The Ultimate Thanksgiving Menu

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    Turkey Day Perfection

    Thanksgiving Turkey
    Thanksgiving Turkey. Bon Appétit

    Turkey is obviously the star on this family holiday. Many hours go into keeping the turkey under close surveillance to make sure the meat is perfectly tender, juicy and crisp to keep guests satisfied and impressed with your culinary know how. Now think about a Thanksgiving dinner with absolutely the most beautiful, delicious turkey known to man but is lacking in equally beautiful and masterful sides. What a disappointment! This year spread out your energy to make sure love and dedication goes...MORE into each and every dish on the table. Fall is the most bountiful time of year so take advantage of your harvests. Let those delightfully shaped and jewel colored carrots get some time in the spotlight. Potatoes and green beans will finally live up to their true potential on your table. Savory sides with a touch of sweet surprises will leave guests impressed and asking for recipes on the way out the door. Keep your menu diverse with some beloved classics, updated favorites and something a bit more unusual. Be sure to enlist the troops because this will be one unforgettable day in the kitchen.

    Prepare your holiday grocery checklist for the ultimate Thanksgiving menu this holiday season with instructions ahead.

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    Fall Harvest Salad

    Fall Harvest Salad
    Autumnal Harvest Salad. Martha Stewart

    A fall harvest salad is the perfect way to serve the beautiful bounty of end of fall offerings. Roasted pumpkin, squash and zuchini are great additions to pumpkin seeds, legumes and roasted peppers to create a market fresh salad for your Thanksgiving group. There will be plenty of turkey and warm savory sides to satisfy the masses so it's always nice to have some greens to round out your dinner. A fall harvest salad is a beautiful starter course while the chef is waiting for things to simmer...MORE fresh out of the oven.

    Find a rich, bright and nourishing fall harvest salad recipe here

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    Tender Rolls. The Kitchn

    Serving fresh rolls straight out of the oven is a wonderful compliment to that big, bountiful dinner salad. Some prefer to make their own rolls from dough to finish but if you are short on time it's a nice option to purchase fresh breads from a local bakery and warm them up at your place before serving. There is no shame in buying delicious bread and supporting local at the same time

    If you do want to try to make your own rolls this holiday this is a wonderful easy to follow recipe to make soft...MORE and tender bread perfection. 

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    Apple - Butternut Squash Soup

    Apple Butternut Squash Soup
    Apple Butternut Squash Soup. Martha Stewart

    The sweet notes of apple and butternut squash are delicious counterparts in this savory soup idea. A creamy, pureed soup is filling and hearty for the holiday season. Everyone in the family will be happy to be returning to this warm, satisfying soup throughout the week and after the main feast. If you are planning on a large gathering a warm, large pot of filling soup is helpful to have on hand for serving a large groups of people. Everyone can help themselves and it is a wonderful trio of...MORE starters you have created between the salad, soup and rolls.

    For a hearty, creamy apple-butternut squash that hits all the right spots for holiday happiness try this recipe from Epicurious.

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    Mashed Potatoes

    Mashed Potatoes
    Mashed Potatoes. Delish

    Can't go wrong with a heaping pot of mashed potatoes. The only way you could go wrong is not serving them at all. One of the most expected dishes at the dinner table for Thanksgiving is your fluffy, buttery mashed potatoes right next to the beautiful bird that is your star dish. Mashed potatoes are often taken for granted around the holidays. Put some loving care into those mashed up sides and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results in return.

    For a couple of no fail mashed potatoes...MORE recipes to turn to time and time again take a look at Delish's 19 best mashed potatoes

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    Green Bean Casserole

    Green Bean Casserole
    Green Bean Casserole. The Minimalist Baker

    Green bean casserole is a star on it's own at the Thanksgiving table. A perfectly prepared green bean casserole needs no introduction. The cheesy and often nutty dish is a savory treat waiting to be mixed with your mashed potatoes and covered in cranberry sauce. Green bean casserole can be thought of as the bridge dish that brings all the flavors of your dinner together. It's wonderful post Thanksgiving dinner as an add-on for sandwiches, salads and as a main on it's own.

    Can you tell how much we...MORE love a green bean casserole, here is a recipe to one of our favorites.

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    Sweet Potato Bread

    Sweet Potato Bread
    Cinnamon and Spice Sweet Potato Bread. Averie Cooks

    Sweet potato bread is your second bread course for the night. The sweet potato bread is preparing your tastebuds for whats to come. When it's time for the sweet potato bread you find there are options on how to proceed with your Thanksgiving dining. It's often also the time you find yourself breaking for the second half of the meal. Take your time and savor the sweet flavors of this seasonal bread. This is also another great post Thanksgiving foundation for leftovers that will take you...MORE into the week.

