The Wave by The FIRM Review

The Wave by The FIRM

The Wave by The FIRM is a solid, fun workout that you can finish in a short amount of time. However, you get a lot accomplished in your workouts so you can see and feel the results fast.

The Wave is also a workout system that grows with you as you slim down. Instead of having to be in tip-top shape to do each exercise, like some of the other available fitness videos and equipment require, the Wave works you through all stages until you're ready to handle the more advanced workouts.

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Gaiam, Inc.

What's in the Box

  • Instruction Sheet with setup, workout tips and care and safety info
  • Weight Loss Success Guide, 31 pages
  • 3 DVDs
  • Non-skid mat
  • The Wave

The Wave by The FIRM

The Wave is not your traditional step. It's not square and flat across the top. The Wave's bowed design gives you an anchored side and, when flipped upside down, you rock back and forth in a number of exercises that work your total body.

The Wave's plastic design is sturdy but not heavy. It won't fit under most beds but it's slim enough that if you put it in your closet, you probably won't know it's there.

You don't need a lot of floor space to exercise either. The Wave uses low impact aerobics that keep you close to the equipment. But it's large enough that you won't feel cramped or like you're going to fall off when you have to step on the crest (the top middle).

Besides its strong, compact design that has a 275-pound weight limit, the Wave is also a blast to workout on.

One minute you're using the Wave to burn your hips, thighs and buttocks. Then, instructors have you turn the Wave over to work on your arms and abs.

If you've done aerobics before, some of the floor exercises will be familiar. Then you step on the Wave to add a completely new twist to your workouts.

Moves like the chop, carving and rocking back and forth to work your abs strengthen your core and get you in shape.

The Wave Workouts

The first time you step on the Wave, you instantly feel the stretch in your legs. Step-by-step instruction helps you learn the basics, but you're also working out while you learn how to safely use the Wave.

You're eased into the workouts. But that doesn't mean you're not challenging your muscles at the same time. You feel the effects of your workouts right away. It's not like you can't walk the next day, though.

Watching the exercises before attempting to do them will help as you move into the more advanced workouts. Many routines require multiple steps, which can be difficult to follow the first few times you see them.

You will want to go slow as you learn the Wave. The unit will tip from either side if you're not careful. During one of the workouts, an instructor points out that you want to keep an eye on what they're doing while keeping an eye on your foot placement.

I did flip the Wave and fall off of it a few times in the more challenging exercises. I was able to catch my balance without hitting the ground. The unit is stable for the most part. You must always be aware of foot placement.

As a beginner, you'll have a couple of brief workouts two days in a row and you'll rest on the third day. The Weight Loss Success Guide includes a Workout Calendar that tells you which DVDs to use each day and when to take a break.

Even as a Wave pro, you won't have to commit an hour of your time to exercise and burn yourself to exhaustion. To test the Wave, I followed the included Workout Calendar every day.

In the advanced workouts, I was able to jump on the wave, walk over it and rock super-fast with ease. And I still had enough energy to chase a three year old, herd the dog, cook dinner and clean the house.

No matter what your fitness level, you'll feel like you're working out, but you're never worked to the point of utter exhaustion where the last thing you want to do is exercise or you're too sore to move.

Pros of the Wave

  • Visible results promised in 10 workouts. I felt the results before 10 workouts and did see new muscle lines by the tenth.
  • Nutrition guide with recipes for each meal is included in the Weight Loss Success Guide.
  • Workouts are quick, not time-consuming.
  • The workouts are fun and don't make you feel like you're exercising.
  • One instructor always performs a beginner's move so you can lower your intensity if the workout becomes too hard.
  • DVDs include a variety of workouts so you won't get bored.
  • FIRM Believers Club offers online coaching, meal plans and live chats with the Wave instructors. Subscription rate applies after a 30-day free trial.

Cons of the Wave

  • The Wave can flip over. A misstep will also cause it to tip.
  • The unit I tested creaked at times.
  • Weights are used in many workouts but aren't included.
  • People with knee and back problems may have a hard time conquering the Wave.
  • When "carving" (rocking back and forth quickly), the Wave tends to move with or without the non-skid mat on carpet. At one point, riding the wave moved me across the room while I was on the unit.

Bottom Line

With so many exercise products out there with hopeful promises and fancy gadgets, it's hard to choose the right one that's worthy of your time, money and sweat. I own a treadmill. I roller blade. I ride my bike. I've done boot camp workouts. But The Wave by The FIRM makes exercise exciting.

What was most interesting about this workout is how the instructors make great use of the Wave. You don't just use it to rock from side to side with your legs. You use it for your whole body, including my favorite ab exercise that simply requires you to balance your body in a plank position while slowly using your arms to rock side to side.

The Wave offers a solid workout that doesn't force you to spend a lot of money on a gaming system plus software and additional equipment. It's also compact enough that you can take it with you when you travel or store it easily in a closet in between workouts.

The amount of time each workout takes is reasonable too.

It's time you can fit into your schedule, unlike workouts that require an hour or more and then make you feel like a big chunk of your limited "me" time has been eaten out of your day. The Wave by The FIRM is a workout you can easily fit in before the kids get up or after they go to bed. You will feel the effects of your workout without being too tired to go on with your busy day.

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