10 Things to Do Before the End of Summer

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    Take a Day Trip

    Father and son camping
    Juice Images Ltd/Getty Images

    Even if you've already taken your family vacation, you can still hit the road for a fun day trip before the end of summer. Closer to school time, you can go during the week to cut down on crowds.

    And it really doesn't matter where you go. Just put the kids in the car and travel to a neighboring city to check out their factory tours for kids, children's museums or simply to visit a new playground.

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    Play Flashlight Games

    A picture of children playing with flashlights
    Entertain the kids for hours with flashlight games. Photo © Stephen Simpson / Getty Images

    There's no time better than the summertime to play flashlight games. The summer nights are the perfect backdrop for letting kids enjoy a game of shadow charades, flashlight tag, drawing with flashlights and so much more.

    Ready for even more nighttime fun this summer? These 10 nighttime activities are fun for both kids and their parents.

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    Volunteer Together

    A picture of a teen helping in the community
    Get your kids involved to expand their horizons. Photo © Hero Images / Getty Images

    Nothing brings a family together like spending time volunteering. Get your kids involved with neighborhood projects, kid-friendly charitable work and charity events for both kids and parents. Even the act of donating the toys your children no longer play with can mean so much to other families.

    Encourage your kids to help others by being a positive example. Not only will they better understand the importance of giving back, they'll also learn valuable lessons on having compassion for others.

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    Do Something Free

    A picture of a boy on his daddy's shoulders
    Free outdoor concerts are always music to a family's ears. Photo © PeopleImages.com / Getty Images

    Hit the town to find a free summer activity for your kids. From free outdoor concerts for kids to free bowling on those hot days when you don't want to be outside, many cities host a variety of free summer programs for kids just to give them something fun to do.

    You can find these free programs all the way up until the new school year starts. Some even last through the first few weeks of the new school year just to give everyone the chance to participate.

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    Plant a Garden

    A picture of a mom and daughter gardening
    Just in time for spring, National Garden Month encourages you to dig in the dirt with your children. Photo © Ariel Skelley / Getty Images

    The summer heat can be brutal on your flower garden. As summer winds down, you and your children can take the time to nurture that garden and plant some new flowers before fall and winter get here.

    There are many gardening projects for kids of all ages so everyone can put their green thumb to work. If gardening just isn't right for your family, don't worry. There are plenty of other great nature activities your kids will love.

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    Catch Up with Old Friends

    A picture of friends running through a field
    Help your kids make friends now and they'll form bonds with people that will last a lifetime. Photo © Jonathan Kirn / Digital Vision / Getty Images

    Help your kids catch up with their friends. Host a play date at your house or choose a great play date venue so everyone can meetup and do something fun together before school starts.

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    Go On a Bike Ride

    A picture of a family riding bikes.
    Pedal your way to family fun when you go on a bike ride together. Photo © Echo / Getty Images

    Your kids may have been riding bikes all summer but when was the last time you went on a ride together? Strap on the helmets and take a family bike ride.

    Future cyclists who aren't quite ready for two wheels just yet can ride in a bike trailer so they don't miss out on the adventure. For those just learning, pack some extra patience so you can teach them how to ride a bike before summer is over.

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    Throw a Bubble Party

    A picture of a girl blowing bubbles
    A little bubble blowing equals some big fun for kids. Photo © Kick Images / Getty Images

    What's more fun than a backyard full of bubbles? Throw a bubble party that will even bring out the giggles in your older children.

    Creating your own bubbles recipe is very simple. Or you can look for an inexpensive bubble machine to do all of the work for you.

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    Camp in the Backyard

    A picture of a family camping in their backyard
    Camping doesn't have to be in the wilderness. Just pitch a tent in your backyard. Photo © RonTech2000 / Getty Images

    Escape the gadgets in your home and head to the great outdoors. Well, at least get away to the great outdoors a few feet from your back door.

    Camping in your backyard is a summer treat for your kids. And it comes with the modern conveniences for mom of being able to pop back into the house to go to the bathroom!

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    Go Back-to-School Shopping

    A picture of school supplies
    Save big money on school supplies when you buy during South Carolina's sales tax holiday. Photo © Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

    As much as you've tried to prolong summer for your children, the new school year is quickly approaching. Get creative with back-to-school ideas that help ease kids into the new school year.

    Be sure to check out sales tax holidays near you to save even more money.