62 Fun and Memorable Things to Do on Your Birthday

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No need to worry about your birthday plans this year, there are so many things to do on your birthday to celebrate yourself. There are plenty of ideas that will get you out there celebrating with friends, family, or by yourself with or without a party. Most of these activities can be changed so everyone spending time with you on your birthday, including you, has a good time.

From parachuting to a relaxing breakfast in bed, here are 62 fun and memorable things to do on your birthday to make it the best one yet. Whatever you choose, you'll have a wonderful time celebrating yourself.

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    Throw a Party

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    A birthday party might not be a unique thing to do on your birthday, but it sure is a popular one. Whether you choose a small get-together or a large party with everyone you know, you're going to have a great time celebrating. No need to wait on someone else to do it, throw the party yourself and invite friends and family for the celebration. It's your special day and you deserve a party if you want one.

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    Go Parachuting

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    Get a rush of adrenaline when you go parachuting for your birthday. It's a big bucket list item for a lot of people, and maybe you're ready to give it a try. Since you're jumping on your birthday, it won't be a birthday that you'll soon forget. You'll also have a story about it for many years to come. This is the thing to do on your birthday if you're looking for an adventure.

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    Show Off Your Cooking Skills

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    Cooking can be a fun and relaxing way to spend your birthday. You can cook a meal for yourself or for a crowd, it's your birthday so you get to choose. Choose your favorite dishes and enjoy the taste of another year to come. If you're new to cooking, consider taking a class or learning how to make something you've never made before.

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    Visit an Amusement Park

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    How does a roller coaster ride sound for your birthday? Or maybe you're more about relaxing on the Ferris wheel. Visiting an amusement park is another thing you can do for your birthday that will make it special if you aren't having a party. There's all kinds of fun to be had and you're sure to have a blast with whoever comes along. There's no planning required for this one, all you have to do is get the tickets and show up.

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    Get Out of an Escape Room

    A family playing an escape room

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    Do you think you could spend an hour locked in a room with your friends and family? What if there were mysteries to solve along the way? In an escape room, you'll need to find clues and figure out riddles to escape the room before the time is up. Each room has a different theme that creates a story along the way. It's a thrilling way to spend an hour as you try to solve the mystery.

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    Head Out for a Hike

    A person hiking in the woods

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    Taking a hike is a refreshing thing to do on your birthday that will get you outside and connected with nature. You'll love the experience and feel great afterward. Try out a trail you've never been on before or choose an old favorite. It's also a great activity if you're celebrating yourself on your own, hikes are even more special when you can hear the sounds of the woods.

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    Visit the Lake

    Two people sitting in a canoe by a lake

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    A visit to the lake can be packed full of activities like canoeing, hiking, fishing, and a ton of other fun stuff. Visiting the lake can also mean a nice picnic while you're relaxing by the water. Whatever kind of birthday you want, it's easy to make it happen at the lake.

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    Try Something New at a Wine Tasting

    Wine being poured into a glass

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    A wine tasting gives you the opportunity to experience new wines and see just what you like and don't like. You can find wine tastings at restaurants, wine bars, and vineyards. The small sample size allows you to try many of the wines and maybe take home a bottle of your favorite to commemorate your birthday.

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    Try Out Ice Skating

    Two women skating at an ice rink

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    If you've never been skating or even if you happen to be a pro at it, going ice skating is a fun thing to do on your birthday. The outdoor rinks are a winter activity, but there are indoor ice skating rinks where you can enjoy a spin out on the ice any time of year. You might also want to consider roller skating. It's a blast from the past and will have you laughing all the way around the rink.

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    Belt it Out at Karaoke

    A women singing karoke

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    Gather up your good friends and put their singing skills to the test when you all belt it out at karaoke. Choose your favorite songs that all your friends can sing along to. It's a fun and exciting way to celebrate yourself on your birthday, and the laughs won't end anytime soon. Get rid of your inhibitions and celebrate yourself by taking the lead on the next song.

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    Try Out Bungee Jumping

    A woman getting ready to bungee jump

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    This idea isn't for the faint of heart. Another adrenaline-rushing activity you could choose for your birthday is bungee jumping. Connected to a bungee cord, you'll jump from somewhere way up high and truly feel like you're flying. It's quite the rush and you won't forget this birthday anytime soon.

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    Visit a Water Park

    A man at a water park

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    No matter who you're celebrating with, young or old, it's hard to resist a trip to the water park. Everyone will feel like a kid again as they take on the water slides and relax in the wave pool. Make it a full-day outing so there's plenty of time for everyone to celebrate.

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    Watch a Magic Show

    A woman performing a magic trick

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    Magicians aren't just for kids—they can perform jaw-dropping tricks for everyone. Visit a magician show or hire a magician to perform at your home. It's a really unique way to celebrate your birthday that will be memorable to your guests for years to come. There are different types of magicians so choose one that you think would entertain you the most.

