27 Things to Hang on the Wall That Aren't Framed Art and Prints

Dress up your walls in style with unique statement pieces

Woven placemats hung on the wall as decoration next to houseplants and framed print

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

When it comes to things to hang on the wall, most people automatically think of framed prints, posters, and photos. But the reality is that so many other fabulous wall decor ideas go beyond the usual two-dimensional options. Sports fans might display signed sports gear or memorabilia, or if you have a breezy, eclectic style, consider items like hats, wreaths, plants, or baskets.

Take a look at these 27 wall decor ideas if you're looking to add a few extra things that you can hang on your walls. Honor a favorite hobby, place, or outfit—and hang it.


To hang unusual objects on the wall, use wire, picture hanger kits, and sheetrock screws just as you would for paintings and other framed art. Command strips are an excellent option for those who need to hang things on painted walls; they don't leave behind marks. Read the packaging for weight limits and weigh the wall-hanging item.

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    Light a Neon Sign

    neon LED wall art

    Chelsey Brown

    With so many companies offering customizable word art, you can easily recreate the hip vibe of that ultra-Instagrammable restaurant downtown in your own home. Whether you showcase a quote that uplifts you, a funny saying, or spell out your name (it is your home, after all!), neon lighting will add plenty of pep to your walls.

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    String Up Raquets

    diy tennis racquets

    Brynne Delerson

    Celebrate your love for sports by hanging a fave piece of equipment on the walls—or make a DIY version, as seen here with these tennis racquets. Sporting gear will add a playful touch to any space and promote a laid-back feel.

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    Add Leaves

    leaf decor on wall


    A leaf-shaped wall accent is a great way to add a touch of nature to your space—no pruning or watering is required. Bonus points if you pair it with actual plant friends to keep the theme going.

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    Hang Street Signs

    street sign decor

    Beth Diana Smith

    Honor a favorite place with a street sign that will bring instant character to your space. If you're willing to spend a bit more, you could even go the vintage route and hunt down an antique street sign from a city you love. (You can find Parisian artifacts and the like on secondhand sites.)

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    Drape Fabrics

    scarf decor


    Woven wall hangings are called tapestries, and if this look gives you major dorm room throwbacks (and not in a good way), craft one of your own. Consider using a leftover piece of fabric or throw. Pick a pretty pattern and drape the fabric over a dowel for an instant, one-of-a-kind wall hanging idea.

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    Choose Objects Around a Theme

    nautical gallery wall

    Cori Robinson

    If you hang a gallery wall that centers around a specific theme, think outside the box a bit as to how you can fully celebrate the place or hobby on which you're focusing. Here, a vintage ship ball makes for the perfect out-of-the-box touch.

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    Mix Accessories for a Hobby

    wreaths on gallery wall

    Suzy Handgraaf

    Hang a mix of accessories—wreaths, baskets, and hats all look lovely in the above gallery wall, to name a few. Note that wreaths can be styled year-round and add instant color and texture to any wall. Pair faux leafy pieces with those made from branches to keep the setup interesting, as seen here.

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    Show Off a Sculpture

    sunburst wall

    David Land for Saudah Saleem

    Sculptural objects, especially when hung in varying sizes and scattered throughout the length of a wall, will make your home feel like it's part of a museum installation. Simple gold sunburst designs take center stage in this space.

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    Frame Ceramics

    ceramic sculpture on wall


    Turn your home into a museum-like space by hanging plaster or ceramics on the wall. You don't need to travel far when you can make your own house into a storied spot.

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    Put Up Hats

    hat wall

    Sabrina Tan

    If you have loads of hats in your closet, why not let them sit pretty on the wall instead? It's a win-win: You'll free up valuable storage space and can showcase your love of fashion to all who stop by your home.

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    Display a Collection

    fish decor on wall

    Cate Black Photography for Etch Design Group

    If you have a favorite collection of 3D objects that are petite enough to hang on the wall, take them out of their storage boxes and get to work making them wall hangings. Here, a fish collection swims in an artful pattern on this dining room wall.

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    Display Shoes

    roller skate shoe wall

    Nick Glimenakis for Eneia White

    How cool is this collection of skates that doubles as decor? If you have a lot of pairs of colorful shoes, consider going this route, too—talk about an amazing conversation starter.

