The Ultimate Rug Size Guide: Room by Room and Size by Size

Beautiful living room interior with colorful area rug, large couch, and abundant natural ligh

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There are lots of benefits to using area rugs in your home. Whether it's to introduce an anchoring focal point, create cohesion and character, or for comfort, warmth, or noise reduction, these floor coverings are functional and fashionable. But if you make a misstep with rug size, it can turn a room from refined to off-balance.

While rug size rules are flexible (and unique custom options are available), these room-by-room tips will help you avoid basic measurement mishaps, no matter the size or design of the space.

Rug Size Guidance For Any Room

One of the biggest newbie area rug no-nos is going too small. Usually, the bigger the rug is, the more impactful, unifying qualities it has. Going big also makes a small space look larger. Some other general area rug dos and don'ts when it comes to sizing include:

  • Generally, all four legs of major central pieces of furniture should be able to fit on the rug, or at least the front two legs.
  • Think about shape as well as size. For example, a round rug underneath a round table looks more cohesive.
  • Allow for equal floor space clearance on all sides of the rug, typically anywhere from 6 to 24 inches beyond the furniture.
  • Keep at least 10 to 24 inches of rug clearance from the walls to create a more spacious vibe.
  • Mark proposed rug measurements with painter's tape to better help you visualize how the sizing will work.

Living Room

When choosing an area rug for your living room, size and positioning in relation to your furniture layout are crucial elements. Most often, designs incorporate all the key pieces of furniture having all four legs on the rug. It can also work having just the front legs on the rug, and, in small spaces, you might just have the coffee table on the rug.

Below are some standard living room rug sizes and details of when you might want to use them.

10 x 14 Foot Rug

These statement-making babies are ideal in larger living rooms where you want to unify the space by fitting all seating onto them with generous clearance around the edges.

9 x 12 Foot Rug

If you're happy to just have the front legs of your seats and sofa on the rug, this could be the size for you. It still unifies the space, but you'll trim your budget, and it's an ideal option when space or layout makes using a bigger rug impractical. An 8 x 10 foot rug also works in this scenario.

6 x 9 Foot Rug

In a small living room where space or budget is challenging, you could opt for a compact rug that floats in the center of your seating arrangement or sits underneath just the coffee table. A centered and intentional dinky floor covering can still add warmth and cohesion. A 5 x 7 foot rug also works for this purpose, and it makes an ideal choice for sitting in front of a fireplace.


Kitchens aren't always the first choice for adding a rug because they are subject to regular spills and stains. But, if you get an easy-clean option, they can add warmth and practical non-slip surfaces to those tiled floors. Runners or small rugs in front of functional spaces, like the sink, tend to be the best choices.

5 x 7 Foot Rug

If you're lucky enough to have a roomy but chilly kitchen (over 150 square feet) and don't want to invest in underfloor heating, why not center a bigger rug between your cabinets?

2 x 9 Foot Runner

Popping down a runner in a long, galley kitchen can make the room look wider. This trick also works when placing a runner or 5 x 8 foot (or similar) rug in front of a long kitchen island. Ensuring the runner extends the island's entire length avoids an awkward, misaligned look. A runner on either side of the island can work in a wider kitchen.

3 x 5 Foot Rug

A smaller kitchen might not have the capacity for a substantial rug, but a half-moon or rectangular mat in front of the sink offers extra padding and comfort. A compact 2 x 3 foot rug might be better in the most space-challenged spaces.

Dining Room

If you're debating the right rug size for your dining room, remember the golden rule of selecting one on which your table and all the chairs can sit and still have at least 8 inches on clearance around the sides. Ideally, the chairs should still be on the rug when you pull them out, and the legs should fit when an extendable table is at full length. There's nothing worse than things wobbling when you're trying to eat.

9 x 12 Foot Rug

If you have a large family or love entertaining, you might need a 9 x 12 foot or even a 10 x 14 foot rug to fit under a table for eight or more. An 8 x 10 foot is typically a good fit for six-person tables.

8 x 8 Foot Rug

Select an 8 x 8 foot or 6 x 6 foot rug for a round or square dining table. When measuring, remember to add a few feet to allow for pulling out the chairs.

6 x 9 Foot Rug

For a four-person rectangular dining table, a 6 x 9 foot or 5 x 8 foot rug should do the trick. These tables are often round, so selecting a round rug unifies the space.


Step out of your bed on a chilly morning onto a plush, feet-warming rug. Which rug size you go for in your bedroom largely depends on the size of your bed. And don't forget to consider things like nearby nightstands. Do you want the rug to fit under these too?

10 x 14 Foot Rug

Go big if you want a rug to fit under a king-size bed and the nightstands beside it. It's going to give your room a grand, luxurious feel.

9 x 12 Foot Rug

9 x 12 foot is often an ideal rug size for underneath a queen size bed. It can also work if you're happy to leave the back legs and nightstands off the rug under a king-size bed.

You want the rug to extend beyond the sides of a king or queen-size bed by at least 18 inches.

8 x 10 Foot Rug

This is the prime size if you're happy to have the back legs and nightstand off the rug when you have a queen-size bed. It also works to keep the major furniture on the rug in a twin room with one central nightstand. In this instance, you want the rug to be big enough to allow 12 inches of clearance extending beyond the sides of both single beds.

2 x 9 Foot Runner

You can pop a runner at the bottom of a queen or two single beds. Or, for a budget-friendly framing idea, invest in two runners to flank the sides of the beds.


Washable bathroom rugs allow you to catch those slip-inducing drips and keep your toes warm when you step out of the bath or shower. But you don't want the rug to take over the space in these smaller rooms. Some standard bathroom rug sizes are below.

5 x 8 Foot Rug

Go bigger for a spacious primary bathroom, and consider the shape too. Circular rugs can soften sharp lines in a bathroom design. Larger rugs like this also work for putting underneath a standalone clawfoot tub.

2 x 6 Foot Runner

Runners are ideal for stretching below a double vanity or along the length of a narrow bathroom.

3 x 5 Foot Rug

Smaller 3 x 5 foot or 2 x 3 foot rugs are a great option for adding a splash of personality or warmth in a compact powder room. They're also perfect for sitting under the sink, toilet, or shower in a small bathroom. You could even grab two—one for under each sink in a double vanity.


Runners might be the go-to in a long hallway and are ideal for mopping up those wet shoe prints, but there are other rug choices for this space. And always account for pile height alongside length when considering size—you don't want the rug to impede the front door from opening.

2 x 9 Foot Runner

A 2 x 9 foot or 2 x 6 foot runner is the obvious choice for a long, narrow hallway, especially if you can keep all furniture legs off the rug (this is the one room where this is more widely accepted). Don't forget to allow sufficient border around the edges of the rug when selecting the size—working with the width of the door is a good baseline.

3 x 5 Foot Rug

A 2 x 3 foot or 3 x 5 foot mini rug can be the perfect "wipe your feet" option to sit at the front door, especially if you have a small entryway.

5 x 8 Foot Rug

If you have a double door, you might want a bigger rug to run the width of the entryway. This substantial rug will be the perfect soft and stylish welcome for your guests.