Editors Reveal Their Favorite Colors From The Spruce's Paint Line

Woman dipping paintbrush into paint can

The Spruce / Jordan Provost

We're thrilled about the launch of our first-ever paint line. We've spent months dreaming up the perfect collection of paint colors and we've all been thinking about which of these hues we'd use in our own homes.

Each of our editors has a distinct style and taste, so we rounded up all of their favorite colors from the line to inspire you. Whether you're in the market for a new hue for the bathroom or are looking to redo your bedroom, these suggestions will come in handy before you spice up your walls.

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    Moody Teal (SPR-14)

    Spruce Paint color swatch in Moody Teal

    The Spruce

    "People tend to shy away from dark colors in small spaces, but they're really missing out. When done right, darker shades can make a space feel intimate and create drama—making them ideal for the bedroom. The deep blue of Moody Teal adds a richness to my room without feeling too overpowering, especially when paired with lighter bedding and minimal accessories. I feel as though I'm tucked away in the most beautiful jewel box."—Allison Bean, Editorial Director, The Spruce

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    Cold Brew (SPR-24)

    The Spruce paint swatch in Cold Brew

    The Spruce

    "I’m a sucker for cold brew—the paint color and the caffeinated stuff. Seriously, though, staring at this beautiful, warm gray (With hints of blue? Don’t trust me—I’m color-blind) swatch immediately triggers visions of a freshly painted wall in my bedroom. This inviting shade will put me at ease right before bedtime, and look permanently awesome against my grey and white seersucker bedding."—Mélanie Berliet, General Manager, The Spruce

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    Cosmic Sapphire (SPR-18)

    The Spruce Paint swatch in Cosmic Sapphire

    The Spruce

    "I’ve been hunting for a way to designate an office in my small apartment. Cosmic Sapphire is the perfect shade for the narrow accent wall my desk (which is also half of my kitchen table) faces: stimulating but not disruptive, deep but not infinite, and consistently evolving depending on the amount of light it catches at different points in the day. I love the combination of deep, dark blue and bronze (go Ravenclaw!), so pairing Cosmic Sapphire with a metallic pendant lamp could be another effective way to “pop” a computer workspace out of my kitchen workspace."—Jess Kapadia, Editor, The Spruce Eats

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    Rose Power (SPR-20)

    The Spruce paint swatch in Rose Power

    The Spruce

    "I love a pretty pale pink—it works well as a neutral but also adds a playful touch to any room. My childhood bedroom was a similar color to Rose Powder, and I imagine recreating the look as a much more sophisticated adult bedroom in this color. You could counter the soft blush tone with industrial materials like brass, wood, or brick. Or, go full millennial with palm leaf prints, hanging plants, and a black and white rug in a bold criss-cross pattern."—Emily Manchester, Editor, The Spruce Pets & Crafts

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    Sundream (SPR-03)

    The Spruce paint swatch color in Sundream

    The Spruce

    "I'm drawn to neutrals when I'm decorating and typically stick to subdued and muted tones for everything from wall colors to coffee table accents. Sundream is that perfect in-between because it works as a neutral but still has a punch of nonchalant color. The hue itself isn't too peachy or too beige. It's a bright, happy shade that reminds me of sunnier seasons and laidback West Coast living."—Melissa Epifano, Associate Home and Crafts Editor, The Spruce

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    Shallow Waters (SPR-13)

    The Spruce paint swatch in Shallow Waters

    The Spruce

    "Having an actual window in an NYC apartment is half the battle—the other half is making sure it faces something other than a brick wall, in which case I’ve lost that one. That’s why I love how this paint’s deeper blue-gray tones actually take advantage of my room’s state of semi-perpetual darkness: The space looks dramatic, yet calming. (At this point, even whispering the name “Shallow Waters” has become my own form of stress-relieving meditation.)"—Andrew, Email Editor, The Spruce

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    Electric Kumquat (SPR-02)

    Spruce Paint color in Electric Kumquat

    The Spruce

    “Biting into juicy citrus fruit (yum!)—that’s where my mind wanders to with this color. Growing up, my family had a beach bungalow with a neutral interior, and I painted my room vibrant lime green with white trim. I guess you can say that I like to shake things up with splashy tones? The adventurous decorator (like myself) could use this color for a statement wall, ceiling, or door in a space that needs some oomph. Even smaller doses of the color could boost the overall vibe of a room. Think: painted door and window trim in your home office, or a bold island your kitchen. Now that’s happy.”—Lauren, Social Media Editor, The Spruce

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    Calming Gray (SPR-28)

    The Spruce Paint swatch in Calming Gray

    The Spruce

    "I moved into my house about six years ago and never painted the living room. It is a very dark maroon that we’ve made work with all of the other decor, but I have been craving something to lighten up the room. It has a ton of windows and the dark color really sucks in all of the light. We spend a ridiculous amount of time in this room as it serves primarily as a place to watch TV, but my kids also use it as wrestling arena, lego minefield, matchbox car racetrack, blanket fort location, and 1,000 other things. I can’t wait to get my hands on this calming gray so I can put a little zen into a room that seems to be in a perpetual state of chaos."—Eric Handelsman, General Manager, The Spruce Eats

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    Lilac Sand (SPR-19)

    The Spruce paint swatch in Lilac Sand

    The Spruce

    "I'm all about bright, splashy colors, but when it comes to my home, I'm looking for a gentle and muted retreat that I can cozy into. This lulling taupe has soft and soothing lavender undertones that could immediately put me at ease at the end of a long day. I'd love to wrap my entire bedroom or living room in this color while grooving to R&B and lighting my favorite sage candle. Being at home means feeling safe and supported, and this hue assures me that everything is going to be alright."—Sami Allen, Lifestyle Editor, The Spruce