"The Walking Dead" Blasters and Foam Weapons Coming in Fall, 2016

Buzz Bee to release a series of toys from the popular series

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead.

Buzz Bee Toys of Mt. Laurel, NJ has exclusively shared with us that they have acquired the rights to produce dart blasters, water guns, and foam weapons based on the popular zombie apocalypse comic series, . In partnership with Skybound Entertainment, Buzz Bee is preparing to launch products based on this phenomenally successful property in the fall of 2016. And we've been given the first details about this exciting new line-up!

Buzz Bee Toys is perhaps best known for their line of formidable Water Warriors-branded water guns, but the company makes high-value dart blasters, as well (air-powered models like the Air Warriors AirMax 6 and Air Warriors Range Master are among our favorites). In fact, their dart-shooting models like the Ultra-Tek Snipe are really quite good, especially for the money. Traditionally, however, Buzz Bee hasn't spent much time creating spin-off sub-brands like category-leader Nerf, focusing instead on producing more straightforward, value-based products. But with the success of the Nerf Zombie Strike series, in particular, it might not come as a surprise that Buzz Bee should look to expand beyond its core blaster line. Unlike Nerf's zombie-themed line-up, however, Buzz Bee will have a built-in backstory for its zombie-slayers thanks to more than a decade of The Walking Dead comic book story-lines, and a large fan-base owing to several years of related television episodes from the popular AMC series of the same name.


The new Walking Dead blaster and foam weapon line of products is said to capture the essence of the comic book series and combine it with the quality, performance, and value for which the Buzz Bee brand has been known. The line will include a variety of dart blasters and foam weapons, which have been designed to represent the arsenal found in The Walking Dead comic book series (note that this is different from the TV series).

And although we've been told images are not yet available for the different products, we were nonetheless able to secure the following detailed descriptions for each new model: 


  • Six shot dart blaster
  • Automatic advance
  • Blasts darts up to 72 feet
  • Includes 6 long distance darts

Double Shot

  • Side by side double barrel dart blaster
  • Blasts darts up to 35 feet
  • Realistic break action and shell ejection
  • Secret storage compartment for extra ammo
  • Includes 6 foam darts and 4 shells


  • Clip fed dart blaster
  • Blasts darts up to 72 feet
  • Carrying handle and extended stock
  • Includes 12 long distance darts and a dart clip


  • Clip fed bolt action dart blaster
  • Blasts darts up to 72 feet
  • Comes with detachable scope
  • Secret storage compartment for extra ammo
  • Includes 8 long distance darts and dart clip


  • Foam for soft and fun play


  • Foam for soft and fun play

All things considered, it sounds like a solid line-up, though it should be mentioned that fans of The Walking Dead television series might be disappointed to note that Daryl Dixon's crossbow won't be present, since this is not part of the comic book version of the story upon which this product line will be based. It's also interesting to consider that this tie-in is happening relatively far into the rise of zombie themes in popular culture, though "Humans vs. Zombies" is certainly still a popular blaster-based pastime at colleges across the country, and The Walking Dead TV series and related games continue to do well.

So we expect that--like the ubiquitous zombies themselves--this pop culture trend won't go down without a fight.  

We're anxiously awaiting official product imagery, as well as suggested retail price-points--both of which will surely begin trickling in before too long (possibly around Toy Fair). Until then, we're excited to see Buzz Bee expand its line-up with this highly desirable license, and look forward to taking down a few "walkers" ourselves when the new products finally arrive in late 2016!