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    Put Up a Basket

    basket in kitchen

    Kate Dreyer and Stylish Productions 

    Take a beloved basket in your cupboard out of its hiding spot, and hang it above your oven for some intrigue. Given how much time we spend standing in the kitchen prepping meals, the space deserves a little extra oomph.

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    Add a Sculpture

    large gold sculpture

    Benjamin Johnston Design

    An oversized sculpture deserves to stand in the spotlight. Place it somewhere prominent, such as over the fireplace, as we see above. Its material juxtaposes wonderfully with the stone backdrop.

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    Put One Piece at the Center

    sunburst sculpture over mantel

    Benjamin Johnston Design

    Earlier, we saw how nicely miniature sunburst sculptures looked when scattered across a wall, but a larger version of this type of piece can stand on its own. Again, oversized artwork looks best above a mantel or in another central spot.

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    Hang Mirrors

    mirror trio art

    Julie Soefer for Benjamin Johnston Design

    Mirrors can make for artful decor when grouped—a trio is always a solid wall hanging idea. Look for pieces that feature eye-catching details that make those walking by want to pause.

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    Frame a Dress

    framed dress

    Julie Soefer for Creative Tonic

    Framing a dress or another piece of well-loved clothing from childhood is an excellent way to honor the past and preserve memories. Other clothing items that look wonderful framed as wall hangings include athletic gear (such as team jerseys) and pocket squares.

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    Replicate Hotel Vibes

    skateboards in bedroom

    Julie Soefer for Creative Tonic

    Hotels give excellent wall decor ideas for things to hang on walls in bedrooms. If you visit a hotel and absolutely fall in love with the decor, replicate it at home. Here, skate decks featuring patterns from The Beverly Hills hotel add character and dimension to this otherwise traditional bedroom.

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    Place Some Plants

    plants in bathroom

    Julie Soefer for Emily June Designs

    Plants make for affordable, vibrant, and peaceful things to hang on walls. Install hanging planters in the bathroom to bring that spa-like feel home. If you don't have any natural light in your loo or don't want to remember to care for any more plants, go for faux.

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    Display Figurines

    action figures on wall

    Julie Soefer for Emily June Designs

    Embrace your inner child by giving a few favorite action figures a well-deserved place as wall hangings. Adhering lucite boxes to the wall ensures that your favorite figurines are safe from fingerprints and scratches but still get to be appreciated daily.

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    Highlight a Sport

    paddles outdoors

    Stephen Karlisch for Lucas/Eilers

    An outdoor entryway is a great place to show off your sporty side. Here, colorful paddles make for festive (and functional) things that hang on walls.

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    Hang Some Flotation Devices

    floatation devices

    Stephen Karlisch for Lucas/Eilers

    If you're craving a relaxing or memory-filled vibe? Here, floatation devices used as wall hangings can remind you of joyful summer beach days.

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    Suspend Dishes

    dishes on walls

    Stephen Karlisch for Lucas/Eilers

    Beautiful dishes are popular for wall decor, especially in traditional homes. Whether you have a coordinating set that you love or have worked to collect an eclectic mix of pieces over the years, dishware of all kinds looks fabulous as wall decor.

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    Show Off a Silk

    framed silk scarf

    Megan Lovoi for Meg Lonergan Interiors

    Whether designer or purely sentimental, a beloved scarf looks perfectly preserved in a unique frame as a wall hanging idea. Lucite is a popular choice, as the material allows colorful silk to pop.

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    Hang a Message

    word art in nursery

    Kate LeSueur for Meg Lonergan Interiors

    3D word art doesn't need to be a cheesy thing that you hang on the wall. When used sparingly, it can be pretty sweet. A nursery is perfect for incorporating a thoughtful phrase like this one.

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    Put Up Oyster Plates

    oyster plates

    Megan Lovoi for Meg Lonergan Interiors

    Oyster plates are a popular collector's item, and while they have a culinary purpose, they certainly don't need to be hung in a kitchen. They add plenty of personality and pep as wall decor in a powder room.

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    Show Off Beautiful Baubles

    jewelry in display boxes

    Megan Lovoi for Meg Lonergan Interiors

    Show off a stunning assortment of jewels by placing baubles into protective lucite frames for a unique thing to hang on the wall. Not only will you have a full inventory of your pieces readily available, but you can also simultaneously add instant color to your bedroom or dressing area.