The Wizard of Oz by L. F. Baum Story Sack

How to Make a Wizard of Oz Story Sack
Wizard of Oz Story Sack. HarperCollins

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Craft Suggestions:

Include supplies to make crafts.

  • Make ruby slippers using red fabric paint on canvas tennis shoes.
  • Make a model of Dorothy's house using a milk carton!
  • Pretend you are Toto with this dog visor.
  • Make a witch hat with green hair.
  • Make a rainbow.
  • Make a good witch crown and a wand. You can also make homemade bubbles to blow.
  • Make this lion face craft.
  • Make puppets of the main characters and put on a puppet show!
  • Print out one of the horses on this page and make a 'horse of a different color'.
  • Make some Wizard of Oz dolls.
  • Try making one of these scarecrow crafts.

Additional Story Sack Items:

Include some of these related items in the sack.

  • Include plain paper and crayons to write or draw a story about traveling somewhere magical.
  • Include some fun facts about the Wizard of Oz.
  • Include a map of Kansas. Try to find where Dorothy lived.
  • Print out some of these Wizard of Oz pages to color.
  • Use yellow construction paper to build your own yellow brick road.
  • Include some related books. Here are a few suggestions:
    1. Wizard of Oz Coloring Book
    2. The Treasury of Oz
    3. Tornadoes
  • Related videos to watch:
    1. The Wizard of Oz (classic)
    2. The Muppets: Wizard Of Oz

Other Suggestions:

Suggestions for more related activities.

  • Learn more about tornados
  • Create your own tornado.
  • Try this tornado safety crossword puzzle.
  • Learn about the heart and the brain.
  • Read The Wizard of Oz online.
  • Play some Wizard of Oz related games and puzzles.
  • Make lime jello jigglers, cut them into small squares, and then try to build an emerald palace out of them! You can also do the same with yellow jello and try to make a yellow brick road.

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