Score Plants for 50% Off At The Sill's Spring Sale

You read that right.

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The Sill's sidewalk sale hero image.

Courtesy of The Sill/Illustration: The Spruce

Spring has sprung, and you know what that means—it's time to get growing. We can't think of a better time to invest in some greenery for your home, and lauded plant retailer The Sill is helping us achieve just that with their Sidewalk Sale, happening from now until Wednesday, 3/23.

The Sidewalk Sale is The Sill's biggest sale of the season, with some plants slashed to 50% off. If you've been wanting to bring home a new green friend for your home, now is the time. You'll find some new varieties to try as well as some familiar favorites—with pothos plants and ZZ plants all at a huge discount. And the timing is perfect—The Sill noted that the sale comes just in time for spring refreshes, as we've all been craving some greenery after a long winter. 

New items will continue to be added with the potential for steeper discounts now through Tuesday. We found a few favorites for you to shop below. Happy growing!

The Sill plants in bedroom with cute white dog on the bed.

Courtesy of The Sill/Illustration: The Spruce

The Sill Peperomia Ginny

Peperomia Ginny

The Sill

This cute houseplant is The Sill's deal of the day at half price. If you're looking for a houseplant with a little bit of color, the peperomia ginny could be the one.

The Sill Monstera & ZZ Bundle

The Monstera & ZZ Bundle

The Sill

Two classics, both in one bundle. If you're beginning your plant journey and have had your eye on the ever-trendy monstera plant or easy-to-care-for ZZ plant, then this is the bundle for you.

The Sill Philodendron Brasil

Philodendron Brasil

The Sill

This adorable trailing plant is perfect on any bookshelf or windowsill. Plus, you can choose a planter to coordinate with your decor.

The Sill Pothos and Dracaena Bundle

The Pothos and Dracaena Bundle

The Sill

The Neon Pothos and Dracaena bundle is one of the many bundles listed at 50% off, essentially letting you score both plants for the price of one.

The Sill Pothos Jade

Pothos Jade

The Sill

A staple in any plant parent's home, the pothos is a beautiful—and non-fussy—houseplant. This pothos jade follows its namesake and boasts intensely green foliage.

The Sill Philodendron Bundle

Philodendron Bundle

The Sill

The Sill notes that the only thing better than one easy-to-care-for philodendron is two. This bundle comes with the trailing, heart-leaf Philodendron Green and the pinstriped Philodendron Birkin.

The Sill Monstera & Arrowhead Bundle

Monstera & Arrowhead Bundle

The Sill

These two plants are known for their unique foliage—and you can score both at 50% off.

The Sill Large Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Large Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The Sill

Looking for more of a statement plant? Opt for the always popular fiddle leaf fig. This large variety comes in under $100 with the sale.