The Tool Box Gas Grill Pro - Discontinued

Hans and Plads Tool Box Portable Gas Grill
Hans and Plads Tool Box Portable Gas Grill. Hans Plads

The Bottom Line

You would think that a portable grill shaped like a toolbox was just a novelty, but this unit is actually very practical. You can load everything you need for grilling (including the propane bottle) inside the unit and take it along with you everywhere. Not only is this unit a good working portable gas grill but it won't break the bank either at around $65USD. While this model has been improved I found that it generates an uneven heat that while not a big issue, you should be aware of this problem.

Also, the lightweight construction means you need to take care of this unit so it doesn't get damaged.


  • Highly portable and easy to store
  • Low cost gas portable
  • All parts store inside and locks closed


  • Thin construction
  • Low heat output
  • Uses 14 ounce disposable propane bottle


  • 19 pounds total weight
  • 173 square inches of total cooking area
  • 10,000 BTU stainless steel burner
  • Largely sheet metal construction
  • Heated components (grate and shield) are porcelain coated.

Guide Review - The Tool Box Gas Grill Pro

This product has been discontinued.

One thing I particularly like in any portable device is that it can be carried in one hand. The tool box design of this portable gas grill is that you can load everything including tools and fuel inside the unit and carry it from the top handle (one handle). This portable can get you grilling in minutes and gives you enough space to feed a family or a small gathering.

It also gives you some versatility with its closed lid grilling. While you can't grill indirectly you can cook thicker items than just straight grilling.

The two drawbacks of this grill is its lightweight materials and problems of low and uneven heating. As for the thin metals used in the body of the unit all you need do is take care of it and it will be fine.

As for the heating problems if you are prepared for them and can deal with it, then it isn't serious. If you are not an attentive griller then you probably should consider buying a different portable.

This unit uses the 14-ounce disposable propane bottles, not the standard 1-pound "camping" bottle. You find these in the tool section of your local hardware store, not typically with camping equipment.

While this unit has its limitations it isn't a bad value for the price. If you can or don't want to spend more on a portable gas grill then this one is a good choice.