22 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

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Sadly, summer can't be year-round for all of us. For those experiencing seasonal changes come fall, now is the time to pack in the last of summer fun! Summer is known for its abundance of activities. This is not the time for being a couch potato–make a list of all those summer-centric things you've wanted to do and get out there and do them! Whether it's that camping trip, visit ​the beach, a park lunch for two or just riding your bike through the streets, now's the time. When fall makes its crisp arrival, you'll be satisfied with all the fun you've had and might even show a hint of lasting summer glow to carry you into the turn of the seasons. If you are sad to see summer go, make sure you follow this guide to maximize the end of summer fun.

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    Drive-in Movie Theater

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    Nothing says nostalgia like pulling up your car to a parking spot at the good old drive-in. Many of us have seen these cute little spots in the movies but how many of us have actually attended? Drive-in theaters are hard to find in big cities since you need a serious amount of parking but venture out to a neighboring small town and seek out what movies they have playing for the summer. Popcorn, a soda and some candy with a great flick is a great way to round out your end of summer fun. 

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    Baseball Game

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    America's favorite past time, baseball! Buy some cheap seats and get tipsy with your friends in the bleachers. An old ball game with your best buds creates some of the fondest memories of summer. Choose your favorite team and sport their name with pride. What's the fun of going to a baseball game if you don't pick sides and root for the good boys. Infamous major league baseball rivalries like the New York Mets vs Yankees and Chicago Cubs vs White Sox are especially entertaining if you live in a big city and can access these special sporting events where they compete.

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    County Fair

    County Fair
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    Find the nearest county fair and pile on the fried food, maybe even ride a roller coaster or two. A county fair only happens once a year and it's full of nostalgia, magic and happy summer memories with friends and family. Usually a place for younger children, teenagers and parents it can be really sweet to visit your old stomping grounds as an adult and reminiscent of times in your old town. If you moved far away find an adoptive town and take on their county fairs as your own. A good visit to the nearest county fair can be a bittersweet farewell to summer days.

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    Read a Book

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    Summer is for reading–how many books have you finished this summer? Turn off your phone and pick up a book for at least 30 mins a day. Even if it's only a weekend ritual you will feel so accomplished by the end of summer. If you are already midway through the season and have not picked up one book yet, it's not too late. Head to your nearest library or bookstore to end the summer on a high note.

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    Neighborhood Ice Cream Truck

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    The notorious musical notes of the summer ice cream truck are synonymous with the best memories of summer. Ice cream after every meal is not something you should year round but in the dog days of summer, it might be considered necessary. Lucky for you there is a truck that swings by about 3 times a day in the summer to make sure you get your fix. Make sure you are saving your nickels and dimes you will want to be prepared when the ice cream man hits your block.

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    BBQ Everything

    Bourbon BBQ Sauce
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    BBQ everything, yes please! Whether you are BBQ chicken, pork, ribs or steak, take your meat of choice and get out to that grill. Summer is the sweetest with a plate of the messy good stuff for dinner. Add some veggies like grilled corn, coleslaw, and cornbread to balance your meal of course. Be sure to invite all your friends and family for one last summer hurrah!

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    Seafood Feast

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    Get your hands on some fresh lobster, crab, and shrimp before summer's up. This is the time to binge on all our seafood favorites. Prices are usually just right and the quality of the fish is exceptional especially if you find yourself coastal. A big juicy lobster roll will evoke feelings of summer and be just the kind of feasting you will love to celebrate the close of a season.

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    Swim in a Lake

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    It's probably very near impossible that you will feel 'beached out' this summer but in case you are looking for a change in the scenery a weekend lake escape can be just what you are looking for. Fun on lakes can often be overlooked when thinking about things to do in the summer but some of the best and most lasting memories can be found lakeside. A visit to a lake can be a great family activity or great for groups of friends, at times it can be more affordable than planning an elaborate beach vacation as well.

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    Sleep in a Hammock

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    Seriously go buy a hammock. A daily siesta outdoors in a hammock is quintessential in relaxation. The sweet summer breeze, the smell of the greenery that surrounds you and natural running creek nearby doesn't hurt in helping you get some quality outdoor snoozing in before the temps drop.

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    Get out of the city, find the nearest town with the clearest skies and just admire the beautiful constellations and stars in sight.

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    Work From the Beach

    Work from the Beach

    How many times have you been to the beach this summer so far? How many excused have you made not to go and convince yourself that you had work to do instead? If you live in a seasonal climate summer is short and precious. Play hooky and take a day for yourself. Working from the beach can live you feel refreshed and self-indulgent. A meeting, email or event can wait another day. If you absolutely need to work make sure to find a wi-fi accessible beach spot when planning your day away from the office. If you want to work from the beach more permanently, there are even jobs that would be perfect.

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    Make Lemonade

    Easy Rosemary Lemonade with Tequila Cocktail Recipe
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    If you are looking for the best way to quench your thirst in summer's heat make a pitcher of homemade lemonade. The mixture of tart and sweet is a refreshing way to hydrate and beat that end of summer heat.

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    Outdoor Concerts

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    Each city has a ton of free outdoor concerts, find the one closest to you and indulge. These concerts are outdoors, so make sure to come prepared with a blanket, snacks and some bug spray. Even if you can't get a ticket inside the arena sometimes a spot just outside the gates is equally as nice to enjoy the summer sounds from within.

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    Make Sangria

    strawberry rhubarb sangria
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    If it's August and you haven't had a glass of Sangria yet, something is wrong. Stop and get together your favorite fruits and berries to mix together a summer beverage adults love. A cool glass of Sangria is a wonderful way to kick back and relax at the end of summer.

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    Jump in a Pool

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    Community pools can develop a bad reputation but they are actually really nice for a quick day trip. If your schedule doesn't allow a trip to the beach or even better a summer vacation turn to your neighborhood pool with a slushie in hand to cool off poolside. Head to the pool early in the morning during the weekdays to avoid the children out of school and have the place to yourself!

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    Picnic in the Park

    Wine, fruit, cheese and bread at picnic
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    Plan a picnic in the park–this is an easy way to enjoy being outside and is great for the cooler end of summer days. A picnic in the park is also a great way to celebrate the end of summer birthdays on a budget.

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    Go Camping

    The best camping ice chest keeps ice cold for days.
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    Camping is another wonderful summertime escape. Best suited for summer months as temperatures may drop quickly at night for some campgrounds, there are so many fun things to do on a camping trip. From kayaking to hikes and swimming holes the summer fun that camping has to offer is endless. For a perfect camping treat after long days of activities do not forget the summer s'mores!

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    Watch a Thunderstorm

    Thunderstorm over the river at night
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    There is something so special and romantic about a perfect summer storm. If you can find a great spot take a moment to enjoy the rain, sound, and sights of a beautiful summer storm.

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    Splurge on Pool Accessories

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    Have you seen the floating flamingos and swans? Floaties made for royalty!

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    Catch Fireflies

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    Feel like a kid again catching fireflies in an open field or large yard. Don't forget a jar to collect the beauties and see them all illuminate the enclosed space together.

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    Visit a Farmer's Market

    Kansas Farmers Market
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    Collect a bounty of summer fruits, vegetables, and provisions at your neighborhood farmer's market. To get the best of what's being offered, make sure you are one of the first visitors. End of summer dinners with ingredients from a summer market is unbeatable.

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    Pick Wildflowers

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    Fill your home with vases full of freshly picked wildflowers. Foraging and arranging the flowers is equally rewarding as all the beautiful compliments you will receive on behalf of the fruits of your labor.