How to Buy the Best Murphy Bed

Murphy bed

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The Murphy bed is an ingenious sleeping solution that makes small spaces more livable.

If you're thinking of buying one, the following breaks down the different styles and options currently available so you can select the best Murphy bed for your home.

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    Murphy Bed Lift Mechanisms

    A Desk Wall Bed and Murphy Bed

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    One of the features that make a Murphy bed a Murphy bed is the mechanism used for easy opening and closing. Here are the two standard options:

    Piston lift mechanisms:

    • State-of-the-art lifts that are whisper quiet. While they're built to last, many come with lifetime guarantees.

    Spring lift mechanisms:

    • Springs tend to be a little noisy. Many also need a little tightening after five or more years.

    Some budget and DIY Murphy beds don't use a lifting device. Here are a few good-to-knows: 

    • As you may have guessed, they require a little upper body strength to open and close.
    • Beds like these are designed to rock off the ground for easy lifting.
    • They are usually stored in a freestanding or wall-mounted cabinet using straps.
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    Vertical vs. Horizontal Murphy Beds

    Vertical and horizontal Murphy beds

    The original Murphy bed opened vertically. These days there are plenty of options that also open horizontally. Here's how you can determine which bed works best for your home:

    • Vertical beds are an excellent choice for rooms with high ceilings that also have enough floor space to accommodate the bed when opened.
    • Horizontal beds, or loft beds, are ideal for tight or awkward spaces including rooms with low ceilings such as an attic bedroom.
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    Freestanding Murphy Beds

    Freestanding Wall Bed
    Flying Wall Beds

    A freestanding Murphy bed is a great fit for renters because as its name implies, it doesn't require mounting or fastening to walls or floors.

    The freestanding model shown here is called a B-ESK. It's a piece of furniture that transforms from a desk into a Murphy bed.

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    Built-In Murphy Bed

    built in murphy bed
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    Built-in Murphy beds are concealed behind walls and furniture. Unlike other types of Murphy beds, these are permanent fixtures can that can't be moved when it's time to leave.

    The built-in shown here is a transforming sofa that unfurls into a bed with headboard storage.

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    Revolving Wall Murphy Bed

    Twirly Wall Bed
    Flying Beds

    Secret revolving walls aren’t just for old B movies.

    While most Murphy beds unfurl from a cabinet, this one, which is called a Twirly Murphy bed, is concealed behind a rotating bookshelf.

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    Transforming Bunk Beds

    transforming bunk beds for kids rooms
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    Bunk beds such as these can make every inch of your children's bedroom count, so they have more floor space for playing during the day.

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    Murphy Bed for Your Pooch

    Murphy Bed for Dogs

    A doggie Murphy bed is also a smart space-saving idea. The one shown here transforms into a slender console when not needed. It also functions as a display ledge for showing off pictures and art.