The Statement Piece Each MBTI Would Splurge On

Living room with a bay window, built-in bookshelves, an Aztec-style rug, a yellow velvet armchair, and a lounging white dog.

Getty Images / Sarah Vanrenen

When it comes to deciding how to design our homes, it can be hard to know where to begin. It's often suggested to find a statement piece that resonates with who you are and to build the rest of your room around it. While we may not always have the means to decorate our spaces to fulfill our every desire, some pieces are definitely worth shelling out a little extra so that they can come home with us.

While decor preferences to differ from person to person, your MBTI type can give you some perspective on what you're drawn to and a glimpse into your personality that you want to shine through. Take a look at your type below and see which statement piece you would be most willing to splurge on.

ENFP: Hanging Chair

ENFPs are playful and enthusiastic, and they aren't afraid to express that. Something like a hanging chair can be a fun addition to their room, given that it's functional as well as charismatic. It allows their fun-loving spirit to shine in the space while also getting some use out of it.

INFP: Canopy Bed

INFPs are daydreamers, and they spend a great deal of time keeping to themselves. Something like a canopy bed would be a perfect statement piece for them. The flowing vibes and soft atmosphere sit well with their personality, and much like the rest of their thoughts and feelings, this is a piece others will only see if the INFP wants them to.

ENTP: Changeable Furniture

ENTPs are always thinking ahead at the next best thing. They need a statement piece that changes with them. Changeable furniture is perfect for them. Whether it's a shelf that can easily fold out into a table or a couch that transforms into a bed, ENTPs want something that will work with them, not something they have to work around. Plus, it creates an element of surprise that ENTPs love keeping up their sleeve.

INTP: Floor-to-ceiling Bookshelf

INTPs don't care much for impressing others, but that doesn't mean they don't have statement pieces that they appreciate. INTPs are usually analyzing or caught up researching the latest theories, so a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf to hold all their books would be a great fit. They enjoy things being a little organized and out of the way to have a clear space and mind. Plus, they like showcasing all their interests in a way that doesn't require too much fuss.

ESFJ: Sparkling Chandelier 

ESFJs love to entertain, and they love to bring others together. A fancy chandelier is a match made in heaven. Chandeliers add the perfect touch of elegance without being too over-the-top. As a bonus, this gorgeous piece is likely to draw people together, as a source of light and beauty to sit around and spend some quality time. What more could an ESFJ ask for?


ISFJ: Oversized Rug

ISFJs like to feel secure and comfortable and are usually known to be the person in a group that helps hold everyone together. They're traditionally understated until others get to know them. They like to go with pieces that achieve the same idea. An oversized rug with a gorgeous print or striking color would be an excellent option for them. With an oversized rug, they can show off their personality without being too abrasive about it.


ESTJ: Large Clock

ESTJs like their routine and often keep themselves pretty busy. When it comes to making a statement, they want something practical as well as attention-grabbing. Choosing an oversized clock makes perfect sense for this type, as it helps keep them on schedule in an aesthetically pleasing way. 


ISTJ: Elegantly Framed Family Portrait(s)

ISTJs have a strong focus on family, tradition, and keeping things in order. What better way to remind themselves of the important things than a large, framed portrait of their loved ones? Whether they fixate on one framed photo or a series of smaller ones arranged, it serves as a great statement piece and a reminder of their true priorities. 


ENFJ: Playfully Vibrant Couch

They love to have people over, and they invest in places to sit anyway. A couch that is vibrant or slightly larger than usual will likely be the centerpiece that they will want to build the rest of the room around. They place this type of connection to others as a high priority, so it only makes sense they would invest in a statement piece that does the same thing.


INFJ: Nook with a Comfortable Bench

INFJs love having discussions with others, but they typically spend more time in their heads than most other personality types. Having a nook with a bench by an elaborate window would be a perfect statement piece for them. Whether they install bookshelves or additional storage to hold their belongings, or if the nook stands on its own, it gives them a beautiful space to explore their inner world without feeling restricted. 


ESTP: Accent Wall

ESTP's are bold and flexible, and anything but traditional. They don't necessarily try and draw attention to themselves but often garner it from others anyway. When it comes to making a statement in their home, they typically go for something that can be easily changed or customizable. An accent wall truly brings that idea to life. They can go with an unusual color or intriguing wallpaper to switch things up, or if they choose to cover the wall in different types of wall art to show off their interests. Either way, it's bound to stand out.


ISTP: Lounge Chair with Hidden Storage

ISTPs are known problem solvers and tend to have their hands involved in multiple things at once. When it comes to their homes, they like things to be a little unusual but practical nonetheless. A lounge chair that doubles as additional storage would be a great fit for them. A piece of furniture that allows them to sit and tinker with their latest project—but also contains space to keep everything out of the way—is perfect. Plus, if the chair is covered in a quirky print, they won't hesitate to splurge. 

ESFP: Eccentric Floor-Length Mirror

ESFPs enjoy entertaining as much as the next person. They enjoy the spotlight and aren't afraid to embrace that side of themselves. They want their space to feel open and spacious while also adding in a touch of elegance. An eccentric floor-length mirror would be a wonderful addition. Not only does a large mirror draw attention, but it also emphasizes light and makes a room feel larger. Finding a piece that is representative of their personality is the ultimate goal, and this captures it well.


ISFP: Oversized Wall Art

ISFPs enjoy making people think and discuss, and they enjoy interpreting different possibilities. Typically associated with being artistic and having a sensitive soul, they want a piece that speaks to them and captures the mind of those who come to visit their home. An oversized piece of wall art would be the best selection for them. They won't be afraid to invest in a piece that will dominate the discussion and create an atmosphere for others to gather.


ENTJ: Large Antique Desk

When it comes to getting work done and laying out plans, ENTJs don't play around. They have a habit of blending their home and work lives into one, and they aren't afraid to acknowledge it. When it comes to their space, they want a dedicated area for getting things done, but they also know they need to work with what they have. A large, antique style desk would work well for them. While the desk needs to be able to hold up under their intense workload, a traditional style desk that radiates nostalgia can remind them to slow down and serve as a gorgeous piece for their guests.


INTJ: Giant Plants

INTJs are creative, intelligent, and reserved. They don't usually desire to have much in their homes and don't generally seek others' attention. Truthfully, this type has a strong connection to the outdoors and would often prefer to be out in it, rather than cooped up indoors. While unorthodox, it wouldn't be a shock for them to invest in giant plants to spruce their place up. Whether it's small trees that demand attention or a collection of smaller plants lining a wall of shelves, INTJs feel more in touch with themselves when they are around nature. Plus, they love telling their guests info about the plants and where they came from, and no one can resist fawning over the greenery.