6 Things All Organized People Do

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Believe it or not, organized individuals are actually lazy people. Don't go crazy just yet: They don't want to spend any amount of time sifting through things just to find what they're looking for. Plus, they've learned the secret that spending time initially to organize actually reduces the overall time they would have used to search for things.

So if you're interested in creating order out of chaos (a very satisfying act), try some of these time-saving, energy-reducing, life-enhancing things organized people do:

Purge Often and Ruthlessly

Nothing makes messes faster, takes up space more, and requires as much dusting as clutter. In fact, clutter is the bane of an organized person's existence, so these individuals fight it whenever the enemy appears.

In clearer terms, organized people (OPs) evaluate their belongings regularly and get rid of anything they don't actually use. The shirt that's sat in your closet for over a year, the dish set that's chipped beyond recognition, and the old posters from college that are rolled up under your bed are all belongings an OP would tell you to throw out or donate.

What's more, OPs are brutal when deciding what to keep and what not to keep. They don't have time to be wishy-washy and are good at making snap judgments about their stuff.

If you can't purge every weekend, just do it whenever it seems logical. For instance, moving day, spring cleaning, and when switching your seasonal clothes out of your closet are great opportunities to purge.

Design Organization Plans by Ease of Use

Remember how OPs are actually lazy? Here's a great example of that: They tend to organize spaces based on what they use most. For example, the practical pair of shoes they wear every day would go right at the front of their shoe rack, while the occasional heels are pushed to the back. Why dig for something you use all the time when it can be easily accessible?

Everything from closets to kitchen drawers can be optimized for ease of use. For instance, oven mitts logically should go in the drawer by the oven-- that way; you don't have to move your feet to grab what you need!

Make or Designate a Spot for Everything

Socks, pens, TV remotes: Everything has a place in an OP's apartment. Not only do OPs find a spot for their belongings, but they also make them. From installing drawer organizers to adding closet dividers, OPs make sure there's somewhere to return their belongs to after using them.

As you can imagine, this habit goes hand-in-hand with organizing space by the ease of use.

Look for Organizational Tools

Talking about making a place for all of your belongings, take this tip from OPs: Organizational tools make life easier. From magnet strips for kitchen knives to under-the-bed shoe bins to cord solutions, OPs designate part of their budgets to buy organizational supplies.

Luckily, you don't have to drop a ton of money to clean your space, nor do you have to look for the latest and greatest tools just spend as much as you want to get your apartment organized and functional now.

Prioritize the things you use often and the spaces that really need the help. For instance, if your record collection is piled in your room, at risk of sustaining damage and you never use it, get a rack to keep everything in order!

Embrace Labels

OPs want to know what they're looking at, whether it's a full inbox or a storage closet. For this reason, they use labels liberally.

Start with the most confusing areas of your apartment, even if that means getting your email sorted out. Many email services let you create color-coded tabs and filters that help you make sense of your inbox. Crafting supplies, paperwork, and cords (we all have what seems like a million things plugged in at our apartments) are all great candidates for labels.

Start and Finish Projects Right Away

Living in disorder for any amount of time is stressful for OPs, so they prioritize organizational and cleaning projects. What's more, once they start such a task, they don't stop until it's done-- which can get a little intense if OPs skip lunch just to finish something.

While you don't have to be as intent as an OP when you work on projects, you should set yourself goals for getting things done. That way, you don't procrastinate on organizing until your apartment is back to being as chaotic as it was before.

Organized people might seem intense, but they have habits that save time and make life easier in the long run. Pick and choose tips from this list to implement in your apartment and your life.

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