5 Things Only Chronically Messy People Understand

Organized chaos isn't necessarily a bad thing

pile of messy clothing

istock / Getty Images

From the organized chaos of a work desk to the intentionally labeled ‘junk drawer’, there’s something to be said for the chronically disorganized's unique systems. And if this resonates with you, you’re not alone.

Here are five things that only people who identify as chronically, and unapologetically, messy can understand.

There’s a Method to the Madness

If you’re someone who self-identifies as messy, you know firsthand that there’s still a system being applied. Despite what other people may see as clutter or chaos, you know where everything is, and you don’t tend to have trouble navigating through things to find what you need.

Where others might try to shame you into changing your habits, you prefer to focus your attention elsewhere. You embrace that your mess is a part of you and your day-to-day life rather than it being something that holds you back. In fact, in some cases, it can offer a sense of stability and order.

You Don't Have to Fight What Is Natural

As a chronically messy person, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of your life fighting what comes naturally to you—the disorder, disorganization, and disarray of your life and belongings.

While you can see where loved ones, or well-meaning strangers, are coming from trying to guide you towards clutter-free order, you realize that this way of living works for you. And you decided long ago that it’s better to be who you are than waste time and energy trying to be something you’re not.

It’s Okay to Celebrate Imperfection

We live in a world where mistakes, bad habits, and imperfections are often shamed. Guilt is a significant factor in pushing us to be "better"—and if you’re a chronically messy person, people will likely have made you feel shame about your habits at some point.

Being organized and orderly is praised while being messy is not. Rather than being celebrated for what makes you unique, you’re often looked down upon and judged.

As a chronically messy person, you see that what makes you different actually makes you beautiful. Because of this lens, you are more able to appreciate and celebrate unique traits in others too.

We Are Who We Are for a Reason

Whether it’s nail-biting or leaving piles of laundry all over the floor, everyone has their own set of unique habits. Chronically messy people often understand better that we are who we are for a reason.

Even the weirdest or least attractive traits of our personalities can help to make us the people we are. Let’s face it—if we didn’t all have our own quirks and unique qualities, life would be boring.

Judging Others Is a Waste of Time

As a chronically messy person, you know that there are far better things to do with your life and time than focus on others. Although you’ve been judged for your choices, actions, and lifestyle, you don’t continue that negative energy cycle.

Instead, you focus on what you do best and help others to know they’re not alone. Yes, you thrive with mess and, no, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You’re certainly not going to apologize for who you are.