anything else. The grill does heat up a little slowly and cooking times are longer than normal, but it still does an excellent job.

If you need an electric grill and can afford this grill (around $580USD) then this is definitely a grill for you to look at. There is a black unit for $450USD.

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