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    Enjoy a Spa Day

    Two women having a spa day at home

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    A spa day is a wonderful way you can pamper yourself for making it through another trip around the sun. You can visit a spa and enjoy facials and massages. Stay at home and set up your own spa with homemade face masks and soft robes. Go it alone or invite some friends to relax with you.

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    Throw a Potluck

    People serving themselves at a potluck

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    It's your birthday, so why should you do all the cooking? You can still enjoy a meal with your loved ones by hosting a potluck. You can ask your guests to bring certain dishes or you can let them choose. Sharing other's food is a great way to spend time together.

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    Make Special Dinner Reservations

    Eating at a special restaurant

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    Is there a restaurant that you love to visit? A place that means something special to you? Make reservations for the night of your birthday and enjoy a tasty meal there. You can make this outing extra fun by dressing up and inviting some friends or family to come along.

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    Have Brunch

    A birthday brunch

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    Served between breakfast and lunch, brunch is a meal that showcases the best of both. Make it easy and go out for brunch at your favorite spot, with your favorite people. With a little planning, you could host your own brunch or maybe even ask a good friend to do it for you.

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    Buy Yourself a Gift

    A woman opening a box

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    There's no reason to wait on others to buy you that perfect gift, go out and do it yourself. It's your birthday and you deserve to be spoiled. Set a price limit and go shopping or go online to find yourself the perfect birthday gift. You can even buy it early and wrap it so you can open it on your birthday.

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    Watch a Movie Marathon

    A bowl of popcorn and remote control

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    Time to binge your favorite movies or tv shows. This is an easy thing to do for your birthday that takes absolutely no planning. All you have to do is decide what you want to watch. So put on your pajamas and pop the popcorn, it's time to enjoy. It makes a wonderful activity no matter if you're having a few people over or going it alone.

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    Stay at a Boutique Hotel

    A couple at a boutique hotel

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    If your wallet can afford it, find a fancy boutique hotel in your area and have a staycation of sorts. Order room service and cuddle up in a soft robe. It's time to celebrate you and everything you've accomplished this year. You'll feel spoiled, just like how you deserve to feel on your birthday.

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    Visit the Beach

    A woman reading on the beach

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    If you have a beach nearby, a great thing to do on your birthday is to take a beach day. Affordable and easy to plan, you'll love sitting in the sun and enjoying the waves. Bring a book and some snacks and enjoy a whole day at the beach.

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    Go Bowling

    A woman bowling

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    A small gathering at the local bowling alley for your birthday might be the perfect plan. You can make it as simple as just a bowling game with a few friends or you can bring food and a cake for an outright birthday party. It's competitive, active, and a whole lot of fun.

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    Pack Up and Go Camping

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    Pack up the car and head out to the wilderness for a camping trip that doubles as a birthday celebration. It will give you the chance to reconnect with nature and share a whole lot of laughs around the campfire. It's also an affordable idea that only takes a little planning.

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    Travel for the Weekend

    A group of friends in an airport

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    Take the weekend and see just how much exploring you can do. You can take a flight or drive a car to a destination fairly close to you, you'll have to be able to get there, enjoy your time, and then come home. A mini-vacation can really make the ultimate birthday celebration.

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    Cool Down With a Pool Party

    A group of people sitting on the edge of a pool

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    If you're lucky enough to have a pool, or know someone who does, having a pool party is a great thing to do on your birthday. You can sometimes even rent out pools for your birthday celebration if you don't have access to one. Provide some snacks and you have a full-on party where the guests are already entertained.

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    Stay In for a Staycation

    A woman relaxing on a staycation

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    A staycation lets you choose what you want to do all from the comfort of your own home. Think of what you like to do on vacation and see if you can make it work at home. Read a book, call some friends, take a bath, whatever makes you feel like you're on a mini-vacation even if you're at home.

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    Listen to a Concert

    A woman making a heart with her hands at a concert

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    Whether you enjoy rock music or the string orchestra, there may be a concert near you that you want to attend. Why not use your birthday as an excuse to go? Go solo or grab a friend and enjoy a night of your favorite music. It will be an experience that you'll remember for years to come.

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    Take in a Comedy Show

    People enjoying a comedy show

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    Comedy shows are another way you can celebrate your birthday without having a party. Go see a comedian and you may just find yourself laughing all night long. Pair it with a dinner at your favorite restaurant, and you have a whole night out.

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    Beat Someone at a Board Game

    A woman playing a board game

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    Board games are a great way to get people together to get competitive and have some laughs at the same time. Invite your closest friends and have them bring their favorite board game. Take turns playing everyone's games. You'll learn something new and maybe find a favorite new board game.

