The Spruce Best Home Chalky Finish Paint
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The Spruce Best Home Chalky Finish Paint

The Spruce / Jordan Provost

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The Spruce Best Home Chalky Finish Paint: See the Collection

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The Spruce Best Home Chalky Finish Paint painted on wooden blocks

The Spruce / Jordan Provost

The Spruce has launched The Spruce Best Home Chalky Finish Paint, a collection of 16 chalk-style paint colors, produced by KILZ. Browse the full palette below and shop for your favorite hues on Amazon.

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    Himalayan Salt (SPR-C01)

    The Spruce paint swatch in Himalayan Salt

    The Spruce

    Himalayan Salt is a shaded medium pink that’s as soothing as the lamps its color resembles. It’s a stunning color that fits in a nursery or powder room, as it’s feminine, yet versatile.

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    Heartwarming (SPR-C02)

    The Spruce Paint Swatch in Heartwarming

    The Spruce

    Heartwarming is a warm burgundy red that wraps you up like a winter blanket or warms you like a crackling fire. Use it in a living room or as an accent in any room.

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    Coral Lava (SPR-C03)

    The Spruce paint swatch in Coral Lava

    The Spruce

    Coral Lava is a softened medium orange that’s perfect for creating poppy, jubilant accents in your home.

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    Lemon Cream (SPR-C04)

    The Spruce paint swatch in Lemon Cream

    The Spruce 

    The sweet memories of sneaking fingerfuls of frosting from mom’s cake and running little lemonade stands can be found in the golden yellow of Lemon Cream. A baby’s nursery and a kitchen are fitting spots for this hue.

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    Warm Linen (SPR-C05)

    The Spruce paint swatch in Warm Linen

    The Spruce

    Warm Linen’s creamy white strays far from cooler, sterile whites thanks to its warm undertone. Use it in a minimalist bedroom or modern nursery for an accent that’s evocative of being wrapped in a warm, sun-drenched blanket.

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    Retro Vibes (SPR-C06)

    The Spruce paint color swatch in Retro Vibes

    The Spruce 

    If you need a blast from the past, Retro Vibes’s medium lime green will bring you just that. Use it on backyard accent pieces or in a child’s bathroom to take it back to the days of groovy guitar riffs and VW vans.

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    Thrift Finds (SPR-C07)

    The Spruce paint swatch in Thrift Finds

    The Spruce

    Thrift Finds is a light glowing emerald, similar in color to the bold turquoise stones and wide-open skies found in the Southwest. Use it for accent pieces or to enliven a guest bathroom.

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    Puddle Splash (SPR-C08)

    The Spruce paint swatch in Puddle Splash

    The Spruce

    Puddle Splash s a dusty blue with a green undertone. Incorporating it in any room will remind you of splashing around on rainy days.

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    Focal Point (SPR-C09)

    The Spruce paint swatch in Focal Point

    The Spruce

    Focal Point is a medium green aqua with a blue undertone. It will transport you back to your favorite trip where you witnessed the bluest lagoons, flashiest fish, and the most vibrant market places. Use it in a bathroom or art room.

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    Deep Pool (SPR-C10)

    The Spruce paint color swatch in Deep Pool

    The Spruce

    Deep Pool is a medium rich teal that’s as invigorating as the first summer swim. You’ll feel refreshed every time you enter the kitchen, bonus room, or sun room.

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    Skydive Blue (SPR-C11)

    The Spruce paint swatch color in Skydive Blue

    The Spruce

    Skydive Blue is a shaded baby blue that’s ideal for a bathroom, nursery, or home office. Any room drenched in this color will make you feel as if the wide-open sky is right in your home.

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    Casual Sophistication (SPR-C12)

    The Spruce paint swatch color in Casual Sophistication

    The Spruce

    Casual Sophistication is a dark yet muted navy blue. It’s the perfect bold color when you want to move past quiet neutral hues and explore a shade reminiscent of post-sunset skies.

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    White Bead Board (SPR-C13)

    White Bead Board The Spruce Best Home Paint swatch

    The Spruce

    White Bead Board is a cool and crisp white that elicits the thought of bobbing boats and white sand beaches. It works like a charm on baseboard, trim, and interior doors.

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    Light Ash (SPR-C14)

    The Spruce paint color swatch in Light Ash

    The Spruce

    Light Ash is a light silver with a slight green undertone reminiscent of the soft ash leftover from orange embers in a campfire. Use it on furniture to brighten your space and help make a small room look larger.

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    Grayed Out (SPR-C15)

    The Spruce paint color swatch in Grayed Out

    The Spruce

    Grayed Out is a medium gray. It alludes to the mystery of a foggy morning or an overcast day and suits a bathroom or living room quite well.

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    Elevated Black (SPR-C16)

    The Spruce paint color swatch in Elevated Black

    The Spruce 

    Elevated Black is a deep black with a subtle navy undertone. It’s the sophistication of a black tie affair poured into a paint can, and it’s stunning when used on an accent wall or pieces of DIY furniture.