    Find a delicious recipe for cinnamon and spice sweet potato bread here

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    Cranberry Ginger Sauce

    Cranberry Ginger Sauce
    Cranberry Ginger Sauce. Healthy Ideas Place

    There is always one person at the table who is upset if cranberries are not on the menu. Spare yourself and make the cranberry sauce exceptional so everyone will want a bite. The tart bite cranberry sauce adds to your Thanksgiving spread is not to be missed. A traditional can of cranberry simply will not do with all the recipes available at your finger tips. This modern take of the Thanksgiving staple adds so much unexpected flavor to your meal with the simple addition of ginger sauce.

    Find the...MORE recipe for yourself here.

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    Corn Pudding

    Corn Pudding
    Corn Pudding. New York Times

    A great corn pudding is essential at your ultimate Thanksgiving menu. Simply serving corn off the cob is acceptable but when the holidays roll around you want to serve food that warms from the inside out. Corn pudding is another nice option for a side that isn't overwhelming but adds just the right amount of texture and flavor to compliment that beautiful Thanksgiving Turkey.

    A trusty recipe for corn pudding can be found here

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    Dumpling Squash

    Dumpling Squash
    Dumpling Squash. Martha Stewart

    Dumpling squash are a cozy, winter favorite. This recipe takes two of your seasonal favorites both dumpling and squash and creates a Thanksgiving dish to remember. Dumpling squash is filling and fun to serve. Cut into halves dumpling squash is tasty served with cream and sage. Buy the small winter squashes for individual servings to bake as a holiday side.

    Find the recipe for dumpling squash with cream and sage from Martha Stewart.

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    Roasted Carrots and Potatoes

    Roasted Carrots and Potatoes
    Roasted Carrots and Potatoes. Martha Stewart

    Roasted veggies are a staple at Thanksgiving table. Not everything can be creamy, hearty and full of heavy sauce. Some guests prefer to have a couple of healthier and lighter options at the dinner table and roasted vegetables are a great start. Roasted carrots bake into a beautiful jewel tone that add gorgeous fall color to your dinner table as well. Add some red potatoes and bake at a high heat to create an outside crispy texture with a creamy interior that will join flavors with the sweetness...MORE of the carrots with ease.

    Find the recipe for roasted carrots and potatoes here

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    'Simple is Best' Stuffing. Epicurious

    Sometimes simple is the best when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. It's hard to miss with a medley of familiar herbs such as parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme fold into each to create a homey dressing which equals comfort around your family meal.

    Try Epicurious' recipe for "Simple is Best' dressing to stuff your holiday turkey.

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    Cauliflower Gratin

    Cauliflower Gratin
    Cauliflower Gratin. New York Times

    Another dish expected around the dinner table will be some sort of gratin. In the winter cauliflower is at it's peak so let it shine this Thanksgiving. A gratin is usually prepared in a shallow dish and can become a complicate meal to replicate. This is a simple recipe for cauliflower gratin that even your kids will enjoy and can help you make this upcoming holiday.

    Try this recipe from the New York Times which adds a wonderful twist by adding a layer of goat cheese to your cauliflower gratin for...MORE ultimate satisfaction.

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    Ultimate Roast Turkey + Gravy

    Thanksgiving Turkey
    Thanksgiving Turkey. Bon Appétit

    You didn't think we would create a list of just Thanksgiving sides for the ultimate holiday dinner did you? Of course we will include our favorite recipe for the juiciest, most plump turkey as well. A big, beautiful bird is the star of the show and you must treat her accordingly. From traditional to creative turkeys we have you covered.

    Bon Appétit shares 25 turkey recipes for you to choose from. If you are searching for simplest, easiest method to make delicious gravy to add to that turkey look...MORE no further than The Kitchn for assistance.

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    Apple Pie

    Apple Pie
    Best of Apple Pie. Bon Appétit

    Now on to dessert where there is only one requirement, you must serve pie. How many pies is up to you but we suggest at least having two on hand for every 16 guests at the table. Keep the pie baking in the oven as long as you can to keep the delicious aroma floating through the house. The perfect combination of a salty, flaky and buttery crust is a welcomed last call at the Thanksgiving table. Sweet fruit and warm spices have have the holidays written all over them and you won't want to...MORE disappoint with a grocery store pie. 

    Since we can hardly choose only one apple pie recipe here is a slideshow of options from the recipe masterminds at Bon Appétit.

    Happy Holidays to All!