4 Things That Will Make You Happy to go to Work

How to rediscover passion in your career

Get happy at work with these tips
Getty Images/Oliver Rossi

There was a time when I was angry for leaving my kids for a job I felt passionless about. It was just a job, not an exciting career like it once was before I became a Working Mom. 

I wanted a job I was excited about.  A job that made me feel as giddy as a kid learning, in the morning, they'd be leaving for Disney in two hours.  No, I didn’t want to feel like I was leaving for a vacation (although that would be nice).


I wanted to be pulled toward work because of a desire to succeed and a career path that would take me places.  I wanted to feel passionate about my professional life.

But with each child I had I felt less and less passionate and more and more frustrated. I was burnout out in many ways and couldn’t figure out how to get that loving feeling back. Then one day, BAM!  I decided that my job satisfaction wasn't something I'd sacrifice any more. 

So what’s a working mom to do to change her perspective and find passion in her daily grind?  For me, it took time to find passion again, but that's what was needed. 

Passion came after figuring out my priorities and finding passion for things outside of my work realm. 

Here’s a few way to find passion in other places in your life to help fuel passion in your career:

Bring your kids everywhere.

What’s the number one thing you are passionate about?  You’re children!

  They are one of the reasons why you’re working mom, right?  They are why you are doing it all.  Even though you can't physically bring them everywhere you can enjoy their presence with these suggestions:

Create a collage with Google’s Picasa.  Download Picasa, for free, on your PC.  Upload some recent pics you’ve taken.

  Click on the pictures you like, pin them, then click on Create>Picture Collage.  You can either frame the collage or save it as your desktop’s background image. 

Having a collage (and updating it when you’re feeling blue) gives you many pictures to look at, instead of one, to help remind you why you are where you are.

Bring their artwork into work.  If posting pictures isn’t your thing bring in their art work or take pictures of them.  I bet your child brings home at least three pieces of artwork per day (crazy amount of paperwork, right?).  Save a spot on your office wall to post your child’s latest masterpieces so you can marvel at their creativity and improving penmanship or take a picture and make that your background picture.

Start a hobby

Find something  you cannot wait to do after you cross the finish line (aka put the kids to bed).  Find that hobby that leaves you wanting more of it.  It needs to be something that you wouldn’t care staying up late for because you feel that it increases your personal energy.  It could be learning something new, like sewing, or even going back to school to enhance a skill set.  

Learning something new, which involves your strengths, will fuel a new found passion.

  Your hobby will help get your mind off of your daily grind, which is zapping your passion and energy.  

Spend your lunch break away from your desk.

Give yourself the break you deserve during your lunch break.  Find friends and connect with them because we grow when we connect with others.  Talk about non-work things or just act like the goofball that you are.  Be vulnerable and show your true colors.  Lunch time is probably one of the only times where you don’t have to take care of anyone or anything, just yourself so be yourself.

Volunteer your time to a worthy cause.

You may be unhappy about your job but remember there are many people less fortunate than you.  Get involved in your company’s volunteer program or find a local charity nearby.  Take a day off from work and help put up siding on a new house for Habitat for Humanity or serve lunch to those in need at a homeless shelter.

  Devoting time to serve others can give you a new perspective on things.

Passion is something that builds over time and time is what you'll need to rekindle that flame for your career.  Making yourself happy outside of your professional life is the first step to finding clarity in what will make you happy both personally and professionally.

Now I'd love to hear from you.  Leave a comment over on my Facebook fan page, and tell me what hobby you've always wanted to start, how much fun you had creating your own picasso creation of your little ones, or what local charity has always tugged at your heart.