24 Things to Make Special with Gold Spray Paint

gold office supplies
Simple Stylings

Shhh...here's a secret for you. You can make virtually anything in your house look expensive by doing one simple thing. Just spray it with gold spray paint! Gold is one of the "it" metallics of the moment and adds a little bling to any space. You'll feel instantly elevated, and you'll never want to show off your stapler so badly to your friends and family!


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From thrift store figurines that cost a quarter, to stuff you collect out of the yard, to inexpensive furniture, to ordinary tin cans...any of these items can be gilded with a coat or two of metallic spray paint to achieve an upgraded, trendy look in minutes (minus the dry time). You won't believe how this simple idea transformed these 24 humble items into beautiful home accessories. Grab some protective gear and your spray paint and have a ball.

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    gold painted logs
    Gold Painted Logs Crafts by Courtney

    Give fallen logs a dip-dyed look for a decorative display near the fireplace.

    Gold Logs by Crafts by Courtney

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    Animal Figurines

    gold painted animal figurine
    Gold Painted Animal Figurine Hi Sugarplum

    Cheap ceramic or even plastic animal figurines look like they came from a boutique instead of Goodwill simply by spraying them gold.

    Animal Figurines from Hi Sugarplum!

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    gold clipboards
    Gold Clipboards My Fabuless Life

    Give your to-do lists a classy perch on a golden clipboard.

    C lipboards from My Fabuless Life

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    Tin Cans

    spray painted tin cans
    Gold Spray Painted Tin Cans Be Crafty

    Save a few tin cans, then spray them gold to use as pencil cups or succulent planters. 

    Tins Cans by Be Crafty

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    gold painted lampshade
    Gold Painted Lampshade Natalme

    Spray just the inside of a basic lampshade for an expensive-looking touch.

    Gold Lampshade from Natalme

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    Picture Frames

    picture frame with gold corners
    Picture Frame with Gold Corners Urbane Jane

    Make inexpensive picture frames more of a focal point by painting only their corners with gold paint. 

    Picture Frames from Urbane Jane

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    Cork Board

    cork board with gold stripes
    Cork Board with Gold Stripes Pretty in the Pines

     A basic cork board turns trendy with the addition of some simple gold stripes.

    Cork Board from Pretty in the Pines

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    gold painted rocks
    Gold Painted Rocks as Bookends Refinery 29

    Rocks.  Who knew rocks could become such classy-looking DIY bookends simply by painting them gold?

    Gold Painted Rocks from Refinery 29

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    Pine Cones

    gold painted pine cones
    Gold Painted Pine Cones Crab and Fish

    Collect some pine cones on your next outdoor adventure, then spray them gold for a less rustic, more glam way to decorate with nature.

    G​old Pine Cones from Crab + Fish

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    Artificial Fruit

    gold painted pears
    Gold Painted Pears A Night Owl

    Artificial fruit from the dollar store can be gilded and glittered.

    Artificial Fruit from A Night Owl

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    Fridge Magnets

    gold painted fridge magnets
    Gold Painted Fridge Magnets Inspired by Charm

    Paint those primary-colored alphabet fridge magnets gold so your kids can enjoy playing with them, and you can enjoy looking at them.

    Fridge Magnets from Inspired by Charm

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    Accent Furniture

    dresser with gold accents
    Dress Up a Dresser with Gold My Notting Hill

    Change the look of an inexpensive piece of accent furniture by gilding the hardware, its legs, or even the whole top.

    Accent Furniture from My Notting Hill

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    Inexpensive Lamp

    gold gooseneck lamp
    Gold Gooseneck Lamp Carolyn's Home Work

    Make a cheap lamp look special with gold paint. Coat the base, the finial, or in this case, the whole thing.

    Gold Lamp from Carolyn's Home Work

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    Fallen Leaves

    gold painted leaf
    Gold Painted Leaf My Life and Kids

    Press fallen leaves, then spray them gold for an inexpensive DIY place card on your holiday table. (You could also just use a pack of artificial leaves from the craft store.)

    Fallen Leaves from My Life and Kids

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    gold seashells
    Gold Painted Seashells Atta Girl Says

    Coat the outsides--or just the insides--of seashells with a coat of gold.

    Seashells from Atta Girl Says

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    Trash Can

    gold painted trash can
    Gold Painted Trash Can Popsugar

    A humble trash can gets to shine out in the open as a stylish storage solution for toys, or wrapping paper.

    Trash Can from PopSugar

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    Glass Vase

    gold painted glass vase
    Gold Painted Glass Vase Two Twenty One

    A simple glass vase from the dollar store turns chic when taped off and sprayed with gold paint.

    Glass Vase from Two Twenty One

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    gold painted bowls
    Gold Painted Bowls Home Made by Carmona

    Paint the inside or outside of a bowl for a pretty way to corral jewelry, spare change, keys or cell phones.

    Gold Bowls from Home Made by Carmona

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    Curtain Rods

    gold curtain rods
    Gold Curtain Rods Incomplete Guide to Living

    Try this curtain rod hack: Upgrade a basic curtain rod and its finials by giving them the Midas touch.

    Curtain Rods from Incomplete Guide to Living

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    Office Chair

    gold base on office chair
    Office Chair with Gold Base Hither and Thither

    An office chair lacking in style becomes fashionable by simply painting its base.

    Office Chair from Hither and Thither

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    String Lights

    gold string lights
    Gold Painted String Lights Landeelu

    The unattractive green cords on a strand of string lights can be classed up with gold spray paint so you can string them on your mantel, or on your child's headboard. 

    String Lights from Landeelu

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    Office Supplies

    gold office supplies
    Gold Painted Office Supplies Simple Stylings

    Elevate basic office supplies to the status of desk accessories. After painting them gold, you'll want to keep this gilded set out on your desk instead of hidden in a drawer.

    Office Supplies from Simple Stylings

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    Plate Chargers

    gold painted plate charger
    Gold Painted Plate Charger Turned Mirror Home Made Modern

    A plastic plate charger can become trendy wall art with a coat of gold and the addition of a small mirror from the craft store.

    Plate Chargers from Home Made Modern

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    Tree Branches

    gold painted branches
    Gold Painted Tree Branches Maureen Stevens

    Small branches from your yard can be sprayed gold and used as a centerpiece or as vase filler.

    Tree Branches from Maureen Stevens