The Secret Life of Pets Toys

Even if you do not own a pet, odds are you have giggled for hours watching any number of those silly, funny talking animal videos shared on YouTube and Facebook. While in real life pets are not able to communicate by speaking real words, many animals make us laugh, smile and cry with their unconditional love, quirky obsessions and silly personalities. They quickly become part of our family.

One of the many things pet owners wonder is, what exactly are their pets thinking, and what could they...MORE possibly be doing all day long besides sleeping when you are not home?

The Secret Life of Pets movie, was released in July 2016 from Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures. This animated family movie that aims to give humans a glimpse into the mind's of their pets.

Max is the happiest, luckiest dog in New York until his human owner Katie adopts another dog, Duke. The fun really begins after Max takes over top-dog status in the house, somehow making some bad choices that ultimately land Max and Duke in possession of animal control. Their friends set out on mission to find them, but watch out for Snowball, the angry bunny, who is hoping to take revenge on happy pets.

Kids won't have all the excitement with just Secret Life of Pets toys, games and clothing! Pet owners will also have the ability to buy themed dog beds and pet toys featuring the movie characters.