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    Scream for an Ice Cream Bar

    An ice cream social

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    Everyone loves ice cream but people seem to like a different flavor and toppings. You can make everyone happy with an ice cream social. Sit out a bunch of different flavors and all kinds of syrups, sprinkles, fruit, and other toppings. Invite over a crowd for your tasty birthday shindig.

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    Take in a Play

    An audience watching a play

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    Watching a play can transport you to another world while you get immersed in a story. In only just a few hours, you'll have enjoyed a wonderful tale. It doesn't need to be a Broadway play either, check with your local community theater and high schools to find productions near you.

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    Tend to a Garden

    Gardening supplies and plants

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    Gardening is a relaxing habit that can yield flowers, plants, or herbs. Spending the day gardening is a way to honor yourself and the things that you enjoy. If you're not up for a whole garden, consider just a few plants to sit around your home. Your local greenhouse will help you choose the best ones for your space.

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    Paint a Masterpiece

    A woman painting a portrait

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    You only have to enjoy painting in order to call yourself a painter. Get out some canvas or paper and create your next masterpiece. Paint it or use other mediums to channel your creativity. This will be a piece to represent your birthday and celebrate the year to come.

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    Take the Day to Volunteer

    Women sorting cans and food

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    If you want to make your birthday about something bigger than yourself, consider going out and volunteering. There are many places that need help and would love to have you lend a hand for the day. Choose something you enjoy and you'll feel great at the end of the day.

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    Eat Breakfast in Bed

    A woman having breakfast in bed

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    Breakfast in bed is an indulgence that most of us don't get to experience nearly as often as we would like to. Treat yourself to all of your favorite breakfast food while you enjoy a leisurely morning in bed. Better yet, get someone else to do the cooking for you.

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    Go Horseback Riding

    People riding horses

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    If you're an animal lover, you may want to consider spending time on your birthday horseback riding. It will get you out on the trails where you can enjoy being outside and close to such a magnificent animal. You can take a short trail ride or take the whole day to explore even more.

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    Soar Up in a Hot Air Balloon

    A hot air balloon

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    A gentle hot air balloon ride way up in the sky might be just what you need for your birthday. It's somehow exciting and relaxing at the same time, giving you the best of both worlds. Take a loved one along as an intimate way to celebrate your birthday with an experience the two of you won't soon forget.

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    Set Up a Picnic

    A picnic spread out on a blanket

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    If you have nice weather for your birthday, consider spending it outside. Just because you're outside doesn't mean to you have to be active either. Instead, you could have a picnic with all of your favorite foods being shared by your favorite people. Make your picnic as simple or as lavish as you like.

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    Go Back in Time at the Drive-in

    Drive-in theater speakers

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    There's a scattering of drive-ins that remain across the country and if you're lucky enough to live close to one, you really should visit. You get to watch a movie from the comfort of your own car, eating your favorite foods and snacks. Get a few friends to come along or enjoy a movie on your own.

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    Start a Bonfire

    Friends sitting around a bonfire

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    A bonfire can gather people around and encourage them to share food and drink all while sharing stories and laughing at memories. Sit out some blankets or chairs so everyone can enjoy the warmth of the fire. It will be the perfect ending to your birthday.

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    Stay in Your PJ's

    A woman sitting on a windowsill in her pajamas

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    Here's an idea for your birthday: do absolutely nothing. Wear your favorite pajamas and plan a day indoors relaxing. You could watch some TV, read a book, dance around your living room, or simply enjoy the quiet. Whatever you choose to do, you'll be doing it in style.

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    Hire a Private Chef

    A private chef serving a meal

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    How does a gourmet meal cooked in your own home sound? You could hire a private chef to come over and make your birthday extra special by cooking a meal with you in mind. You can choose the meal or let the chef come up with something fabulous. If you want to have some loved ones over, it's a great way to impress.

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    Rent a Limo

    Women in a limo

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    Limos are the ultimate in luxury and your birthday is the perfect excuse to rent one. You'll need to reserve one but besides that, there's really no planning necessary. So gather up all your friends and take them for a ride that they'll be talking about all week.

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    Buy Flowers for Yourself

    A woman buying herself flowers

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    Fresh flowers are an easy way to treat yourself for your birthday. Even for a few dollars you can buy a bloom or two that makes you smile. They'll brighten up your birthday and your home. Treat yourself even more by having your flowers delivered to your home or work.

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    Rent a Food Truck

    People being served at a food truck

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    Here's a fun and unique thing to do on your birthday that will entertain and feed the guests. Rent a food truck and have it set up next to your home or where ever you want to have your party. They'll serve their specialties and your guests will have the chance to try something new.

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    Eat Your Cake

    A birthday cake on a table

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    Take a minute to think about your dream birthday cake. What flavor would it be? What would it look like? Would it be simple or something more extravagant? Order your dream cake for a birthday treat that you can share with others or keep all to yourself.

