How to Give Your Bed Good Feng Shui

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Your bed is probably the most important piece of furniture in your home in regards to your feng shui. Feng shui is the ancient Asian practice of placement to enhance the flow of energy in your spaces. Specifically, the bed is the most significant item in your home because it is the closest to you. Not only do you spend many hours in your bed, most of that time you’re asleep. When you’re sleeping, you’re in a passive yin state and therefore more receptive to the vibrations around you. Finally, the bed is the most private place in your home. It absorbs your qi and represents you.

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    Bed Position

    bed commanding position diagram for good feng shui

    One of the main principles of feng shui is called the commanding position. Ideally, your bed is in the commanding position which places you in the best location for your bedroom. You want to have your bed so that you can see the door to the bedroom without being directly in line with the door. Usually this places you diagonal from the door. Check out the diagram to see two ideal bed positions.

    The commanding position works in a couple of ways. First, it puts you in a position to be able to see the door. If you cannot see the door, you are in a vulnerable position where you can be startled or without a defense. Second, metaphorically, when you’re in command you can see all the good opportunities that are coming your way. You’re situated facing forward and open to the widest view of life.

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    bed with blue linens and upholstered headboard

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    Make sure you have a headboard for your bed for the best feng shui. We recommend a sturdy headboard that’s fastened securely to the bed frame. The best shapes are rectangular, square, heart-shaped, or curved. If possible, avoid any headboards that have perforations or bars. The holes can mean things can fall through or you feel imprisoned or “behind bars”. Most materials work well, but we recommend a soft upholstery or solid wood headboard.

    A solid and stable headboard for your bed will ground and stabilize you in your life. If you are in a partnership, it also connects and secures your relationship to each other. The headboard can offer support as well as offer a balance of yin and yang energies.

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    What’s Under the Bed

    Modern minimalist apartment with bed and view of city

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    For the best feng shui, you want to have the air and energy flow easily around and under you while you're in bed. One of the areas we often forget about is underneath the bed. What do you have under there? The best case scenario is absolutely nothing under the bed, so that the qi can flow around you smoothly while you’re asleep. This creates good health and balance. 

    If you have to have storage under the bed, stick to soft sleep related items like linens, pillows, and towels. You definitely want to avoid anything that is emotionally charged. But it’s also helpful to find a new home for active items like shoes, luggage, and books. Store that stuff somewhere else!

    The type of bed is also helpful to look at in this case. Make sure there’s actually some space under the bed, and the frame is not all the way to the ground. Again, we want the energy to be able to flow around you freely.

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    white bedroom with lamp, drapes, and a plant

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    There are a few things to consider for the feng shui of the mattress. First, let’s talk about the size. Twin size beds are fine for children, but not recommended for adults that want to have a partnership. Full- and queen-sized beds are fine. King-sized mattresses are okay, however, it may feel like you’re miles away from your partner.

    Another feng shui challenge with king size beds is that they often have two separate box springs. The split can create a split in a partnership. If you and your partner really want a king-sized bed, be sure to find a bed frame that does not need a split box spring.

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    Bed Linens

    Abstract black oil painting in frame on empty beige wall of cozy bedroom

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    There’s a few feng shui considerations for your bed linens such as material and color. The best option is to always have organic materials around you while you’re sleeping. This includes your bed linens (and also your mattress, sleeping clothes, cleaning products, etc).

    Color-wise, you can tap into the five elements to see what colors support you at the moment. And have fun with it, change it up as you change. 

    Earth element colors like brown, neutrals, and beige are soothing and promote self-care.

    Metal element colors are white, off-white, and gray convey purity and cleanliness.

    Water element colors are black, charcoal, and dark blue to invite in wisdom.

    Wood element colors like blues, greens, and teals are support growth.

    Fire element colors like red and fiery orange invoke passion and romance.

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