The Secret Feng Shui Tape Info Revealed

Do you actually need the feng shui measuring tape, or ruler?

feng shui tape
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The exploration of the ancient art and science of feng shui can bring many questions, no matter you are just beginning your feng shui journey or have years of study behind you. From the right application of various feng shui cures to the deeper meaning of feng shui bagua areas - there are so many fascinating insights into this old body of knowledge.

In addition to the many tips and instructions on how to create good feng shui in your home or office, there are also specific supplies, or tools that are used to help create best feng shui.

The feng shui compass is one of the most popular one, along with the bagua, or the feng shui energy map. Other notions, such as the feng shui lucky directions, the east-west group and the kua numbers are also quite known to many feng shui enthusiasts.

Among the least known feng shui tools is the feng shui measuring tape, or the feng shui ruler. Are you curious to know what the feng shui ruler is and how it is being used in feng shui?

More importantly, do you really need the feng shui measuring tape in order to create good feng shui in your home or office?

Let's look into the meaning and the use of the feng shui measuring tape (ruler).
The feng shui measuring tape - as the term implies - is used to measure and define the auspicious and inauspicious feng shui energy for almost anything that can be measured in your home, office or garden. It can be used to check the dimensions of the doors, windows, various pieces of furniture, etc.

There are both lucky and unlucky dimensions, and of course the goal is to have everything in harmony and balance in your living or working space, so the feng shui ruler, or the measuring tape, is used to give you assurance of using the dimensions that will bring good feng shui energy.

The feng shui ruler is divided into eight sections, meaning any dimension you need to look at will fall into one of the eight categories. Four of them are auspicious and most often marked in red, and four of them are negative and marked in black.

You can buy the feng shui measuring tape at many on-line feng shui retailers. Traditionally, the feng shui measuring tape was used in both yin feng shui (design of graveyards) and yang feng shui (design of the house of living). Many of the feng shui measuring tapes you will find on the market come with dimensions info for both yin and yang feng shui applications; most of them have only Chinese characters.

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How practical is the use of feng shui ruler, and how it can help you? Do you actually need the feng shui measuring tape?

As with everything, it all depends on your goals, as well as their practical application. If you can order (or create) custom made furniture, or are building a home with a lot of freedom on specific dimensions, you might choose to look into the auspiciousness of specific dimensions for your bedroom furniture, for example, or your front door.

If you do not have much choice as to the width & height of the front door, or the dimensions of your bed, then why worry about it?

I do have a feng shui measuring tape and have used it many times with clients (mostly in custom made applications), but I always emphasize the fact that this is only one component - and often very relative - in creating good feng shui.

If you do want to find out the auspiciousness of specific dimensions, I have the info ready for you. Be mindful, thought, to approach it in a wise, intelligent way. Just as with the feng shui flying stars school info, the classical wording used with the ruler can sound quite dramatic.

I have kept the words exactly as they come with my feng shui ruler purchased many years ago from one of my feng shui teachers. Take it all with a grain (or two!) or salt.

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