Everything You Need to Know about Amazon Mom

Can Amazon Mom Really Save You Money?

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Can ordering baby products through Amazon Mom save you money?. Photo © Paul Bradbury / Getty Images

Amazon Mom is a freebie for moms that promises to save you money on the items you need the most. How much you can save and if it's even worth it depends on the age of your child and the products you buy the most. What you need to know about Amazon Mom is simple. The service isn't for everyone and won't necessarily save you money on the items you need the most.

We all know how quickly babies go through diapers and how expensive those diapers can be.

Every mom wants to spend less money on diapers. That's a good product to price compare so you know if Amazon Mom is best for your budget.

Before you dive in, log your spending and shopping habits. Price the items moms with babies and toddlers buy most like diapers and wipes. Let's break it down and, remember, prices tend to fluctuate at Amazon based on product availability:

92-Pack of Pampers Size 1 Diapers

  • $19.99 at Target before tax
  • $19.77 at Wal-Mart before tax
  • $24.49 at Diapers.com, no tax but $9.99 shipping ($49 minimum order for free shipping)
  • $23.99 at Amazon before Amazon Mom discounts

Amazon doesn't look like a good deal yet. But start factoring in your Amazon Mom discounts. First, you get 15% off. That takes the price down to $20.40 with no tax (which is no longer the case in many states) and free shipping.

Take another 15% off by using the "Subscribe & Save" feature. You select how often you want Amazon to deliver this item, from 1 to 6 months.

If you change your mind, you can cancel or modify your subscription at any time with no penalty. You can also change the size of diapers within your subscription if your little one grows out of the current size before your next shipment. Some moms have even reported using coupons to get free diapers from Amazon.com.

With Amazon Mom's 15% off and "Subscribe & Save" discounts, the total is $16.79 for a 92-pack of Pampers. That's 18 cents a diaper.

192-Pack of Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes Refill

  • $5.99 at Target before tax
  • $5.97 at Wal-Mart before tax
  • $9.49 at Diapers.com, no tax but $9.99 shipping ($49 mark gets you free shipping)
  • $23.29 at Amazon before Amazon Mom discounts (package of 4)

Amazon's cost may be alarming at first. But Amazon's stock is actually 4 packages of 192 wipes. That's 768 wipes.

Amazon Mom savings take the price down to $19.80. Use the "Subscribe & Save" feature for another 15% off, and your new price is $16.30. Now you've paid 2 cents per wipe. That cost is hard to beat even if you make your own wipes.

The Benefits of Amazon Prime

Amazon Mom has knocked its free trial of Amazon Prime down to 30 days. Used to be that you could try Amazon Prime, the company's free two-day shipping option, for 90 days before being charged the annual fee. and you then had the opportunity to earn an additional month of Amazon Prime for every $25 you spent in the baby store.

During your Amazon Prime trial, you can place an order and have it to your door in two days. Unless it's an add-on item, which requires you to spend a certain minimum, you can get any Prime-labeled item to your door in as little as 48 hours.

For example, if you bought a $5 changing pad labeled as Prime eligible for your diaper bag on Monday, you would have it by Wednesday. But if you are trying to order a $5 changing pad that's Prime eligible and then you add pacifiers that are labeled as an "Add-on item," you'll have to wait until your cart reaches a certain amount before Amazon will ship your order.

Amazon Prime is a lifesaver during the holidays, though. You can shop up until December 22 so your Prime eligible items arrive by December 24.

Another benefit of Amazon Prime is fairly new to the site. Amazon Prime members now have access to movie and music streaming. You can watch a variety of titles, including the newest TV shows and new-to-DVD movies as well as Amazon's original series, through Amazon Prime Instant Video. Prime Music, included with your Amazon Prime membership, lets you stream over a million songs.

Just remember, streaming costs bandwidth and you want to make sure you have enough on your phone or home's Internet connection before getting zapped with a huge bill for going over your allotted bandwidth.

Just be prepared that if you're in love with Amazon Prime, you're going to be automatically billed at the end of your 30-day free trial for an annual membership. All in all, Amazon Mom provides many benefits if you buy diapers and wipes. An added bonus is the free Amazon Prime shipping and free streaming during your trial.

If your kids are out of diapers or you use cloth diapers, you won't benefit as much. But the free month of Amazon Prime membership could be worth it alone if you wait until the holidays or another time of year when you know you'll take advantage of no tax and free two-day shipping.