The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Sofa for Your Living Room

The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Sofa for Your Living Room

Do you feel a little lost with the infinite options in choosing the perfect sofa? In this era of endless choices, it’s easy to feel drowned by the possibilities. However, a great starting point is to ask: Why is it a must to choose the right sofa?

Sofas are important and special because it is where we spend our free time with family and have those “sit back and relax” moments. Apart from the many choices, what makes finding the best sofa challenging are the various personal considerations, from design to color.

Here are 12 definitive tips in choosing the right sofa in your living room.

Organic Unity of Sofa and Flooring

Coordinating the sofa with the flooring creates an organic unity. The overall effect is the floor and the sofa complements each other. Note that harmonizing the design does not always mean having the exact same color. For example, wood flooring and a canary-colored sofa are fantastic together because of their similar yellow tones. Choose based on the color tone of the floor to allow your sofa to seamlessly fit into the space.

Highlighting the Decorative Wall


A sofa that matches the cool living room accessories exudes balance. A comfortable, white sofa is a perfect base to highlight many room decors. White and blue are relaxing to the eyes because they mimic the shades of the sea and the sky. Adding a touch of silver and unique design pieces will bring the look together. Mirror accents on the wall are worth considering because they add dimension to the space.

That Burst of Surprising Color


Any space can benefit from the “oomph” of an intensely colored sofa. Red is a common choice, but feel free to try other vibrant colors. Color is integral to couch design ideas perfect for your living room. Even black can stand out depending on the overall look of the space.

To create a festive and energetic space, experiment with different textures and color combination schemes.

Something for Man’s Best Friend

If you’re a pet owner, be careful when choosing the fabric of your sofa. Your sofa can easily turn into your cat or dog’s scratching toy. There are a number of pet-friendly sofa fabrics to choose from. These will protect your sofa without preventing your pet to also enjoy and relax in the space. Synthetic fabrics like ultra suede or microfiber are great options because they are sturdy and are easy to clean with just soap and water.

Too Good for a Recharging Nap


You can never go wrong with anything that can be easily converted into cosmo sofa beds. Curling up on the sofa for a quick nap is almost unavoidable in the afternoons. Today’s busy modern life necessitates a sofa that can double as a nap nook. There’s nothing better than feeling so relaxed in your sofa that you fall asleep and wake up refreshed.

Playing Up the Personal and Eclectic

A living room must feel personal and reflective of your unique taste. It’s easy to fall into the trap of strictly copying a pre-established design idea. The drawback is the space won’t feel “you.” Rely on basic design principles, but learn to listen to your own voice as a natural designer.

You can never go wrong by following your own instinct in choosing the sofa that best captures your personality.

Making it Through the Door

What good is a sofa if it can’t pass through your door? Always take note of your door dimension when choosing the right sofa. This is especially important for condo living, where using the window as entry point is almost always out of the question. Speaking of compact spaces, also consider sofa bed as space-savers. A chic sofa that can function as an extra bed is great for those overnight stays of a friend or family.

The Wow Factor of Simplicity

Many times, it is the simplicity that creates the most impact. Don’t shy away from simple designs and neutral colors like grey or beige. They are far from boring when done right. Choose the right shades to avoid having something gloomy and frumpy.

Consider the natural lighting of your space when choosing the best shade. Also, rely on classic designs and comfortable fabrics to make simple sofas feel homey and lush.

On a Budget Yet Full of Style

Budget is always a consideration when getting the right sofa for your living space. Many buyers are put off by the insane prices of some of the sofas in the market. However, you can remain within budget without sacrificing style and character. Check out flea markets for great finds. Recycle old furniture and revive it with the right color and cool living room accessories. Always remember that budget is never a hindrance to having the best possible sofa for your home.

Taking the Environment and Design Seriously

Choosing an eco-friendly sofa can make a big difference not only on the planet but also on your conscience. You just feel more at peace knowing that your sofa is ethically sourced. It’s a misconception that wood is not environmentally friendly. There are wood materials from sustainably harvested forests and tree farms. Have an eye as well for earth-friendly options for other sofa materials such cloth, plastic, and eve metal.

Bringing In a Piece of History

Vintage sofas are great not only for their design but also for their history. Some can be pricey, depending on where you get it. However, know that vintage does not mean expensive. In this age of the Internet, you can get reasonable deals online. For design, French vintage sofas are the popular choice, but any sofa that comes with a nice story is worth considering. Vintage furniture also carries some risk of looking “old,” in a bad way. Avoid this by experimenting with modern upholstery and colorful prints.

Create a Relaxing Space for the Family

A plush sofa bed can be what a family living room is all about—comfortable and relaxing. Whether it’s hanging out on weekends or watching TV together, families can better enjoy the living room with a functional sofa that suits their needs. Consider easy-to-clean yet comfortable materials such as cotton, canvas, suede, and leather.

You want a sofa you can use with ease and not something that feels restrictive or uncomfortable.

Indeed, a sofa is essential for any space to feel like home. Use this guide on how to choose the right couch for your space. Bring your living room to life by being imaginative and by letting your preference shine through. At the end of the day, it’s all about having the sofa that will enable you and your loved ones enjoy a space where you can create your best memories together.