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    Take a Test Drive

    A woman in her dream car

    Klaus Vedfelt

    Here's a completely free thing to do on your birthday. Think of your dream car and find it at a car dealership near you. Set up a test drive and experience the rush of being in the car you've only imagined. If you really want to spoil yourself and have the funds to do so, consider renting your dream car for the day.

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    Take a Class

    A woman taking a class

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    There are classes on just about everything these days. If you have an appetite for learning, your birthday is a great reason for taking a class. A single-day class or something more involved will get your brain working and excited at a whole new level. Attend in person or go online where you can learn at your leisure.

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    Dance All Night Long

    Friends dancing together

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    Put on those dancing shoes and call up some friends because you're going out! Party your birthday away with dancing and fun that goes well into the night. This is an energetic way to celebrate that will have you feeling great. If you don't know how to dance, consider treating yourself to a lesson. Want to stay in the pajamas? Have a dance party in your own living room.

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    Take Afternoon Tea

    An afternoon tea laid out on a table

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    Formal afternoon teas are held in restaurants around the country, and there's probably one near you. High tea consists of tiny sandwiches and pastries to go along with a hot cup of tea. It's a great way to try different types of teas and find your favorite. It's an entire experience that you have to try to believe, and it's even better if you can get some loved ones to join you.

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    Read a Book

    A man laying on a deck reading a book

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    If you love reading and just don't have the time to do it very often, you may want to take a whole day off to enjoy something new or an old favorite. Whichever book you choose, find a relaxing place where you can enjoy it. This is a great quiet activity that you can do for your birthday.

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    Have a Sleepover

    A sleepover party

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    Invite over your best friends for a good old-fashioned sleepover. You'll feel like kids all over again, spending the night talking and laughing. Buy some fun snacks to eat and plan some hilarious games for the special day. You can make it as casual of an evening as you like or play up your birthday in a big way.

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    Thrift the Day Away

    A woman thrift store shopping

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    If you love to shop, a day of treasure hunting at your local thrift store or antique shop is a perfect idea for a birthday. You can take your time perusing the aisles and finding items that convey your style. Take the day to window shop or maybe buy yourself a birthday gift.

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    Get Crafty

    A woman painting a chair

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    Try out that latest creation that you've been just dying to make. Whether it's refinishing furniture, sewing a quilt, or knitting a scarf, you'll let your creative light shine. Make it an alone activity or invite a few friends over to craft with you.

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    Throw an Ax

    A woman throwing an ax

    mountaindweller / Getty Images

    Ax-throwing is becoming more and more popular and it's become an activity where friends can get together and see who can swing the ax the best. You can find ax-throwing both outside and in indoor spaces so you have options depending on the weather.

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    Check Out a Farmer's Market

    A woman holding a basket of vegetables

    Maria Korneeva / Getty Images

    Farmer's markets are held in most cities and even some small towns. It gives vendors a chance to sell their produce and handmade goods. It gives you the opportunity to buy locally and experience all the sights and sounds of your local market.

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    Play Some Games Outside

    People playing yard games

    RichLegg / Getty Images

    A unique thing to do on your birthday is to gather everyone around for some good old-fashioned games. These yard games will bring out the competitive spirit in all your guests. Think giant Jenga towers and cornhole boards and you're off to a great start.

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    Host a Pizza Party

    People enjoying a pizza party

    thianchai sitthikongsak / Getty Images

    Everyone loves a good pizza party! Gather your friends and order a bunch of pizzas to feed everyone. You'll have lots of fun times while celebrating your birthday with some tasty food. If you want to go the more homemade route, you could have everyone make their own pizzas with toppings you provide.

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    Act Like a Local

    A woman walking down the street sightseeing

    andresr / Getty Images

    When you act like a tourist in your own town, you'll find all kinds of secret treasures and favorites from the past. Just research what visitors like to do in your city. Visit landmarks, parks, restaurants, and any other popular attraction near where you live. It's a wonderful way to get out and open your eyes to something new.

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    Hunt for Geocache Treasure

    A couple out in the woods geocaching

    Fertnig / Getty Images

    Here's another birthday activity that will get you outside. Geocaching involves using a cell phone to track down small treasures. When you find the treasure you're expected to take something from the box and leave something for the next person to find.

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    Swing for a Win at Mini Golf

    A group of friends playing mini golf

    Maskot / Getty Images

    A competitive game of mini-golf is a great way to celebrate your birthday with family or friends. Gather everyone up for a few hours of mini golf that's sure to include lots of laughs along the way. There's no planning required and it's guaranteed that everyone will have fun.

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    Murder Mystery Dinner

    A murder mystery dinner party

    Maskot / Getty Images

    Gather up some friends for a murder mystery dinner. Not sure where to start? Here are some free murder mystery games that include scripts, character cards, clues, and more to get you off and running.