Don't Forget to Do These Things Before You Move

Tasks You Need to Do When Moving to a New Home

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Over the years and many moves, I always think I have moving down to a very fine science; however, usually in the midst of the moving chaos, I forget something and swear that I'll add it to a growing list of things to do for the next time we move.

To save you the trouble and frustration here's my list.

Items From the Cleaners, Tailors and Shoe-Repair Shops

Make sure you collect your stuff from the cleaners before you move. I once left a pair of sandals that my husband dropped off at a shoe repair shop in late August after I had complained about the lack of shoes in my closet. When we moved later in the fall, I forgot to collect my sandals.

Personal Records

Collecting all records usually ends up in my what to do 8 weeks before I move list. Make sure you collect all records, including family health records and veterinarian files. Also, include copies of prescriptions or a list from your pharmacist. I always carry of record of my eye prescription as well. Some pharmacies and medical centers will transfer your records to your new physician. Set-up the transfer before you leave. This may include a signed letter to your current health care practitioner that states you provide permission to forward. Ask before you move.

Also, collect your child's school records.

Your New Address and Contact Info

Keep a copy of your new address and contact information with you at all times and make sure you label important items such as pet tags and luggage. Also, make sure the moving company has the new address.

Spare Keys and Hidden Valuables

I usually keep a spare key with a neighbor or carefully hidden outside just to avoid those frantic calls to the locksmith. We also keep spare car keys hidden. Make sure you collect all hidden items before you move. These things are easy to forget since they are seldom used.

What About the Mail?

Even though we're living in an email world, we still rely on our daily snail-mail for information from government agencies, such as the IRS. Make sure you register the address change with the post office until you have time to notify your contacts.

Garage Door Opener

It is one item that most people forget to leave behind! Make sure you take it out from the glove compartment and leave it for the next tenants. It is one item you shouldn't pack!

Library Books, Gym Memberships, Club Fees

Make sure you return all those library books then notify the library that you're moving so they can cancel your card. I once had someone use my library account to take (and keep) some very valued books and music CDs. Also, check with any other clubs to cancel your membership. Some fitness facilities will give you money back or credit for unused portions, or they may be able to transfer your membership to a club in your new hometown.

Clean Up After the Fact

After the movers have left and just before you leave your old home, make sure you clean the house and dispose of any leftover items. There's nothing more frustrating than getting to your new home to find that the old tenants left you some furnishings that you would never use. Disposal costs money and takes time. So be a good mover and get rid of anything left behind. And remember, some items cannot be packed or moved.