The Wohnwagon is a Self-Sufficient Mobile Dwelling

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    This Off-the-Grid Trailer Home Will Let You Live Rent Free

    The Wohnwagen

    Sick of paying hefty utility bills every single month of your life? The Wohnwagon, which means trailer in German, is a self-sufficient mobile dwelling that can make that happen.

    The prototype shown here has 269 square feet of livable space and includes cherry-picked features that make living off the grid rent free possible. Preorders for this tiny home on wheels are currently being accepted. We share everything you need to know about the Wohnwagon including how you can try one on for size or buy.

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    What makes the Wohnwagon so self-sufficient?

    The Wohnwagen's trademark portholes from the back.

    What makes the Wohnwagon so self-sufficient? Using the money they received from a successful crowdsourcing campaign, the designers behind this tiny home carefully reviewed all the energy saving and power generating options currently on the market. They picked the following features for their prototype. Each one makes living off the grid a cinch.

    • Four high-performance solar panels instead of one so the trailer has enough electricity to cover your energy needs.
    • Hygienic and high-quality bio toilet that transforms poop into pathogen-free compost.  
    • A green roof that purifies and recycles both rainwater and also greywater for washing and showering.
    • Hot water and heating system fueled by either the wood stove or the solar array.

    You can learn more about all these features here.  FYI, the site is in German. You can use Google Translate.

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    Look Inside the Wohnwagen Prototype

    The Wohnwagen prototype

    The Wohnwagon can be customized based on your housing needs, budget, and taste. Prices start at $45,000 USD and can top off at around $110,000.  Final cost does not include international shipping.

    If you want to buy a Wohnwagon, you can get the ball rolling by filling out a questionnaire on the manufacturer’s site.

    Shown here is a peek at the prototype’s interior.  We share more details on the following page.

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    This Mobile Dwelling Is Loaded with Space Saving Features

    Space saving table in the Wohnwagen

    The Wohnwagon packs multifunctional space saving features. Shown here is a murphy table that folds out when needed.

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    Wohnwagon Has Room for Houseguests

    Room for houseguests in the Wohnwagen

    Need to make room for a houseguest? Under the Wohnwagon's bed, which also functions as a sofa, you will find a handy twin trundle. Next to that is a shelf drawer where extra bedding is stored.

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    Here's a Glimpse of the Wood Stove

    The wood stove

    Shown here are the Wohnwagon's wood stove, kitchen, and natural stone bathroom. Doesn't it all look cozy?

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    This Tiny Bathroom Is Luxurious

    The tiny bathroom

    The unique bathroom adds a touch of luxury to the mobile dwelling. In the center of the image is the home's natural stone shower. On the left is the bio-toilet and on the right is a natural stone sink.

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    Take a Closer Look at the Natural Stone Sink

    The natural stone sink

    You can view a prototype of this ingenious mobile dwelling throughout July 2015 in a seaside town in Austria called Aspern.

    Starting in late 2015, you will also be able to try the Wohnwagon on for size. One is being added to the Almdorf Seinerzeit in Patergassen, Austria as a vacation cottage you can book.