Fun Family Activities in the Month of June


Fireflies. Bare feet in the grass. Later bedtimes. Hooray for summertime! This list of fun things for parents and kids to do together in June helps all of you enjoy this beautiful time of year.

Free Summer Programs

Early to mid-June isn't officially summer but it's the perfect time to look into free summer programs for your kids. Free art classes, sports clinics and library events are just a few of the activities you can find in your area at no cost to you.

Summer Camp

With so many types of summer camps available, it's hard to choose which one your child should attend. If you haven't yet made a choice on a summer camp for your child, dig in and make a decision before it's too late. The downside to waiting this long to select a summer camp is that a lot of camps may already be full. The plus side is, you may be able to negotiate a lower rate and cut summer camp costs because the camp wants to fill all remaining slots.

Vacation Bible School

Looking for a week of free fun for your child? Vacation Bible School (VBS) gets your kids out of the house for a few hours a day during the summer months. It's easy to find VBS sessions that are completely free. Others may charge for optional items, such as a T-shirt or CD of the music your kids will be listening to for the week. Some do require a fee but, with a little research, you'll find the vast majority don't cost a penny to attend.

Day Trips in the U.S.

Hit the road! With school out, you can pack the kids and some food for a day or weekend trip near you. Find family-friendly activities in all 50 states to visit kids' museums, zoos, water parks and more.

Freebies for Good Grades

Report cards are in so start celebrating those good grades. Let your kids collect on freebies for good grades, as many companies hand out everything from ice cream to free movie rentals just for your star student's academic efforts.

Thank You to the Teacher

Before school days turn into summer nights, be sure your kids thank their teachers. Teacher gifts are a great way for kids to say goodbye to their teachers and thanks for a year filled with learning. A handwritten thank you note from your child goes a long way and you can make each card special with a few simple touches.

Weather Station

Summertime isn't all about blue skies and sunshine. Rain, wind, tornadoes and even hurricanes can make their way into our summer weather patterns. Make a weather station to experience science experiments with your kids and study the many different types of weather. Your weather station can be as simple as a single rain gauge or you can geek out with a hygrometer, anemometer, weather vane, compass and barometer.

Ant Farm

Summer picnics are usually raided by an army of ants. Head off those little buggers and build an ant farm. Watch them dig tunnels and study their feeding habits. This is one of those educational activities that disguises learning as fun.

Great Outdoors Month

Everybody out ... outside that is. With warmer temperatures and no school, come out of your cave and play. Enjoy nature activities with your kids, try creative outdoor painting, throw a bubble party, play flashlight games and participate in the Great American Backyard Campout, just to name a few of the many outdoor activities you can enjoy with your family this month.

National Zoo and Aquarium Month

Furry or fishy? Go see both during Zoo and Aquarium Month. Zoos and aquariums are easy field trips for kids that keep them occupied while teaching them about animals and aquatic species from around the world. Your trips to zoos and aquariums can also lead to educational activities centered around the exhibits.

National Safety Month

Of course, you want your family to be safe all year long. Reinforce those safety lessons during National Safety Month. Cover bike safety, sun safety, swimming pool safety and other summer safety rules to make sure your family's summer is free of boo boos.

Potty Training Awareness Month

Potty training isn't something parents look forward to doing with their children. But you have plenty of help to get you through the frustration and accidents as you work toward a successfully potty trained child. Using aids like Elmo's Potty Time and printable potty training charts are just a couple of primers to get you on your way to a diaper-free child.

National Adopt-a-Cat Month

Considering adding a family pet to your household? If you've decide a cat is the furry friend you want to bring home, adopt your family's feline during National Adopt-a-Cat Month. The American Humane Association hopes more people will consider rescuing cats from shelters during this month. You can find kittens as well as more mature cats who are in need of a good home.

National Rose Month

Get dirty and plant a garden with your kids this month. Plant roses in your garden or go smaller with a container garden. Even plastic sand pails can be used to grow something!

National Dairy Month

Got milk? National Dairy Month celebrates all things dairy. Paint with milk, put on a cow puppet show or make a cow papier mache project.

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

Getting your kids to eat fruits and vegetables can be a challenge. Develop your children's love of fruits and veggies during National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month. Learn how many servings they need and how to conquer those picky eaters. Before you know it, your kids will love their fruits and veggies all year long.

National Iced Tea Month

Drinks get their own special place in annual observances too. This month, it's all about iced tea. Take your kids to the kitchen to try one or more of the ten best iced tea recipes. But this isn't some ordinary tea recipe to taste. You'll find yummy peach, lime mint and apple honey tea recipes on the list too.

National Tennis Month

Grab a racket and serve up some fun this month. Teach your kids how to play tennis. You'll get plenty of time in the sunshine and a great workout too.

Turkey Lovers Month

Turkey in June? Why not! Celebrate turkeys with millions of other people. Make handprint turkeys with your children, a turkey windsock to catch those summer breezes or any of the other turkey projects that will make your children say, "Gobble, gobble!"